One-day seminar Bern 15/08/2020

Published 21. August 2020

Coco Tache / Nicola Good

Due to the fact that instructions were issued at the originally planned venue, stipulating that participants would have to wear masks the whole day because of the large numbers, the event was moved to a BernExpo hall at the last minute. This was the only option that was available. The evening we went to see it, we felt as if we’d literally sunk into the giant hall. But this was the only way to guarantee complying with the minimum distance requirement. Due to the restriction on numbers that had applied at the first location, only about 250 people took part in this incredibly spacious hall.

The beauty of it was that the atmosphere the next day, when everyone was there, was so harmonious that we didn’t even notice the immense size of the hall. This was a lovely experience.

The atmosphere was wonderful - as always - fine and quiet, and also the beautiful decoration and the good sound quality made us forget the cold atmosphere of an event hall completely.

Christina started by saying that the most important thing is for us to remain positive in this strange time despite everything. And to do that, we have to include the higher levels, because on the physical plane we do ‘have’ a problem.

She speaks of beings she later calls the ‘storytellers’, who use this crisis to their own advantage, and who don’t understand that there is a higher plan that will ultimately ensure that the good as well as love will prevail.
She also says that the plans that megalomaniacs want to put into action worldwide won’t work out in the long run.
She says that the consciousness of the collective will play a particularly important role in the coming months and that our positive orientation will have a great impact on this collective.

It makes us realise once again that life in and of itself always ends with death and that we can theoretically die of anything. And that, since we don’t know when that time will come, we can just take things as they come.

She then pointed out that for all of us, when it comes down to it, everything revolves around being happy and content, and that this again has to do with our trust in the fact that, from the soul’s point of view, everything is right, and also that in the end everything will turn out well.

"It’s important for us to take things lightly, because theoretically you can die of fear. Fortunately, however, we have our life’s plan that directs us to our life stations (the main stations). Therefore, in most situations, it’s just “theoretically” possible that we might die. This is because we don’t die without the consent of our soul.
Our soul reminds us again and again of our life’s plan - also and especially in difficult times like these - if we want it to.

Most importantly, Christina always emphasises the fact that, in the end, everything will turn out well. This is also the plan for humanity, but we must orientate ourselves towards what we want.
And if most people want a peaceful world, then that’s enough."

About fear:
“There is good fear and there is superfluous fear. Being anxious that you could fall 100 metres from a railing is justified fear. But in the end, it’s up to you to decide how you want to evaluate things. If you think you need to be afraid of the whole thing with Corona, that’s your responsibility. It may be that you had to summon up a great deal of courage to come here today. But there’s always something positive in everything - in this whole story as well. We often don’t see it immediately, and sometimes it takes years before we understand what the positive thing about it was.
This is simply because we have a different perspective here than in our spiritual home."

**Charging our batteries **
“Right now, our priority is to store within us as many positive memories as possible.
It’s like charging a battery. It’s about being content and embedding yourselves in a cushion of positive things through which you can recharge your batteries - be it simply that so many of you have been brave enough to come here at this time. A day such as this can also be like a battery via which you can recharge yourself in later times”

“The important thing now is that we as a collective and through every individual, co-determine how things should be. That’s why we mustn’t take what’s happening too seriously. Not that we don’t take the things that are really bad or can become really bad seriously, but that we don’t let them drag us down.”

