One-day seminar in Erding 05/01/2019

Published 11. February 2020

Nicola Good

The first seminar of the new year took place in Erding near Munich.

(A big thank you to all the brave participants, who despite difficult snow and traffic conditions appeared in such large numbers.)

Not only was the year fresh and new, but also the way Christina conveyed an urgent message.

Despite all the hope she conveys and the lightness, along with her familiar dry humour on occasions, this time the core message of the day was a serious one:

In clear and determined words, and with an intensity never before shown, she called for more courage and action. She stressed the responsibility we all have for ourselves, humanity and this Earth and the need for us to find the courage to step forward and not always wait for someone else to do so. And that we don’t have forever.

We are responsible for what happens and what does not happen.
She underlined our current behaviour with the picture of us all sitting in a truck and driving towards a wall at high speed. Everybody knows we have to brake, but nobody does.

(A video of this sequence is available)

It was also about courage, expressed in these words:

We all had the courage to leave our origin. Now we must find the courage to reach it again.

Here is a selection of Christina’s statements from this seminar:

Religion, spirituality and awakening

"There’s no such thing as a ‘fight for peace’. Every religion has been abused as an instrument of power up until now. But if we leave out everything that has been added over thousands of years, we get back to the core. It’s solely about solving everything with love.
Love in itself is not a religion - neither is spirituality. You often hear about principles that state, for example, that only those who wear white clothes are spiritual.
People who are spiritual don’t have to have a cat, they don’t have to live in the country, they can also live in the city. You do not have to be born in Tibet or shop in certain shops.

Spirituality is nothing more than the unfolding of our consciousness. If someone is 50 and says “I’ve been on the path for 30 years” - well, what did he do for the other 20 years?

Every time we learn something, that’s spiritual development. There is nothing in this world that is not spiritual. We often just don’t realise it. Maybe we don’t believe it. If someone doesn’t believe that they have a spirit guide - well, their guide doesn’t just go out and look for another person. They’re pretty loyal :-)

We need our spirit guides. If we have to meet someone because of an agreement we made before this incarnation, then our spirit guide helps us to do so. After all, if we’ve forgotten the name, the place and the reason, then we need spiritual guidance to achieve this.

We’re all a bit forgetful. Over a period of tens of thousands of years, we’ve simply been taught a new identity, a different world view, an illusion.
We’ve forgotten that love is the solution. We are always connected to the Divine.
All the things that have happened have been necessary for us to be where we are today. The whole of your past and that of the Earth is completely okay and it had to be like that.

For the duration of the time in which we were being given a different world view, a new identity, we were under general anaesthesia. Now, for about 100 years, more and more people have been starting to wake up, i.e. they are going from general anaesthesia to a stage of Alzheimer’s disease. If you’ve believed for tens of thousands of years that perhaps there is no divinity, or that it is outside of you, then it is an achievement to slowly wake up within a period of 100 years. You need a much shorter time to wake up than to fall asleep."

The love of the Earth and hope

"It is not a matter of course that you’re still here. The Earth could just wipe us out within a day. But she hasn’t done so. She has a lot of patience with humankind. She hasn’t given up hope yet, although you’ve been destroying so much for thousands of years.

This patience comes from the love she has for you. This love she has for you is unimaginably great.
Just imagine how many thousands of cities have already been destroyed - you didn’t know then that everything has a purpose, that there is divine guidance. You had a different consciousness. But you still managed to get out of it. You have another consciousness now. Consciously or subconsciously, you know that you will manage to get out of it again.

You’ve been through some very bad things in times gone by and you’re still here. No matter how bad it gets, humanity will get out of this. We all know, at least in our subconscious, how to rebuild things.
No matter what you experienced in your previous lives, it was preparation for now and the future. You’ve got everything you need to be able to get out of it. An idea, an ability, contact with someone…

The most important thing for survival is that we as a society have the hope that it will work out, that it will end well. We always need hope. It’s not about being as fast as possible, we just need to get going. That’s the most important thing.
As humanity, we’ve already been through so much - we will survive the future as well.
The process that leads us there leads us to a place we’ve been before. We’re not discovering a new country, we’re just remembering."
Humour and lightness

"Well: We’re all mad - otherwise we wouldn’t be here. That’s an achievement.
No soul enters a life for which it is not perfect. Whether incarnated or not, nobody can live your life better than you. You’re the best person to do this. We all have our problems, things we’ve never heard of before, things we’ve never done before - we are human beings!

Don’t always take yourselves so seriously. Take the pressure off. You have all the time in the world. Everyone ascends at some point. Don’t give yourselves a time limit - you need as long as you need, and that’s all there is to it.
You’ve been under general anaesthesia for tens of thousands of years. Take that with a sense of humour! Imagine you’re on a playground - they’re not all sitting around looking dead serious.

Just because you’re 30, 40 or 80 doesn’t mean you can’t play anymore. We all have an inner child - so we can also play, it’s not forbidden!
We should acquire a relaxed attitude towards things."
We need people who feel again, not just people who know. After all, the people who know make the world the way it is now. We need knowing-feeling people.

Joy and vibration increase

"No matter who you are, how old you are, what your role is, where you come from, what your profession is: You all have an intrinsic value, no matter what anyone tells you.

The more strange the world becomes and the more people crack up on the physical level, the more important it is for people to create spaces where they can do things that give them pleasure.

When we watch the news, we could become frightened. When we look at all that darkness on the TV, we need to know that there’s just as much light somewhere else. When we see the negative, it is our responsibility to seek the light.
And it’s all the more important to have a great deal of joy. Because joy automatically increases our vibration. Vibration increase isn’t that hard. Just as breathing or our heartbeat function automatically, being happy, feeling well and enjoying things increases our vibration just as automatically.

