One-day seminar in Aarau 09/09/2018

Published 12. September 2018

Nicola Good

The seminars have now started again after the summer break.

We experienced Christina in beautiful clarity, with a good pinch of mischief and humour in her moving talk, which began by pointing out the need for inner peace if we want to achieve outer peace and ended by stressing that we, as those who are materially well off, also have a responsibility to develop ourselves inwardly and spiritually to help others do the same.

This conclusion was a moving call that really went under the skin. It can only be reproduced in rudimentary form below.

Here, as always, some selected quotations from Christina’s lecture on this day.

Heart frequency

“We cannot have outer peace if we do not have it within ourselves. For peace, we need people who act together as if they were peace - that would be all it takes. And, actually, if we are in our heart, this happens quite automatically.
We don’t need a 100 point instruction manual to tell us how to increase our vibration. We just need our heart.”

“Every tone has a frequency. If we’re in our heart, this tone changes. If we are a great number of people, sending out this tone, then we send out a heart wave that unites with others.”


"We have creative power and we underestimate ourselves as human beings. We just don’t believe we do.

We are responsible for what happens on the earth. We have politics, but WE are responsible for what happens because of our creativity. Everyone has the same creative power. The only difference is whether we know it ourselves and believe it.

If we want change, this happens through us and for us.

Every problem requires the will to find a solution. If we have a problem, our vibration is often low. We must switch into a higher vibration than that of the problem, and then we’ll be able to find a solution."

Connecting with the Source

"We carry things from the past with us that we no longer need. If we dissolve these things then our vibration automatically increases and so does our consciousness. As consciousness increases, so does our vibration. These two are linked.

In day consciousness, we’re not aware of everything we carry with us. Therefore, when we connect with the Source, we can give instructions for everything to be dissolved (e.g. contracts or vows) that no longer serves our highest good.

Everyone has their own way of connecting to the Source. Which way is right for you is up to you to decide. If we think of something, we’re there. If I think of the Source, I’m there. But most people think that’s too easy.

How you connect to the Source is up to you. Whether you imagine that you are going up in lift to the 30th floor and there’s a man with a beard standing there, or whether you imagine that you are climbing a staircase or you see a golden cloud - the most important thing is that you fully accept it in your consciousness. Actually, we don’t always have to reconnect with the Source. We are always connected. Only, for most people, this is just not conscious, it’s buried under quite a lot of sand and many layers. Those who already have this consciousness have simply dug it up already."

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"There are various universal laws - for example, the law of resonance. Most people grab hold of one thing and go through their lives thinking, for instance, that everything is based on the law of resonance.

But that’s only partially true. When something comes from our soul and our soul says: “you need this now,” then things can happen that have nothing to do with you being currently in resonance with it."


“We should do what we do with enthusiasm. That opens a gate. A lot of adults are somehow tired.
We shouldn’t wait for someone else.
Of course, there are people who make the world a better place. But that’s not one person, that’s all of us.
We shouldn’t wait for anything. Someone once said we were waiting for ourselves. Yes, we are actually looking for ourselves and we need fellow human beings to give us impulses.
We need to have enthusiasm again. If you think about what you were like when you were born, there’s a big difference.”

Spirituality and the collective field

"In every person who has been on the spiritual path for a long time, there is this spark of hope. And this is what we have to find again. The question ‘what is where, how, why and when?’ can’t be answered.

The way we act, towards people, animals and the earth, is the only thing that decides when!
So much has happened already. There was a time in the last century when spirituality was not anchored in society at all. Those who lived spirituality were considered to be much worse than weirdoes.

But they carried it further anyway and didn’t drown in the ocean.

If you think you’re alone today - look around this room - you are not alone!

We change the world together. Every personal development we undertake ourselves is recorded. We are human beings and therefore connected in a collective field. And every development, whether it is self-love or grounding or connection to the Source or differentiation, is recorded in this field. The more people who take this step, the greater the spark for this quality, and the easier it is for those coming later to access it.
We always do everyone a service if we develop ourselves, because this field is global."

Receiving answers

"Sometimes, if we don’t get an answer from the Source to a question, we think the Source didn’t get the question. But it always gets your question.

You can’t consciously perceive the answer because you can only perceive what is in or below your own vibration frequency.

The fact that we don’t perceive something has to do with the mind alone because if we are in our heart, then we DO perceive. The heart is a pulse receiving station.

But then we think: “Can’t be because…” That’s the mind.
It’s only difficult if we’re not in the core of our hearts."


Question from the audience:
"Can I connect with the Source more quickly if I or my soul are purified, should I do purification work first, or can I ‘post’ my question directly?

“The Source is not a king who’s going to throw you out if you don’t shine brightly.”


"Everything we do again and again goes into the cells, we ARE it… for example, cycling, talking or swimming, we don’t have to think about it any more. We just do it. That’s how it should be with “being in the heart”

We can ask the Source: ‘What’s stopping me from being in my heart?’ The Source is like Google, just wider and freer…And sometimes, instead of saying “No search results found”, it says, “You’re just not permitted to know that yet”.

Soul task

"If we follow the needs of our soul, we’re on our soul path. A lot of people ask themselves: ‘What’s my task?’

There are main tasks and secondary tasks.

We should all learn to love ourselves.

We live in our task from the moment of our birth. We often just don’t realise it. Life always gives us everything we need to help us fulfil our learning task.

Some tasks only turn up in the course of life."


"Spiritual development is not a competition or a race. It simply requires relaxation. We can’t do all the steps at once. We’d be totally overwhelmed. So, one step at a time. And we should move forward at our own pace.

We don’t have to put pressure on ourselves. Our society needs relaxation. We can relax in our hearts.

If we want to relax into our development, what we need to do is let go of our stress.
Everything is stored in our chakras.

If we are stressed, this goes into the thymus chakra. This chakra has to do with whether we are able to look not only outwards but also inwards. There must be a connection from the heart chakra to the thymus chakra.

Our soul is connected to our heart. If the line between heart and thymus chakra functions, then the soul can simply relieve the stress.

But for many people, this connection is no longer intact."

Our responsibility

"We can’t force anyone to change. You can’t force someone who thinks that war must be answered with war to send out love. That doesn’t work.

But you can hold up the sign that says “love” on it. You can wait with your love.
This is how long-term development happens. That’s why we should start changing ourselves. Everyone at their own pace. No one is better because he has already developed in an area in which another has not yet.

Everyone in this world has the same chances. But only in theory. Here, we can talk about these things, here in this room.

But in Africa, for example, where they have to walk for hours to find dirty water, that’s not so easy. These people function out of their lower chakras. It’s all about survival.

But they have much more gratitude than we do. We’ve lost it.

We here in Europe have a much better platform from which to develop spirituality. We have food, water, homes, etc.

Before we can get to grips with things on the spiritual level, our survival must be guaranteed.

That’s why we also have a responsibility, because here the conditions required to do so are optimal. Our task is to develop ourselves so that we can reach out to others. But this is only possible if we carry these things not only in our heads, but also in our hearts.

It doesn’t help if we want peace but still quarrel with our neighbour.

We must first BECOME peace. If we do, we’ll be able to help others.

The countries that have the basis for this also have the responsibility of becoming the new future. Then we can help the countries that need help to get there themselves. Our countries must become spiritual, including the politicians.

In order for those of us who have the means to use them properly, we must first come to the point of BEING peace."

Compilation by Nicola Good, September 2018

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