One-Day Seminar Bern 14.01.2018

Published 14. January 2018

Bernadette, Nicola

The one-day seminar at the Eventareal Fabrikstrasse 12 in Bern was a special highlight.

In her fresh youthful way, Christina offered deep insights, often underpinned with humour. More than 400 guests followed Christina’s free flow of words, spellbound, for more than 6 hours. In particular, Christina led her audience along wonderful paths of exploration, taking up questions on the theme from the audience and integrating them along the way. A large number of topics were addressed such as: the purpose of our existence, the new quality of time, the enormous potential of every human being, new sources of knowledge, the learning process humanity is going through to unfold unconditional love. But she also talked about other topics: nature as a self-organising system, our education system, technology, organ donation and much more. Special thanks go to Emmanuel Steiger for the moderation of the day, the whole Christina team, the source team, the room technician and all the guests who made this day a special experience.

Below you will find a selection of short excerpts from the day. The original quotations were noted by Nicola Good.

Doctrines and recollection

“In the book, it could seem as if I’m the only one to have such gifts. But these are inlaid in everyone in this room, in every human being. Filters are created through education and doctrines, and the channels close, causing people to forget.
That is why we don’t need to redevelop these things, but simply remember them. We often say we’ve ‘developed’ something.” I say we’ve just remembered. It’s about activation, pressing the “On” button.

Many people consider doctrines to be negative, but there are also helpful ones. We have doctrines in every sphere of life. The question is, are they helpful to us or not? It is not a matter of pleasing everyone, it must be right for us.

It is now possible for us to consciously perceive that we exist in both a physical and a subtle world simultaneously, and to recognise that we are multidimensional beings.

We decided to participate in this game of forgetting. We, as conscious beings, made the decision to take on a role in this play. Part of the agreement was that we forget that we are only playing a role. The earth is like a stage for this play and everyone else is watching from outside.

Waking up is synonymous with remembering - and we change dimension levels.
This is special and has never happened in this form before. Forgetting and waking up is normal in the universe. But the fact that the physical plane is co-evolving is unique.
The development of consciousness can be compared to queuing at a box office. The queue is very long. You suddenly notice: ‘Oh, I have a particular quality’… you can then bypass that queue, as it were, and go through a special door. Everyone in this room has walked through that special door."

Trust and spirit guides: “In order to return to a state of trust, not only in ourselves, but in everything, it is helpful to know that we are not alone. We have spiritual companions. We can always ask them. They’re always there for you. They’re not part of the forgetting game.
But if we have no trust in ourselves, we cannot trust others, whether they are of solid material or of fine material.”

Question: “How can I transcend my doubts?”

Christina says, "Doubts and worries are the opposite of faith. They only show up if you don’t have faith. It has to do with experience. If, at some point, you’ve experienced that trusting works, this has an effect.

But it also has to do with grounding. If you walk around with a sense of basic trust, you’ll find it easier to be here. You won’t be floating around somewhere, just dreaming. Landing in a physical body is never determined by some game of chance. It is our task to work with this body. This brings grounding and trust in life and in oneself.

Our spirit beings are always with us from the very beginning of our incarnation. They won’t just run away and say, “We’re not playing the game anymore”. But it is possible for them to change. If there is a being who is better able to accompany a certain phase, then they swap.
Spirit guides respect our free will. They only do something if we give them instructions; otherwise, they’re in standby mode. But they’re happy to be given assignments."

Question: “Do they also learn with us?”

Christina: "Yes, they learn with us. Everything learns. Everything has consciousness, which responds to us. If your laptop doesn’t like you anymore, it may not work. You can ask your laptop or yourself why it doesn’t like you anymore. All beings are capable of learning.”

Question: “How can I contact my spirit guides more easily and perceive them more clearly?”

Christina: “To become synchronised with your spirit guide, you need to change your frequency. This involves consciously focusing on a higher frequency. Wandering around with no precise aim complicates matters. If you walk around in a city without knowing where you want to go, you’re not going to reach any specific destination. We can also help by visualising. For some people, it’s easier to visualise an idea, and that can also help to change your frequency.”


"Our task involves developing spiritually while living in a body at the same time. Through spiritual development, chakras open above your head, and through grounding, chakras open beneath your feet.

Grounding is important. Especially if we’re very sensitive. When a lot of information is received simultaneously, grounding works like a lightning conductor.
If we’re grounded, we’re less confused and more stable.

The aura is an electromagnetic field. On the one hand, it is a personal field. This is our personal shield. On the other, further towards the periphery, it mixes with all the other auras.
An aura can wobble – it can then no longer protect you. Grounding makes it more stable.
This is particularly important nowadays. And it is important to know that we can be grounded AND work spiritually at the same time.
Many people think that if you ground yourself, you lose your spiritual connection. That is not true."

Akasha Chronicle

“In the Akasha Chronicle for the earth, every thought, every feeling, every action that has ever been carried out is recorded. It is like a library with all the records of everything that has been, is and will be.
But you can’t just go in and pick up books as you can in an ordinary library. It’s like in the Secret Service, where you have an access card for every department and everything else. Your vibration is what opens the door.
It’s not that the Akasha Chronicle has a preference for or a dislike of someone. ‘Knowledge is power’ and certain information is therefore only released if someone has a high vibration.”

Free energy

Question: “Is the information about free energy being held back, or do we as a society have no access to it as yet?”
Christina: “There is a fundamental difference between our official and our non-official technological level. Free energy is there and what we have in this room today in terms of technology, is miles away from what actually exists.”

Freedom, truth, love
"To a large extent, these three qualities are missing from our world.

Concerning freedom:
Societies should not only develop but also move on. And this movement is often brought about by children because they are not yet so dense.

Concerning truth:
High frequencies bring the truth to light.

Concerning love:

Love ultimately generates freedom and truth.

The key is to let love flow to places where there is none, because that’s where it’s most needed. Unconditional love is when you send love to where there is no love - and no reciprocation.
There is no better time to develop this quality. We are on the right track. We are anchoring love in the collective field.
There is no other way. The frequency of this time is too high.

The universe has a lot of patience. Unconditional patience."

Food, livestock and livestock farming

Question: “What about the food? You state the principle: ‘You should not harm a living being with thoughts, words or deeds’.”
Christina says, “Eating food is complex. Everything is alive. The question is whether a living being is willing or not. The light will always accept free will, the unlight does not respect free will.
All that lives has a purpose. We should eat what nature intended us to eat. Lettuces, for instance, - I’ve never been yelled at by a lettuce. Oh yes, once, when a lettuce didn’t even want to be put into our shopping basket.
We shouldn’t look down on animals. We can learn from them. Even from flies. With their playfulness, they show us that we can also live our lives with more humour and ease. Animals have emotions and understand a lot more of the world than we do.
The way we treat them is not at all appropriate. Animals are not meant to be imprisoned.
Things must change."

All day, things have been cited that we already know in our deepest hearts - it’s just a process of remembering."

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