Our vibration and our consciousness are linked. If you live your heart, your vibration automatically increases. The higher your vibration frequency, the higher your consciousness.

If you work through the learning processes presented to you, vibration increase happens automatically.

Soul timetable and spiritual guidance
"Your soul holds your timetable. Even if you deviate from your timetable, it’s like a navigation system. It then says: “Please turn around!”. And if you then simply continue driving, it says “Your route will be recalculated”.

You can’t miss your destination. You can only make the route a little more complicated.
And if you hear: “Your route will be recalculated,” every day, then this has to do with the love of your spirit guide. Your guide won’t think you’re a hopeless case, but always stay with you and always provide everything anew. This is the love of your spirit guide."

Listening to your heart

If you want to do something and feel that it’s right, then do it.
We might then say, “I don’t have time.”
If your heart is number 20 on your priority list, then you really don’t have time. You need to give your heart 1st place on the list, then you’ll have time. It’s important to set priorities."

** Appeal**

"War only exists because the mind dominates with too much masculine energy. If we were to live in a society in which we were only in our hearts, we would never even start a war.

The fact that (peace) treaties have to be made is only because people do not trust each other.

This might sound a little weird, but our economic system only exists because we have wars. That’s why politics is not interested in ending wars. Politics should be there for the people and ensure that the needs of the people are met. But as long as politics is only about profit, power and money, nothing will change.

Therefore, it’s the people who must change. The people, however, are of the opinion that peace depends on politics. But if a law is made, then the law is only effective if citizens keep to it.

If there were a law tomorrow that said you weren’t allowed to plant carrots any more, but everyone did anyway, then the law would have no effect. Then, it’s written down somewhere, but has no effect.

War is only possible because the people are trained for war and think it makes sense to go there.

But if the people think “this is pointless”, then they no longer go. Then the government can decide what it wants - but it won’t happen unless they go themselves… And because they don’t do that, but always send the people, there will be no war.
These are simply examples of the fact that the people are the real power that changes the world. Not politics. Politics only has power if we allow it to. It’s so important in this day and age to act the way our hearts tell us to, not the way some people in suits would want us to.

Even people who have a lot of money and are therefore able to pull the strings of the world can only do so because others join in. And if, at some point, people are in their hearts and think “We have better things to do now”, then nothing goes their way any longer. And then you don’t have to start a war.

If people are in their hearts and start to live the ethics they carry in their hearts and to live what they, within themselves, think is important, whether it’s socially “normal” or not, the solution is simple. If you behave as society expects you to behave the whole of your life, nothing will change - because the world doesn’t change due to one person, but due to many. That’s why a great many people have to make things different.
It’s also so that a great many people have ideas for why they can’t be themselves: “I have a family, I have a job, I don’t have time, I have to do something else first…”
No one’s forced to be their heart - the way it really is. But there comes a moment, if we really want a change that is long-term, when we realise that this isn’t going to work if we say: “Not me, maybe you have an idea.”

It’s as if hundreds and thousands were standing in front of a red line. The red line is the change. And they stand in front of it and say: “Something’s got to change, but I don’t know what.”

A neighbour hears this and says: “I know what to do, but I don’t have time.” The one next to him: “I agree with you, it should be changed, that’s how it could be done. But I don’t have enough money”.

And so it carries on. And, you know what? You can always find a reason not to do anything about it. In every situation. All you have to do is think hard enough and you’ll find a reason why you shouldn’t do it.

The point is simply: we can’t postpone taking on the responsibility for change forever!
Nor will Jesus himself fall from heaven and change anything for you.
There are people who give you impulses, showing you what you can do. But change depends on the mass.

It’s just that we have a responsibility to ourselves, to society and to the Earth. We do. And we can’t escape that either.

We should always think: ‘Does something have to change? - and maybe just stand there alone for a minute and maybe be stared at strangely - ‘or is everything going to carry on as before?’

But if things continue as they have done up until now, we will, at some point, drive this truck into the wall at 1000 km/h.

It’s like this: We have all the information and we know what we don’t want any more in the future.

And well, maybe we don’t have the whole plan of how things will go on in the future, at the moment we start the change. But you don’t always have to have a finished plan in your mind. It’s enough if we say: ‘Yes, we will change ourselves now.’
And if you start, the solution comes along by itself. We simply have to trust that, when the universe, creation, realises that people are changing, we will be given the things we need to find a solution.

If you feel that you should make things different in any situation, just do it. Your whole life is a risk and you could fall down the stairs tomorrow.

It’s important for us to live as we truly are, and to live our hearts and not the social norm.

And somebody has to make a start. And if somebody makes a start, you’ll find that hundreds and thousands follow.

We’ve all come to this planet as souls in order to leave traces behind us and not to be robotised, we’ve been robotised for long enough now.
Now we ought to remember that we have the obligation and the responsibility to BE the change we want to see in the world.

We jumped into this game tens of thousands of years ago, not knowing how things would turn out. We forgot everything completely. And we grew up in a complete illusion.

We knew that before we entered into this game. This means that every one of us here has, firstly, the confidence within themselves that things will turn out well and, secondly, a certain degree of madness.

What’s needed now is for us to go back to our origin. We had the courage to leave; now we must have the courage to return - because that’s where we come from. And at some point we’ll end up back there.

You decide how long it takes. You are responsible for your lives.
If you want change, you yourselves MUST change.

There’s no other way.

• Become an optimist
• Harmonise the earth and the atmosphere
• Think for yourself and question the mass media
• Chakra work
• Detoxify your body
• Surround yourself with things and people that do you good
• Be in your heart
• Accept the free will of others
• Become more mindful of yourself and your surroundings
• Dissolve things you no longer need
• Follow your own soul path
• Follow the needs of your soul
• Forgive, love, be grateful, accept
• Increasing your own vibration

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