One-day seminar in Basel 02/02/2019

Published 07. February 2019

Nicola Good

Another day event with Christina and about 900 participants is just over.

It started about 20 minutes late. Christina took this opportunity to remind us of the importance of spontaneity and flexibility. We live in a very time-conscious society and we tend to get annoyed when something is 4 minutes later than planned - instead of realising that we are being given time and that we could use it to focus our attention on ourselves and our inner being. To take time for ourselves instead of our minds being constantly occupied with the accumulation of facts and figures. She emphasised the preciousness of the moments “where, instead of this, we become aware and feel something”.

We don’t need any more information, because “if we take all the information we already have, then everyone has everything they need at any moment”

At this point, it should be mentioned that in addition to the 90% of touching and grateful feedback from those who have been deeply moved, we receive complaints that “nothing new has been said”.

Christina would like to say that she basically focuses on two main points in her seminars:

  1. showing the participants that they are so much more and can do so much more than they currently know, and
  2. that instead of collecting more information, we are all called on to act now, to do something, because not one person, or even Christina herself, will bring the change, but all of us together. And this change is urgently needed.

Now, a selection of the things Christina said on this day:

"The other day I read on Twitter that someone had written saying he no longer needed to do anything, because he’d now discovered Christina von Dreien.

There’s no one person in this world who’s going to save the world! I’m not going to save the world! It is the people, as a mass, who are going to save the world. The world won’t change if you just run after someone.

You can listen to everyone, to me or anybody else - just stay critical. I am grateful that people listen to me, but I only give impulses. You must take action on your own. Don’t follow me blindly - and no matter who: think for yourself!

No one can answer all your questions. All the time you search outside, you’ll continue to find impulses, but you have to integrate them. Many of you know a lot in theory, but it takes time to integrate it.

Very few things change from just one day to the next. It’s really important that you just get started. Whether it takes 10 years or 80 is not so important - just start!

You’ve had so many incarnations, if it takes another 1000 years, it doesn’t matter. Just start!

The most common excuse is “I don’t have time”. If you just sit there and think, “Something has to change” but you don’t do anything about it…

You have your list of priorities, and if you start at the top and work down - well, if what needs to be changed is right at the bottom then there really is no time to do it.

"Our economic system only exists because there is war. That’s the only reason there is still war. They really don’t want it to stop.

They’re like children in a sandpit, throwing sand at each other.

But it’s our responsibility to help them stop. You can simply stand next to the sandpit with a sign that says “love” on it.

At some point, someone in the sandpit will realise that throwing sand is not the answer. And then they’ll see the signs that say “love”.

As long as our politicians are still playing in the sandbox, it is our responsibility to uphold this. Someday they’ll come and say: “That was really stupid. Can we please join you?”

We should have the maturity to forgive, because we’ve all done so many stupid things. We tend to ask who’s to blame. But instead of always looking for culprits, we should start cleaning up. If, for example, there’s an oil leak from an oil platform and pollutes the sea, what happens is a discussion about who’s to blame. And all this time, the oil continues to leak out.

It’s like a rubber boat that’s sinking. There are some people sitting on the edge who notice it, but don’t do anything. It’s as if those who have the means to mend the boat are all sitting in the middle, just discussing who did damage.

It might be a better idea to mend the hole.”

"When we wake up and realise what’s going on, we’ll make sure it’s known everywhere. Nowhere is there such complete anaesthesia as here on this planet. Basically, this anaesthesia makes us think we’re separated from the divine. And it’s really all about reconnecting. Well, not really re-connecting, it’s more like discovering a cable that’s actually already been laid.

You’ve never been separate.

We all have a soul that jumped out of the Source ages ago. This soul now guides our lives. You are your soul, so you are divine beings.

Being divine means that our thoughts create our lives, that we have spiritual guidance and chakras. And all these things don’t pack their bags and go away just because you say “I don’t see them”.

We’ve been here so long - and humanity still exists! We’ve been through such bad things. Humanity has been through so many things, world wars, hunger, atomic bombs - we will survive the future as well.

I’m still sure the world’s going to be a better place. As long as humanity carries within it the desire for the world to be better, the world will be better.

There is nothing stronger than a wish that comes from the heart. And if a large number of people get together, all wanting and doing the same thing, something will change.

In my opinion, becoming an optimist makes sense. We then see a purpose in life. We then also have the wish to change something. If you see a meaning behind things, then you also see that things can get better.

The world can only change for the better if people have hope and confidence.

