Published 09. April 2018

Nicola Good

Last Saturday, a fully occupied hall in Bern once again accompanied Christina on a wonderful thematic journey. The journey began with considering the meaning and impact that everything we think, say and do has on the over-soul of humanity, went on to “clairsentient (clear sensing) channels”, which we all have but don’t always notice in our day consciousness, proceeded to the various states of consciousness that have to do with our vibration, continued on with information on ascension with the physical body, our connection to the Source, through to the revolution of unconditional love.

If I wanted to make a complete list of all the topics of the day, it would be very, very long. And very exciting and varied.

So, once again, I’m picking out some of the particularly beautiful and remarkable things that Christina talked about during this seminar for you.

Everything we do is stored in the soul of humanity. No matter how small or large it is.

Every place, every group of people has its own soul. Everything you do docks there and you feed it into this field. Sometimes someone has an idea and sets an energy point, energetically. This then jumps over to another person and can also reach someone on the other side of the earth.

Nothing is disconnected from anything else. Everything you do reaches everyone. That’s why you’re responsible for what you say, what you think, what you do.

This here, this seminar, is a school, life itself is the training. Such a seminar is always an impulse. Here, everybody’s learning, not just the audience.

The question often arises: “When will complete awakening take place?” It’s not possible to say when. It always has something to do with what people do. And you yourself can always do something towards it. And, because we have access to it from any location, this also has consequences. If something has landed in the soul of humanity, this doesn’t mean that it also lands in each individual. You can “download” it but you have to press the “Download” button first.

Fear is always a lack of trust. Worry too. Actually, everyone has trust, even if they don’t think they have. They get up in the morning, for example on the 2nd floor, go downstairs and trust the whole time that the floor will carry them and not collapse.

Trust is also a particular state of consciousness. It has to do with your vibration. It’s also about lightness. If we are tense when we approach a situation, it’s not going to go well.

If we raise our vibration, it’s not only a service to ourselves, but also to everyone else. Not only to those who live with us, but to someone in Africa as well.

It’s often the case that you know things, but you don’t live them. For example, you go to a seminar, hear something there and you think, “yes, that’s logical” and understand it in your head, but you don’t live it yet. It hasn’t arrived in your heart yet.

Theoretically you carry that with you as knowledge, but you can’t live it yet. Life teaches you the rest. Life is still the best teacher. It shows you at the right moment what you need to learn.

You also don’t need a teacher to become spiritual, Life brings us closer to spirituality. Very few consider that life itself is spiritual. If we think, “what is spiritual about our life”, the boundaries of the word “spirituality” can expand. Then maybe we’ll start to realise, “My life is embodied spirituality.”

If we want to connect with the Source, 2 things are of particular importance:

  1. The trust that you can
  2. That you’re really there in your consciousness

You can find an image, for example a staircase leading to the sky. It must be right for your consciousness.

It sounds simple. Simply because it is simple.

We have a built-in connection. This simply takes place in your subconscious mind and, through these ideas, the connection is reactivated and brought into your day consciousness.

For me it’s like this: I go up from my heart directly into the cloud, where the Source / Creator is. It has to do with the desire to be there, and then we are there. It’s just a matter of our consciousness accepting it. When we think of pyramids, we are also there with our consciousness.

I go out of my heart into the golden cloud and then I connect to the heart of the earth. It’s like a tube going through you. It’s just a matter of conscious alignment. Everyone can develop their own method.

Our soul originally came from there, i.e. our soul IS the Source. In our essence, we are the Source. All we really have to do is connect to ourselves. Then we don’t have to go up anywhere, just into ourselves.

When the connection is made, there’s no bang or anything. It’s not spectacular at all, not like New Year’s Eve or anything.

That’s the biggest difficulty humans have, thinking, “It can’t be that simple.”

Question from the audience: “You mentioned animals that have this connection to the Source. Which ones are they?”

Christina: “All Animals”

Question. “Birds”?

Christina. “They’re animals!” (Audience: Laughter)

When you connect with above and below, you change the vibration of your consciousness.

We have a body vibration and a consciousness vibration. Our body is an independent being with an independent structure of consciousness. The body being is there before the soul enters the body.

It’s the same with the body as with a house: you can speak with the house as a whole or with each room individually.

A body being can also be insulted. It has feelings and thoughts.

Grounding means that the soul is 100% in the body. This does not mean simply being ‘present’. The joy of being here, of having a physical body is also part of it. When joy is lacking, the soul also finds it stupid being here.

We can only switch between individual consciousness and the consciousness of “All that is” because we have this body.

Cells have the ability to receive, store and transmit information on an energetic level.

We are made of earth and therefore we are always connected to everything. Our cells always know what’s happening on earth.

It’s like the News, but it’s more real and has a greater truth content.

Cells store information. Everything we have experienced in previous lives and everything our ancestors have experienced.

Even what we absorb energetically from the outside. Many emotions we experience are not ours. They’re stored in the cell water, and we picked them up from the outside.

Everything from our ancestors, like beliefs, patterns, pledges, oaths, vows…all this we can have erased by the Source because these things are outdated.

This affects our entire line of ancestors. Those who came before us, and those who come after us.

If something resolved for someone depends on his WILLINGNESS for this to happen.

This has to do with the fact that you have to walk the path yourself.

You can clear stones out of someone’s way or cut a bush more effectively to clear the way. But that person must walk along it himself.

Walk barefoot consciously: Your body knows what minerals and vitamins it needs. When we are well docked onto (grounded in) our cell consciousness, the body absorbs the energy information of the minerals and substances from the earth that it needs.

It’s like downloading. For example, you can also download a language. This is about the connection with the fields of information.

Our energy goes to where we focus our attention, and we connect with these fields.

There’s clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc. That’s all claircognizance (clear knowing). It arises because the people who have it are docked onto their cells so that they can feel their own body.

Question: “What’s that got to do with the breath? They say it connects body, soul and spirit…”

Christina. “Yes, by paying attention to the breath, whereas it otherwise happens unconsciously. You dock back onto the cells again.”

Question: “How does the physical ascent take place?”

Christina:" Imagine the galactic central sun, emitting waves of love energy.

This love energy then radiates from your heart into your surroundings.

If your body cannot tolerate this love energy, which has to do with the vibration, then your incarnation is finished. That is why it is so important to be in contact with your body being. That’s why docking onto the cells is so important.

Eventually, there comes a point where development is no longer possible otherwise."

The silent revolution of unconditional love
o Love is the strongest force in the universe
o Unconditional love is what we as humanity are allowed to learn
o Unconditional love enables peace in the world
o Every being, every human being and also the unlight is given the chance, again and again, to go into the light
o Unconditional love means to forgive the unlight
o We should be grateful for what we are allowed to experience

We can now learn to feel love for people who have no love. That’s something wonderful.

Everyone’s in a place that’s perfect. They ended up there because they had the past that brought them there. A soul must have certain criteria to fulfil a certain task.

That’s why YOU are the right person for your life - nobody could do better!

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