One-day seminar in Erding 28/10/2018

Published 02. November 2018

Nicola Good

Another one-day seminar with Christina lies behind us. It felt especially well “rounded”. Christina spoke in a constant and beautiful flow of words about the co-responsibility that we bear for everything that happens on earth, about change and daring to be ourselves, about the love of the earth for us and the help we receive from subtle, fine-material regions. and also about the great value of each individual and the miracle of being human.

Before the lunch break, she spoke in detail and clearly on the subject of schools and what she sees the task of schools to be in these changing times. This part, which was recorded, will soon be available as a Youtube video.

Altogether, it was a very impressive day with a wonderful atmosphere.

And, as always, I’ve compiled some excerpts from Christina’s lecture here.

Change and responsibility

If we want change in the world, then we need a society that is heart based. War doesn’t originate in the heart.

Everything that happens in the world has to do with us because we’re all connected. We share responsibility for the earth and what happens on it. Everything we think, feel and do goes into the collective human field.

If we want change in the world, then that change must start in us. If we want to change a society, then WE have to change ourselves, because society is simply made up of a lot of individual people. We are the solution for a peaceful world. Jesus is not going to come from heaven, clap his hands and change things. He won’t do that.

Somebody once said, “We are the ones we have been waiting for” (Alice Walker, 1978, N.G.) There are those people who set impulses and show the way and those who receive them and implement them. We have to do that ourselves.

If you ask people why they behave in this way or that, and someone answers, “I had this or that experience,” or “I had a hard childhood,” that’s an excuse, because you ARE not your past. The past does exist, but WE decide at every moment how we deal with it. That is our responsibility.


What is most needed in our society is relaxation. This society is built on pressure. And we’re the only ones who can change that. After all, our lives belong to us.

When I’m on a train and it’s 4 minutes late, there are people who react as if the world is going to end…I like it when the trains are on time, we need that for our schedules, being able to rely on “time”. But if we can’t change things, we can relax into the situation and the world looks very different. What our world looks like always depends on us. We shape and influence it according to the glasses we look through. Two people can sit on the same bench and look at the world differently. One has black glasses on and sees everything negatively, and the other has yellow ones on and sees things positively.

The world we want to have only comes into being if we ourselves say, “I want something different.” Someone once said “Be the change you want to see in the world” (Mahatma Gandhi, note: N.G.) That’s the key!

The beginning is always questioning ourselves, working with ourselves. But not in a deadly serious way - it needs lightness!

Just because someone is considered to be an adult doesn’t mean they have to act like one.

The planet Earth

The Earth is alive: she has thoughts and feelings and the most important point is that she knows what we’re doing on her - she notices it! And if we consider that we have been doing things for centuries that harm her, then the fact that we can live on her has to do with love…The Earth loves us! We keep forgetting that.

When natural disasters occur, it’s her saying: “Look, I’m still here!”

The fact that the Earth is still alive is amazing, and the fact that we humans are still alive too - this is a miracle! Soil, food, water, air… everything has been poisoned and we are still alive!

Being human right now means having Alzheimer’s. We’ve forgotten so deeply, we’ve even forgotten that we’ve forgotten. We’ve forgotten, and we don’t even know what we’ve forgotten!

But being human also means that we consciously or unconsciously want to be here. The Earth and we humans live in relatively strange conditions - but we live! Your existence is of such value that you can’t even imagine how valuable it is!

Humanity has faced extinction so often. There have always been people and beings who have ensured that this did not happen. There has always been so much support from the subtle worlds - we can’t begin to imagine how much. They need so much patience, and they’re still here.

The universe doesn’t waste energy. If it thinks it’s worth putting so much energy into humanity, that means something. We can’t grasp the importance and the uniqueness of humanity. We are more than just souls afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease! We should actually be the guardians of the earth and we’ve overslept a little - but we are just waking up!

Gift souls

Here, it’s like at the theatre. There are two box offices: at one of them you get a spectator’s ticket and at the other an actor’s ticket.

I don’t know what it was like at the box office for spectator’s tickets. But at the box office I queued at… well, you could say we were all a bit mad over there.

There was a doorman who saw to it that nobody got in without a ticket. At some point he realised that there were souls who had small, red, gift packages. At some point the doorman started letting those with gifts bypass the queue and just enter. And those with gifts, they always had a role on stage that wasn’t exactly mainstream.

Those who had gifts unpacked them and gave them away, and that was wonderful!

But it’s not that there are simply souls who have gifts and the others who don’t. There are simply souls who KNOW that they have one and others who just don’t.


Emmanuel said earlier, in the announcement, that you might hear things you’ve never heard before - that’s not really true. You know it, and it’s just being dug up again. If you have an “aha experience”, then it only indirectly has anything to do with me. The fact that you realise something, has something to do with you.

Yes, there’s a good chance that somebody might walk out of here today enlightened. But you have yourselves to thank for that.

There are two pillars. One’s called:
“I come to a seminar because of the person.”

The second is called:
“I come to a seminar for the info.”

The two pillars are closely linked, yes, but see that the second pillar is higher!

We don’t need teachers and gurus anymore. We did earlier on. We simply need people who give us impulses.

