Published 17. May 2018

Nicola Good

Christina was once again able to capture a full hall with her messages at this one-day seminar. There were so many moments that were so intense that it seemed as if the silence could almost be grasped with your hands and you could hear a pin drop. It is the simplicity of Christina’s messages (“Nothing in the universe is complicated – it’s only people who make it complicated”) that strikes directly into the heart and touches the soul.

It is also the fact that Christina obviously embodies what she is talking about - she walks her talk.

As usual, some selected excerpts and compilations from Christina’s lecture are presented below.

"If we are to achieve change, the theoretical knowledge we have must move from our heads to our hearts. There is something like a filter between our heads and our hearts. The heart should guide the brain, not the brain the heart.

At present, it all comes down to being present in our hearts, to feeling when we’re outside of it and when we’re in it. That may be a little difficult at first. It’s a question of training.

But it’s not a competition. This isn’t about faster, higher, further.
Learning to let love flow, even if the circumstances are difficult, constitutes our ‘master’s examination’.

The past was not exactly ‘perfect peace’… but people are becoming increasingly aware that violence can never be the right response to violence. It is only because of the work many people have done in advance, that we today can talk about it being a question of love.

Living in love also means being serene, not so stressed. This has to do with the new energy and anchoring it within ourselves.

If you’re worried and anxious, you’re no longer present in your heart, because the heart is trust. As soon as we are stressed, our vibration flutters down and we are unable to be present in our heart.

If relaxation is point 1 on our list of priorities, then we will experience it. Or joy: this raises the question, “What am I really enjoying?” and where on the list do I place it…number 5, number 25? If it’s number one on the list, life adjusts accordingly.

The impulse comes from the heart, this is the compass, and enthusiasm is the needle, indicating the direction. WE determine its importance in our lives. Ultimately, we ourselves are responsible for being happy in life. It’s solely up to us.

It is also about not giving up responsibility for what happens in the world. Of course, we can vote for politicians who make promises. But politicians do not constitute the majority in the world. We do. We are right at the base where the change is taking place.

Sometimes we think: “There’s so little I can do now!”

There are two points concerning this: Firstly, everyone is exactly there where they are supposed to be. Every soul has certain competencies. In each incarnation, people incarnate exactly there where their competencies match the situation. This means that everyone is in exactly the right place. No one else can do this as well as you. And there is no one who is incapable of accomplishing something he carries in his heart.

And secondly: Everyone who thinks, says and does something records something in the over-soul of humanity. Wherever people gather, an over-soul is born. Every group, every country, every continent, as well as humanity as a whole, has an over-soul. And every person is subconsciously connected to it. Everything is recorded. The soul of humanity remembers everything that has ever occurred.

So, when someone does something for the first time, a new impulse is sown in the soul of humanity.

Because we are all unconsciously “linked”, new impulses are taken up by others as well. In this way, a new field grows and the more people who do the same thing, the more energy this “information ball” receives - the more weight.

Eventually it turns into a wave, it’s like a wildfire. The more energy there is, the more people can access it, even if they are not consciously looking for it.

“Spiritual development”… that expression sounds so delimiting to me. After all, everyone who develops, even if they are not consciously spiritual, is expanding their consciousness.

Development starts with each of us individually and continues with each of us individually. It’s as if we have an old puzzle piece and a new puzzle piece and have joined the new one - which we accepted because we were open to it - to the old one.

Spiritual development always implies a change of perspective. It’s not a matter of finding a teacher. You can search for one for a long time. That which determines true development is done not by the teacher but by each individual alone.

We have a kind of amnesia. The soul alone decides AT WHICH POINT we wake up, not any lecturer. We are constantly learning. No one is just a teacher and no one is just a student. Everyone can receive something and everyone can pass something on.

Going into your heart is actually the only thing there is to do.

Every war in the world arises from a lack of love. We are the ones who are at the root of these events and carry the responsibility. If we want change in the world, we can manifest it in ourselves. That brings change into our own lives. To capture the right moment for making changes, we must be present in our heart. That is where the compass is.

Actually, we are in a theatre. The entire world is filled with actors and directors. We are pure love and this has been masked by these roles - by sunglasses and scarfs. We have buried it. But the good thing about burying something is that you can dig it up again!

Human beings are love. Hands and feet are forgiveness and atonement. Without forgiveness, love does not flow. Things only change if you change your inner attitude. It’s a question of realising that solutions do not arise on the levels on which the problems have arisen. Forgiveness generates compassion and then light returns to the situation.

We can send love into a situation and just leave it there. Then anybody can draw on it. Love has patience. Plenty of patience.

One person alone can’t change the world, but a lot of people can. The more people who start sending this love to where it is needed, the faster it can become possible to solve situations with love.

Essentially, it only takes our hearts to increase the light in these situations. It’s about embodying our soul, so that the soul that we are speaks.

It’s about reaching a new level. This is the learning process we’ve been involved in since wars began.

Our task at this time is to be beacons. Beacons do not distinguish themselves by giving seminars or writing books, but by being the embodiment of a beacon. They simply ARE one. There will be a point in our lives at which we no longer ask ourselves, “Am I a beacon yet or am I not?” The moment we ARE one, we won’t ask that question any more. At some point we realise that we ARE beacons. We don’t have to do anything. Just shine. Be light.

What we can do now is send out these golden clouds of joy, optimism, effortlessness and unconditional love.

“Faith can move mountains”… Someone once said that and I think it’s true. We are the ones that set limits. As I see it, humanity has huge potential. If we believe that we can change the world, then we will do so.
The question is not if, but only when."

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