One-day seminar in Leipzig 15/02/2020

Published 04. March 2020

Coco Tache, Nicola Good

Dear friends,

here are the notes from that wonderful day in Leipzig.
The hall in itself is beautiful, and so was the whole atmosphere, which was of course shaped by everyone present, as always. We look back on this day with joy.
And here are the “highlights” from Christina’s talk.

Remembering who we are

The collective develops through us as individuals remembering who we are. When we do this, we send something into the field. This goes not only into our own field, but also into that of the collective in the country and the civilisation with which we are connected - and the more people who wake up, the easier it is for those who are still asleep to wake up too. The problem with sleeping is that you don’t know you’re asleep until you wake up. This is why we need impulses from the outside. We need people who make us aware again that something in life is not right, and that there’s more to life than your job, house, money and religion. After all, the important thing is to do what we came here to do. We all have a reason for why we came to the Earth. It’s just that we forget it. And since our parents are usually asleep too, we receive nothing to suggest that there’s anything else. It’s the same in kindergarten and at school. In this way, we forget the reasons for why we’re here.

What feeling do you want to die with?

Now, think about the feeling you’d like to have when you leave this incarnation? I think we agree that we’d like to be happy when we leave. And if we do what we came here to do, that makes us happy. If, for example, a gardener actually wanted to be a baker, then going to work might make him extremely unhappy until the day he becomes a baker and is enthusiastic about his work. The important thing is that we find the position that suits us and that we ourselves made the decision, as to which position suits us – nobody told us what to do. It’s our responsibility what we do with our life - and with what feeling we die.
The main thing is for you to be happy - and if you’re satisfied with what you have, then there’s no need to change anything.

Being dulled

The world would be a much nicer place if people were there where they belonged. In our society, we’re dulled from a very young age, starting with things we don’t even think about. If, for some reason, parents force their child to eat meat, and the child has realised that this was a living being, the parents are forcing the child to become indifferent and shut down it’s empathy in order to survive. Animals do of course look different to us. But just because most of them have 4 instead of 2 legs and just because they don’t go to school doesn’t mean they’re more stupid… They have emotions and they have just as much of a task here as we do. This is just an example, but all the small things that make us to shut ourselves off cause us to become increasingly dulled.


Spirituality just means to open our consciousness and remember who we are.
When we hear the word “spirituality” we tend to think of a development. We’re here and want to get there, and in between there is a distance. In my opinion, this isn’t true. The way I see it, we are already there and what we want to become is ultimately nothing more than what we really are. It’s just about remembering. You are already everything you want to be. Nevertheless, we should never lose the ability to learn. The goal of consciousness remembrance is not that we’re ultimately no longer capable of learning - because this never ends. There’s always something more to learn.

Learning ability

People always talk about ascension. If you go from this density into another density, even if everything is more subtle there, this doesn’t mean we’ve learned everything there is to learn. There are levels above us there as well. This means we’ll carry on remembering more. But to do that, we need to be able to learn, and that has to do with openness. If we’re not open to all the new things that come along, and if we don’t have the openness to accept them and change the world view that we have, then we’re not capable of learning. And, in turn, openness has to do with our will. We decide what we allow into our lives. Our intention - regarding what we want to accept and what we want to reject - determines how much we remember. The consciousness in which we live here is made up of what we are on the soul level as well as what we absorb during our lives and receive from the collective. And the energy field into which we’re born and with which we come into the world has an influence on the structures we adopt from the very beginning. In the end, our programs are the only things that separate us from who we are. These are things we’ve taken in and understood - or wrongly understood - from the outside.

Spirituality has no dress code

There are no clothes that are spiritual and others that are not. You can dress in white or black. And the world won’t end because of the colour black. There are people who simply reject the colour black, saying it’s a bad colour. Yes, black has been chosen by forces of the unlight as “their” colour. They had to choose a colour. If they’d chosen green, meadows and trees would now have a problem.
But you know, every colour has a frequency, and there is no colour that is bad. Every colour has properties. And black has something about it that grounds us too.
And think about the fact that the universe is black. It’s infinite… and what about the pupils of our eyes? They’re black. Are they bad because of that?
When it comes to our clothing, it’s ultimately about wearing what we feel comfortable in, and if some people say you can’t dress like that, it’s not your problem, it’s their problem. The rejection of individual colours has to do with the dogmatic convictions of the person who rejects them.
And they don’t have to look at you. We can’t please everybody. I once read that if you were to walk across the water, someone would surely ask you if you were too stupid to swim. You can do what you want, there’s certain to be someone who doesn’t like it.