Being different

Society always says how “things should be done". But just be the way you are. Those who find that good will stay, and the others you don’t need anyway. So many people wear masks. It is so important to live out what the soul wants and not what society wants.

There’s a saying: “Everyone should be individual - but woe betide anyone who’s different!”
We need people who act differently. Very few things are carved in stone. Very few things are really fixed. And these things we can change - with our changed behaviour.

At some point, someone who has heard of a new idea steps forward. To begin with, these people are still alone. But then, when the time is right, hundreds and thousands come, and they’re there of their own free will - then changes can happen.

Changes happen when a large number of people move in the same direction at the same time.

If we want the future to be good, we need to focus on solutions. We also have to be able to laugh at ourselves, handle things with humour! We can only gain these experiences as human beings. It’s unique, use the opportunity!


Schools don’t nurture lateral thinkers. What you learn there, you carry with you as a fundamental building block, and that forms your world view. Children and young people are still taught to believe that an opinion written in a textbook - that is also outdated - is correct. This makes it very difficult to change things.

Today’s scientific findings used to be considered impossible. This knowledge could only develop because someone broke out of the way of thinking that is taught in schools.

We are not taught how to question information that is presented to us.

Teachers do an excellent job. But they’re not omniscient. They’re expected to know everything.

In my school, one teacher said, “School is there to prepare you for life.”

But what is missing is content such as “How do I deal with conflict?” I like people who perhaps know nothing about geometry, but know how to live peacefully with others.

For the things I learnt that were most important, I had no school. We need schools that engage with children. Schools should adapt to the children and not vice versa. If we prevent children from thinking independently, we destroy a foundation of our society.

If children skip school, the problem lies not with the children, but with the school.
If children no longer co-operate, you shouldn’t necessarily label them with ADHD, but consider the fact that the overall consciousness of human beings is developing further and old systems no longer fit.


There are many who say, “I’ve been on the “path” for 20 years”. If that person is 50 years old, then they’ve been on the “path” for 50 years! It’s as if spirituality has been separated from life. Life is always development, even before fine-material aspects are consciously included. Just because someone doesn’t believe in chakras doesn’t mean they don’t have any. Your guardian angel will also not run away because you don’t believe in him. They are very loyal…

If a person learns to have self-love in his life, then that is also consciousness development and that is always also spiritual development. This has nothing to do with angels or Buddha statues. There are people who think that they’re only spiritual if they’re dressed in white from head to toe. Spirituality is not a religion and has no restrictions.

Our original nature is completely open. But we’ve learnt to put everything in draws. You can’t learn the primordial nature of spirituality. You can’t learn something that you already are.

We’re back to questioning ourselves: “Is what I think still relevant?”

We think without knowing what we think. We think all the time, but we’ve forgotten how to listen to ourselves.


When we are completely focused with our consciousness, we no longer perceive anything outside this focus. If people are looking for a solution and can’t find one, it’s because they have an idea what the solution should look like. Then, they don’t find the solution because they don’t recognise it.

Actually, there are no problems. Actually, they’re all just situations. Often it is only a problem from our own point of view. Not from someone elses. Problems can’t be solved on the same level on which they arose. We are often so involved in the problem that we can’t find a solution.

An example: Imagine a skyscraper.

There’s a war on the third floor, and there’s a fire. If we try to go through it, we won’t see the solution. But if we go up the stairs to the 4th floor, we might find an oversized fire extinguisher. Then we have the solution.

That’s a change of perspective. This means assuming a different vibration level. When our vibration increases, our consciousness increases and we have access to other levels.

Being in your heart

There are a lot of things we can do to increase our vibration. But the main point is to be in your heart. When we are in our heart, our vibration automatically increases. We don’t have to think “vibration increase, vibration increase,…” because we ARE it at that point. If we haven’t BECOME it yet, then we’re always thinking about doing it or becoming it. If we have not yet reached the stage of BEING it, we keep asking ourselves: “Are we, or are we not yet?”

All the important things happen unconsciously: heartbeat, respiration, etc. We ARE it. If we’ve become our heart, then we are it automatically, it simply IS so.


The higher your vibration, the quicker what you have in your thoughts steps into your life.
We have a creative power that we ourselves underestimate. Although we don’t believe in it, it works the whole time. It works always.

Being valuable

Judge the value of being human not only according to what’s not going well. You can just sit on a chair, do nothing or write poems and nobody knows you…your value lies in the fact that you are divine. That’s all there is to it. The value of each individual is equally large and your inner value is inviolable.

No one in the universe can live the life you are living right now better than you. The universe doesn’t waste energy. No one could do your tasks or carry out your life better than you. Otherwise, another soul would be doing it right now. But that’s not the case.

Just be who you are. You don’t have to prove to anyone that you’re good. You have an inner value that cannot be trumped. Don’t let this knowledge be taken from you!

No task is more important than any other. No task can be performed without other people. We need each other.

I’m talking here now. That wouldn’t be possible if you hadn’t chosen to make it your task to listen.

It needs those who set impulses and those who implement them.

The darker something is, the brighter something must be somewhere else.

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