Changing your perspective
“If you lose your job and you don’t know how to feed your family, you certainly don’t want to hear from anyone that you shouldn’t take it so seriously. That is then really difficult.
When something is lacking, the first thing we concentrate on, on the physical level, is ensuring that things carry on, and then we can no longer maintain the same connection to the higher levels. We live according to our list of priorities. We always do what’s at the top of the list.
There’s nothing wrong with having a bad day or a bad week. The thing is that we have never experienced the current situation and we don’t know what is yet to come. But what we do know is that it is going to be very strange, and in this respect we can feel the superposition of the fear of billions of people who are afraid.
We can, however, help a lot of people out of this situation. The more people who can imagine that there is always something good in these situations, the easier it becomes for everyone. Therefore, in order to move forward, we need to change our perspective, send our vision for the good into the collective, and the more people who do this, the larger the field of information becomes, and the easier it becomes for other people to access it later.
The most important thing therefore is our consciousness, around which everything revolves. When we wake up, it opens up. This is what the “storytellers” want to prevent. They want to lower our vibration. But you can’t stop love - you can only delay it.”

Changing yourself
“It’s all about trusting that everything will turn out all right, otherwise we wouldn’t all be here right now. We can say this to everyone else. If you tell them about things that do you good, you’ll infect them too. It’s what you might call contagious, in health terms.
Especially nowadays, when we forget things so quickly, we need to be aware that the collective only changes if we ourselves change. Even before our incarnation, we knew that we would find ourselves in this situation and that it would be crazy. We agreed to this because we know that what’s coming afterwards is worth it. No, all this didn’t just happen by chance, something was included in the plan.”

Subtle help
“The spiritual world will only help us if we ask it to. If we don’t ask, it doesn’t happen, because that’s our free will. Most of the time, we don’t know how the spiritual world is going to implement everything… But what we do know is that, in the end, everything will turn out well. One positive thing about the whole story may be that more and more people wake up. Right now, we’re all invited to ask ourselves what this is really all about - to ask ourselves the question:” “What is really important to me in life?”

We can be limited physically, but never spiritually, unless we limit ourselves. We can always go wherever we want to in our thoughts and we can remember the good things that give us hope.
And if we know that when it comes down to it everything centres around love, then it’s enough to think with love about someone to create the feeling of love within us.

Feeling our life
We can carry many thoughts around in our heads, but what’s even stronger than our thoughts are the feelings we feel when we think them. At first, everything is always simply a theory. But if we then start to feel and embody something, we send these feelings into the collective. Change therefore happens through our feeling. You can also imagine it like this: A mobile phone is like our thoughts, and the feelings are the power supply! It takes both to activate the display. For us, it’s no different. To begin with, we receive information in our head, and at some point we feel it. This is referred to as spiritual development. As soon as something arrives in our feeling world, it’s no longer just a concept in our head."

Spiritual Development
“We often define spiritual development with point A and point B. We want to go from point A to point B and we have to acquire something to be able to do so. But in reality, it’s all inside us already. It’s just wrapped up in layers of wrapping paper. Or cardboard. Or sometimes bricks… depending.
It’s about remembering. We then find ourselves where we were before. We’ve been where we want to go.”

What we’re really looking for
"There are people who don’t even know they’re looking for something. For example, they buy expensive cars, but don’t know that it’s love they’re looking for. That love can only be found within us. We can only perceive it if we are it ourselves. This awareness that we are love is also the biggest difference between people who are already awake and those who are still asleep

Waking up
“Everyone wakes up at some point. The only question is when. It can also be in the next incarnation. Therefore, if someone is not open to it, it’s not our job to convince them.
The important thing is to set ourselves a goal in life that we consider meaningful, that we can look back on when we leave here again - and say to ourselves: “Yes, things did improve.”
We have to start with ourselves. This is because we want a civilisation that is love, and we can’t bring anything into the world that we are not ourselves. As soon as we perceive this on a subtle level, we can also bring it into the world. A healed world will therefore only be inhabited by people who are full of love. So, on a certain level, we shouldn’t take what is happening now too seriously and we should be grateful that we are already awake. It’s been such a short period of time compared to the time we were asleep. Whether we are 20, 30, or 50, or 80 years old: the main thing is to wake up.”

