One-day seminar in Bern 15/09/2018

Published 20. September 2018

Nicola Good

BERN 15/09/2018

The second seminar in this autumn series now lies behind us. After the sound technology left us in the lurch at the beginning and many couldn’t or could hardly hear what she said, Christina held the microphone in her hand, instead of using the headset (which is otherwise out of the question for her because of the radiation) and after that her lecture was clearly audible.

We would like to apologise for this on behalf of the entire team. They’d all done their best, but even so, the outcome wasn’t optimal.
Especially in the afternoon Christina got into the flow and her lecture moved smoothly from one topic to the next, always coming back to the fact that the essence and the most important thing of all is to be in your heart, and that through this our vibration increases automatically. Everyone can contribute in everyday life, at any time, with every little loving action. We are simply often unaware of this…
Quite in line with Christina’s quote “We all work together, but no one notices.”
Here again some short excerpts from her lecture:

Living in your heart

"This is how it will be: If everyone lives their heart, then everything will come about peacefully. At some point we’ll notice that there is no violence anymore! Not because a law to that effect was passed, but through us, through the mass of people. When enough people are in their heart, then every person sends out a kind of spark, which enters the human field.
These sparks are collected into a ball, this becomes bigger and eventually the ball is so big that it floods everything.

If we want this change, we don’t have to go anywhere. We can simply change it during our everyday life. We decide how long that’s going to take.

We don’t have to do anything long and complicated. It’s just that we often simply can’t imagine that things could be quite simple.

We are the ones who bring about what happens in the world. Certainly, the government decides things, but they don’t do them. Those who go to war are the people. Privately, they’re just ordinary people. If they go into their heart, everything’s fine.

We’re the help we’ve been seeking for so long. Everyone contributes to how things are now. When we are in our heart, our state of consciousness changes. When we are in our heart, our vibration automatically increases. We don’t need a 10-page to-do list of how to increase our vibration.

It can be very simple!"


"When it comes to change, it’s as if we’re looking at a red line on a big tarred square. Everybody says, "I want it, why isn’t it happening?”

Everyone wants change, but nobody wants to be the first to make the change.
If change happens, then it is only long-term if free will is involved. Long-term change can only happen if it is done not just through laws, but through people wanting it, having an idea and then implementing it.

To bring about change, people would just need a little more courage and a touch of madness!"

Assuming responsibility

“We assume responsibility when we become aware that we are creating a field with our every thought and every feeling. We decide how we want this to be. And it doesn’t just take one person, it takes a great many people.
If you have a picture of the earth as it should be in the future, then think about what you can change in your own inner being so that this future can arise.”

Our civilisation

"We are not yet extinct as a civilisation - that is actually a miracle! So somebody must really like us to have given us so many guardian angels. We must also have a special position, otherwise not so much would be done to protect us.

After all, we’ve reached the lowest point you can ever get to. If we manage to get out of this, we can get out of anything!"

Consciousness and understanding

"You can’t understand something until your consciousness has matured to that stage. At some point, those who now know that war can’t be answered with war have learned that from their own experience. We can’t understand something we’ve never experienced. We can only react with compassion when we understand it.

You can’t hold a blackboard with ‘love’ and ‘compassion’ on it in front of someone who is violently answering violence right now and say: ‘Do this!’

That doesn’t work. But you can simply stand there with the sign.

You can’t force anything with love.

Love doesn’t force anyone to do anything.

If you look at wars, it’s like children playing in a sandbox. One of them throws sand at the other and the other one throws sand back, ‘He threw it too!..’ and so on… You can’t pull anyone out of the sandbox, he’ll just go back again. But you can stand outside with the blackboard until they come out themselves."

Heart and mind

"Originally, it wasn’t so that we weren’t in our heart. There must be something stopping us, causing us to put our hearts in a cupboard, so to speak. This isn’t ‘just the way it is’.

Usually the mind does something and the heart isn’t asked. But we need both. The important thing is for the mind to follow the heart and for the heart to take the leading position. Then the soul is in charge, automatically. The mind should follow the heart, not the other way around. The mind should be at the service of the heart.

Our heart taking over the lead is a development that doesn’t happen so quickly. Love doesn’t fall from heaven, we unfold it in ourselves.

We have all the time in the world to do that."

Our Chakras

"The more our vibration changes, the more things change in our energy system, and the more our heart takes over the rudder of our boat. Chakras also change shape when vibration increases. They are like a kind of funnel that radiates out forwards and backwards. When vibration increases, the chakras change shape and look like spheres. These can radiate light in all directions. We develop our consciousness and then everything has to develop with it. Everything changes with it.

This transformation simply happens. We don’t have to think about it: ‘Oh, we should be making spheres now!’ It just happens. We simply don’t have to always worry about everything. We don’t have to do anything, we just have to be our heart, then it happens automatically. Then we become a beacon."

We as beacons

"A beacon shows others how to become a beacon. And if you’re a beacon, you don’t necessarily have to write books and give seminars.

Just be. In society, too many people wear masks because they think they have to comply with certain requirements.

If, for example, you don’t feel comfortable with a tie, then don’t put one on. You’ll feel better and the others will get used to it.

Being a beacon means being different. You shine best when you’re just who you are. Leave places where you feel uncomfortable.

Everyone on a path of awakening is a beacon. Everyone, there where they belong - at the coast, in a town, in the mountains. All you have to do is shine and relax."

Our words

“Our words have power. You can bless people with words. If you say, ‘I wish you luck,’ to someone, then luck is sent. Words, letters, everything has consciousness. They’re beings These beings have an effect. So, always ask yourself, ‘What do I think, feel, say?’
The action is only the result. We become a beacon when these three - thinking, feeling, acting - are focused on the good.”

Our vibration

"Your vibration is composed of several factors. Especially what you think, what you say and how you act are important in this respect.

For example, when it comes to accepting the free will of others and you always do that, then you have a different vibration than if you sometimes do and sometimes don’t.

Also, if you dissolve things inside you that you carry with you either from other incarnations or from this life and which you no longer need, this is like taking weights away from a hot-air balloon - and it rises."

Our vibration

"We here in Central Europe have a special responsibility. Theoretically, the prerequisite for spiritual development is present everywhere - but just theoretically. Practically this is not so. There are areas where people are in survival mode (they don’t live there, they survive) and there they work out of their lower chakras. Opening up to spiritual themes only happens when you concentrate on the higher chakras.

But that’s not possible if we are focused on what and whether we can eat tomorrow, or whether a bomb is going to fall on our house.

We have shops with food here, and there’s no bomb going to land on our heads tomorrow. We therefore have the responsibility to set an example. If, for example, we develop the qualities and things that are suggested in the Peace Flyer (see Peace project ), and if these things are not only in our heads as theory, but we ARE them, then development aid for other countries is possible.

You can’t provide that beforehand. Both the people and the politicians must have become it and live it. Until this happens, other countries will only be made dependent and be exploited.
This will only stop when we’re no longer in a stage of development ourselves. We’re still in the process.

Change in the world in our time begins with the people. If we now see how many people are already in this room, and how many there are who are not here but who think the same way, then a great deal has already happened.

The time will come when we no longer give seminars. That will be when they are no longer needed because people have understood.

Sometimes we forget that what we don’t see is still there. Also in the media, where everything always concentrates on the negative and we’re simply not informed about the good - but it’s still there!

Now I wish you a wonderful journey home and never forget to give thanks for your existence"

Compilation by Nicola Good, September 2018

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