If you open a newspaper and you only see bad things everywhere - then simply know that wherever there is darkness there must also be light. We can consciously look for all these light-filled things."

"If you talk to people about spiritual things or about whether there is a soul or not, and you don’t just talk about everyday things, but you realise that it isn’t going anywhere, then it’s a waste of energy trying to convince that person. That doesn’t work.

Nevertheless, the time you spent with that person wasn’t in vain. Because someday it’s going to sprout like a seed. At some point that person will notice subconsciously or consciously: “Oh, I’ve heard that before, what was it?”

And you’ve already helped that person.

"As long as we are not yet completely one with our origin, a part of us will always be an individual truth.

Like truth, time is something individual. We have something like a time stream. If you find something incredibly boring, time passes very, very slowly. But if you’re enjoying something, it passes quickly.

Depending on the vibration you’re in, you experience time differently.

The same if you have a problem, it’s solely your vibration that makes it a problem or not. If your vibration is high then you have less of a problem with the problem.

Just relax inside.

If you notice that a problem is resolving itself, it’s often not because the problem has changed, but because YOU have changed.

Nothing is a problem in itself, it’s how you look at it.

And if you ever have one and have no idea how to go on, just remember that everything happens the way it should or shouldn’t happen. Just let go and let the universe play. They’re very good at playing. Take the pressure off of always having to find a solution."

"The old energy makes everything slow and complicated. I don’t like complicated things. The new energy is simply quicker and easier.

"Our spiritual guidance functions like a sat nav. If you don’t pay attention and just keep going, it says: “Route will be recalculated”. Then your spiritual guide just pulls out plan B or C or D.

As long as a person is ready to follow the path their soul wants, there is always a way and you’ll always reach your goal. You might take a few detours or your tyre might get a puncture or the
route might get a bit strange - but it always works out somehow as long as you WANT it to. Obviously, if you just sit on the side of the road, the sat nav can’t do anything.

"We have forgotten that every structure we have created as human beings only has a certain life span.

We need structures that are constantly evolving. Also at school. There is also not just one “right school concept”. Every child needs something different. We also need to have confidence in our children. We must allow the guidance that the children naturally bring with them to be maintained.

We also need teachers who think along new paths, but we also need parents who do the same. It’s not going to help if the children go to a free school and the parents think in boxes.

"Talking about adults and children being happy- well, there are adults who can be happy, but not all of them.

It’s so important, especially in a world that’s getting a bit madder all the time, that we do things that make us happy - even if only for 10 minutes a day. Playing golf, for instance… it doesn’t matter, it can really be the most pointless thing!

We don’t always have to explain why. We can just say yes or no, with no explanation.

And everything that makes you happy, everything that’s fun, even if it’s running around in circles for quarter of an hour - do it!

You don’t have to tell anyone if you don’t want to. You all still have that child in you. It’s still there, and there’s no one forbidding you to let it live.

If you go to the core of your heart, - there aren’t any problems there. Live your lives as YOU wish to. Your heart is happy when you’re being yourself.

That’s the most important thing in this time: that you find out what your heart wants and who you truly are.

Each of us has an inner value. This takes no account of what we look like, how old we are, what profession we follow, what our name is. This inner value is completely independent of anything you have ever done, it simply is. This inner value is huge and indefinable and it doesn’t go away. It doesn’t get any smaller. It’s always there, no matter what the circumstances.

Anyone who tells you you’re worth nothing is wrong."

"If you do something, do it because YOU want it and not because someone else wants you to. Well, it may take courage and perhaps a bit of madness and a little willingness to take risks. But above all, you need courage. Because if you don’t change things now, then you’ll need courage for what is to come. So, you’re going to need it whatever.

"There are people who say that nothing has changed, nothing has improved.

But 80 years ago a day like this wouldn’t have been possible with so many people. There might have been one person or just a few. And look what has already happened in terms of good things and development.

The reason we’re waking up so quickly is that we’ve come as divine beings who currently have a human form.

“We are all divine beings who are experiencing being human and not human beings who are becoming divine”
There’s a difference between becoming something new or remembering something. And you actually know what you are.

"We’re coming to the end and I wonder how much of what I said will still be present in a quarter of an hour. All of us have a lot of theories in our heads.

We are the future of the earth. If we become what we want for the future, then we simply are it. Then we won’t be talking about it any more.

We have a responsibility to the earth, also to those who were here before us and prepared the change, and also to the universe."

“Whenever someone says something, it is less about what has been said physically but more about the energy. Yes - and talking is good, but I think you can talk too much and too long - it’s time to act.”

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