The longing for love
“Many people can’t imagine that it’s always all about love. But how could we have this longing for love, how could we long for something we don’t know?
When a person has become conscious, it’s as if they’re sitting in a car that’s driving straight ahead. I’ve never heard of anyone who has become ‘spiritual’ who then stood up and said, no, that’s not for me any more. If we sit in this car, which is driving straight ahead all the time, it’s impossible not to reach our goal.
We seek love, and it can only be found within ourselves. And when we’ve found it, we see it everywhere else in creation.
If we don’t know what blue is, we can’t recognise the colour blue. If we don’t know what a table is, we can’t recognise it, and so it is with everything.
And if we really want something, we will become it. It can’t be otherwise. We are it already, but to some extent we just don’t have the contact anymore."

Animal husbandry
“Everything we do or don’t do has an impact. If we look at the measures being taken at the moment, and also at how we keep animals, we can see that people, just like animals - I saw pictures of an open air event the other day - are being put into square fields, comparable to cages, in certain places. In Melbourne, the city has been divided up in such a way that people can only circulate freely within a 5 kilometre range. Only one person per household is allowed out for one hour a day.
It made me think about the fact that we keep animals the way other people are keeping us now. This is because the ideas that certain people have become laws.
Perhaps we can now ask ourselves what we can change about the way we behave. Had we been fully conscious, we would have learned to think for ourselves. Things would never have come to this. It’s also important to know that we can change what might happen in the coming months. Nothing is carved in stone.
It all has to do with our collective consciousness. And if we don’t want to live in a cage, then we must also change the way we behave towards animals. The storytellers have always thought that we were animals, but now that has become obvious. They even talk about herd immunity. Right now, we are in a time when what has always been there is becoming visible. And this is causing more and more people to wake up from their general anaesthesia.”

Nature beings and the intention of love
"If there were no more nature beings, there would be no more plants and no more people. Plants die when their nature beings leave them.
And because we too influence nature, it needs us.
But most people don’t even know that nature beings exist, they think they only exist in fairy tales and in fantasy books, and that somebody made it all up. We can therefore help them best if we believe in them, if we send them our love, feel love for them and acknowledge them.
Every tree in a city, every houseplant and every flower has a nature being. We can’t live without them. There are reasons why they exist and why we’re all connected.
And if we look at nature beings as a civilisation, we can understand that when one civilisation disappears from the Earth, this has an impact on other civilisations. Whether or not a civilisation can thrive and grow healthily therefore depends on the nature beings. We should therefore do our utmost to help them. Whether it’s plants in the garden, on the balcony, or in our homes, we can talk to them in the knowledge that there’s someone living in there and we can prepare places for them where they know they’re welcome and seen.
Without the nature beings, trees would not be green and neither would houseplants. But first, they need to regain their trust in us, because we’ve done so many bad things.
If we, those who know they exist, don’t do it, who will? Thinking about them should happen quite naturally when we look at a tree, a flower or a houseplant. We shouldn’t feel under pressure in this respect.
They like fine things. So, if we’re going help them, we can’t do it loudly. It’s enough if we think of them, tell them that although we don’t see them, we know that they are there. We’re also invited to trust them, even though we cannot see them. They are like air. We need the air to live- we don’t see it, and yet we don’t get up every morning worried that we won’t have enough air.

Everything is animated and has consciousness. There are also mermaids in the water. You can also talk to the water. If we put our love into it and feel it, it tastes different afterwards.
And if we like nature beings and are aware that we need each other, we can help them, but also ourselves.
No matter whether we think we can do much for nature or not, nature beings, like animals, have a collective, and if we send them something good with the intention of wanting a better relationship with them, it will affect their collective, and in this way we heal each other. We often don’t even think about the fact that our thoughts can be so important, not on other levels either. We’re not even aware of how far our intention can reach, and that is why every person who sends them something good is important. Right now nature beings need our help. They have the same needs as we do and just because they’re subtle, that doesn’t mean they don’t need our love. In the end it’s love that allows this planet to become whole again and for that we have to start with ourselves - usually with an intention that has not yet been fully integrated."

