One-day seminar in Baden

Published 23. March 2018

Nicola Good

On Wednesday, 21/03, a large audience came to see Christina in Baden. Initial technical problems with the sound transmission, for which we would like to apologise here, could be solved (creative solution, thank you, Emmanuel). After the first break, Christina quickly opened up a very wide range of topics, as usual.

If you’ve already attended quite a few seminars, you think it hardly possible for anything more to be added - and you are promptly surprised every time anew. Christina knows how to illuminate topics from new, unusual and often very creative perspectives.

Hard to grasp how one thing followed the other. Wonderful to see and also to feel how profound the day was for many of those present.

And I had difficulty choosing some of the highlights for you from my many notes on this very important material.

Here are small excerpts:

"The point of a seminar isn’t to just sit there and think: I will now experience a leap in development.

Consciousness development means: I broaden my horizon; I transfer something from my subconscious into my day consciousness.

After a seminar, you should never go home and have answers to all your questions. It’s supposed to be a source of inspiration, not an omniscient library. You should actually have more questions when you leave than at the beginning of the event.

Finding the truth is always individual, you should find it yourself. People should get back into a process of thinking for themselves. A seminar is there to give food for thought."

“The knowledge we carry within us determines the glasses through which we see the world. Our world view determines our life. Our world is not always as it seems. There’s kind of like a difference between what you see and what is.”


We think that they only occur in very exceptional moments. We forget that they are actually there all the time. For instance, a flower that closes at night and opens during the day is a miracle - or our body that functions without us doing anything.

Whether something is a miracle or not is our decision. This has to do with our orientation. We decide whether something is a miracle for us or not."

"If we don’t have enough self-love, it’s harder to ground ourselves. Self-love also has a lot to do with the physical body - if you don’t accept it, then it’s difficult for the soul to enter.

Our body comes from the earth, meaning that it’s connected to the earth. Every body that exists on the earth is connected to the earth with an energy cord. These cords are linked together under the ground. This happens via the cells, it’s like an underground Google network.

Cells are connected non-stop to other cells. Provided your grounding is good enough, you will feel things you want to know about. This is claircognisance, it comes from the cells."

Body and cell consciousness

That the cells communicate with each other does not depend on our degree of consciousness. Our body consciousness exists independently of our day consciousness.

Our body consciousness is present even before our soul arrives in our body. And every body is connected with these cords, it’s a huge underground network. This is a process that is uncoupled from our day consciousness.

Our physical being notices when we are not properly grounded and knows that it is important for the soul to be fully present.

At some point, the body gets ‘huffy’ and sends signals.

If we ignore them long enough, we first have to rebuild a basis of trust.

If we are then ready to enter completely with our soul, communication might not work perfectly.

The fact that the soul is completely in the body does not automatically mean that you have claircognisance. This requires a kind of ‘docking on’. If you’re docked on to your cells, you get the information. Your body needs to have trust in you for that.

Most people are more ready to believe that a stone from their house may have consciousness, than that their own body being has its own consciousness."

Dimension change

"This is the first time that ascension is taking place together with the physical body. Nobody in the universe knew if this would work. They were looking for volunteers who would say, ‘Yes, I’ll join in!’

Everyone sitting here said ‘Yes’ at some point.

Now we know that it’s going to work. It’s going to change the whole universe!

We need something to stabilise us, because when this love energy comes from the central sun, our system must be stable enough to withstand it.

This is done by integrating the soul parts we’ve separated off."

"Matter is manifested light. When people think about light, it’s just bright. They separate light and love. Then, the feeling of love doesn’t resonate.

At the very beginning, there was such a thing as ‘love-light’. There was no separation. And that’s what we actually are."

“What we’re doing here today is not looking into my world, but into the world of each individual sitting here.”

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