The Beauty of Human beings
“Ever since I came to the Earth, I’ve carried a picture within me of how beautiful human beings look, underneath all the paper, cardboard and bricks. And when I sit on a train sometimes and look at them, I always remember this picture, along with the thought that I’m not able to change people for whom spiritual things have no meaning. The only thing I can do is to create a picture inside me of what these people look like.
None of us are completely awake, me neither, but we can carry this picture of awakened human beings with us, so that it’s easier for them when they do wake up. There’s not much more we can do. Everyone will wake up at some point, the only question is when. Perhaps in the next or next but one incarnation. Until then, we can simply create an imagine for ourselves of a humanity that is beautiful. And when we connect with the love within us, we will automatically behave accordingly because we then feel it. But as long as we only have it in our thoughts, without developing this feeling for it, we can’t anchor this vision. So the most important thing is to always know what we’re looking for.”

Reviving our planet
“If we want to revive the planet that we are about to destroy, we need the antitheses. And the antitheses is love. It starts with ourselves and that’s why we’re here. We’re here because we want to learn, and we also have tasks by means of which we can help others.
Everyone has to find out for themselves what their task is. If we follow our path, we can’t skirt around our task. Sometimes it’s not we who find our task, but our task that finds us.
This happens automatically as we develop. The beautiful thing is that we are already perfect, and that all the work we do on ourselves also serves all those who come after us.
We pass our programs on to future generations. And if we solve this, we pass this on to our children, who in turn pass it on to theirs. And we shouldn’t let the knowledge that things will always improve be taken away. That’s why I like giving seminars, it gives us a cushion of positive things so that we don’t let the knowledge that the world will always move a little further towards being healed be taken away from us.”
How do we imagine a healed world?
“If we can imagine it - and then feel it, then our vision goes into the field and manifests itself.”

Negative news
“If we keep watching negative news, we think the world is about to end. It’s good to be informed about what’s happening in the world. But we need a counterweight to the negative news, and this we can provide by creating within us the image of a healed world. There are apparently people who, through their conviction, can regrow body parts. And if this is already possible, much more is possible too.”

Our stability - our consciousness
“When everything falls apart in the physical world, the only thing that gives us stability is our consciousness. That’s why it’s so important for us to accumulate positive, uplifting things - even if a second lockdown does occur. If we can imagine and prepare ourselves for what is to come, we are no longer so shocked when it happens. We can think about what would happen if businesses that were still running during the first lockdown no longer ran.
This is why we need our consciousness. Maybe we’ll still be surprised and shocked, but it’ll no longer be unexpected. We will have been able to think about it and that will give us stability.
And in the end, everything will be fine, we should never forget that. And if it takes too much effort to imagine things, you can put love into very simple things and radiate joy automatically.
We should also not forget that we’re always connected to each other. This connection continues. It still continues when we walk out of here in the evening and everybody does something else - or if we can’t physically meet in the case of a second lockdown.
We can also visit each other at night, or ask to meet with a certain person. We can try sending each other telepathic messages. Some people already know this, others don’t.
Telepathy also only works if we don’t put ourselves under pressure to receive something, because then we’re no longer receptive. We’re only receptive if we have no expectations. That is generally the case. If we’re relaxed with something, we’re able to receive. It’s the same as when we talk to the elemental beings."

The tragedy of the situation today
“If all that’s happening in the world right now weren’t so tragic, it could make you laugh. There’s a very small group of beings that is incredibly afraid of you. These people are writing this whole story because they don’t want you to wake up. That is crazy!
It shows you just how powerful you are. We are multidimensional beings and nothing is stronger than people who love and have the will to love something. Love is the highest vibrating energy… and that’s what the storytellers are afraid of. That’s why they make up stories to keep us in fear – ‘What if I can’t pay my rent, my food?’ This is done consciously so that you don’t have the time or the ability to wake up, and also so that you don’t realise that what’s happening in the world depends on you. But if you direct your will and your love towards a healed world and if a great number of people do this then eventually this common intention will become a reality.
It cannot be otherwise, because you then activate a cosmic law, and the more people who do this the better it is. And if we do find ourselves in a lockdown, not being able to get out, we must never forget that our thoughts are never constricted. And because none of us know when we’re going to die, we should use this time with the cosmic laws and imagine this beautiful world with our will and our love. This is the most sensible thing we can do. The storytellers also know that emotions manifest things.
And when the people “know” that there is a bad pandemic out there, the storytellers know that the people are setting something in motion through their fear, through the stories they read, and through their thinking and feeling.
That’s why newspapers are used in this way. And since we now know that, let’s use our time for something beautiful. And if you don’t want to sit down, do it while you’re cooking, while you are doing the laundry, while you’re looking out of the window, or reading worthwhile books, because then you’re doing something good with your time. Before you can manifest this healed world, you must feel well and happy.
You must have the hope and the confidence that we need for the positive, healed world that we want to manifest. This sets a law in motion, because we know anyway that everything will be fine.
We have the spiritual world with us for this. And if we all do what we find important for us right now and develop confidence in our actions, our guardian angels start to organise things for us. We can trust in that, even if we can’t prevent what’s coming. We can assume, however, that we will receive all the information and knowledge we need, as long as we have not closed ourselves off to it."

How our guardian angel communicates with us
“If we become aware of a resonance and feeling for something we hear - this is how our guardian angel communicates with us, and we can trust him.”

“If you talk to a person telepathically, you can check with them to see if your experiences match. Otherwise, you just notice and feel it for yourself.
If we want to talk to other beings on the subtle level, we should first focus on our higher self and the good, because there are also manipulative subtle beings who pretend to be someone else. We have to learn the difference through our feeling, our experience, and it’s always a question of alignment, of the fact that we’ve already connected with the positive before wanting to talk to a being. All that glitters on the subtle level is not gold. Even if they speak well, this doesn’t mean that they wish us well, and everything physical also exists on the subtle level. A person with bad intentions is a subtle being with bad intentions who has densified into the gross material. If there were only loving subtle beings, we would only have loving physical beings.”

And afterwards?
"It would be naive to imagine that everything will be the same again.
But by preparing ourselves for the times ahead, by imagining an ideal world, and by being sure that in the end all will be well, we can save energy. We must not forget that. And afterwards, everything will revolve around building a new world.
You can also assume that you’re under higher protection because the world needs you. Our guides want conscious people to get through the world as it is in a good way, and they’re considering how to arrange things and realise this, although we’ve not yet thought about it. That doesn’t mean, of course, that you should now just jump around on the motorway, because you think nothing will happen to you…

If things suddenly start happening here, it won’t be better than it was in spring. We can already foresee that just on the basis of the things that have been announced, things that are aimed at lowering our consciousness… Otherwise you wouldn’t send people into a situation in which they’re confronted with survival problems. That’s why we must do the opposite - keeping our consciousness up and knowing that the healed world starts with us, and that we can move so much more if we simply believe in it.”

We’re all working together, but hardly anyone notices.
"We’ve been told that we are very, very small, but we’re so much bigger, we’re multidimensional. And we are not the only ones who send a healed world into the field. And even though we don’t know each other, we’re all connected.

The elemental beings also help us if they have trust. It helps them if we enjoy their being here. If we all make sure that everyone is happy and doing well, that is the healed world. And if a great many people do it on a small scale, then it will also become bigger. And it may be that in another country other people have the same idea and then do the same thing. Then it’s as if we were talking on the phone without knowing it. And helping others gives us joy ourselves. We must also never forget that there is something positive in everything. That makes the whole thing easier.
We know that we can find the love we seek within ourselves. It’s wonderful to see how much patience spiritual beings have with human beings."

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