I think one of the reasons we put on masks is because others want us to - so that we fit in. I think that, in a world where people walk around with masks, it’s extremely important to have the courage to walk around without them. (Writer’s note: at the time of the seminar there was no mention of the coronavirus, Christina isn’t referring to respiratory protection here… 😊😊😊). With time, we do feel more comfortable if we are ourselves. But it takes courage to not always live up to everyone else’s expectations. Of course there are people who get upset when we are the way we are - because then what they’ve built up collapses. But through you, they’ll be reminded that that’s the way they want to be too. Whenever you do something for yourself, you do it for others as well. You then send this into the field. It’s also important to understand that it’s not just that you yourself change, but that you have an effect on the people you meet and also on the collective where all this is stored. We help shape the collective. By the way, keeping masks in place takes more energy, and if we can remember more and more who we are, at some point we won’t have to keep our masks in place at all.

People who inspire others

People who inspire other people have been sent as a channel to allow you to once again perceive the divine level that you’ve forgotten - so that you too can remember that you carry the divine spark within you. Knowing how much has been twisted and forgotten throughout human history, it’s understandable that people need a helping hand to reminded them a little more about what they’ve forgotten. There are some things that we’ve been hearing for the last 1000 - 2000 years. This is simply because humanity hasn’t yet managed to fully live, understand and integrate them. If these things still haven’t worked after 1000 years, then they’ll turn up again because the universe always sends us what we need.

Our day consciousness is where everything begins

Things always begin with you hearing something in your day consciousness - i.e. in the consciousness in which you are sitting now – that makes sense. And if it makes sense and you want to implement it, then it enters into your life and into your cells. And the more you integrate it, the more it begins to live, and at some point you are it, with the consciousness with which you’re sitting on your chair. And from that moment on, you don’t have to ask yourself if you are - because you are. That’s why repetition is important. Like learning the ABC at school. We practice it until we can do it. But it takes time because, for centuries, we’ve lived in a consciousness in which we thought that certain things were real that are not real at all. In Christianity, we’ve been told that we’re guilty and that we’re sinners and that isn’t true. We may know this in our day consciousness, but these things are usually still stored in our cells.

Our ancestors

Our ancestors lived at a time when the Earth was much denser. We still have this density in our cells. And even though we know that this is no longer the case today, we continue to pass this information on to the next generation. And we don’t just receive this inheritance from our parents, this inheritance goes back much further. This means that we’re all small libraries. It’s similar to books, they also get reprinted. It’s often the case that we still have the oldest edition inside us, because we’re not conscious of it. But if we work on ourselves, outwardly and inwardly, and dissolve patterns that hinder us, we won’t pass this old edition on to our children. Working on ourselves is a service to all those who come after us. If we pass on our latest findings to our children, our children will in turn pass them on to theirs. And in this way, we can change the collective as well. In the end, it’s just about remembering who we really are.


If someone doesn’t know why they’re here, it doesn’t mean that they’re not walking their path. We have guidance and as long as we’re open and wish to walk this path, then those who guide us will help. Nevertheless, we do have to ask for help or for a sign to show us the best way to continue. But if we’re given signs and think it’s just coincidence, then our guides can put an elephant in front of the house and we won’t recognise it as being a sign. For generations, we’ve not been open to this possibility, and because of this we may often have the feeling that we’re not getting an answer - because our subconscious doesn’t believe in it. We have to be open if we want to hear what our guides are saying, and sometimes our expectations get in the way.

Our consciousness is a filter

We allow those things into our consciousness that we want to take in - and the things that don’t fit are made to fit or thrown out. But if we perceive things as they are - without bending them to the right shape - this also opens our horizon.


When changes need to be made in life, we don’t make these changes alone: our fellow human beings are always involved. If you go somewhere with other people and you have differences of opinion, you then agree on a compromise. We often associate compromises with something negative. But they don’t have to be bad, they can be good. If we lose energy in the process, there’s something wrong, but if we don’t lose energy, that’s fine.


Some people talk about enlightenment. The definition of this is often a personal one, but if this is understood to mean that you can park your ability to learn outside the door, then I think it’s good that none of us have been enlightened yet.

How can you know when your mind has lost its power over you?

It’s not about losing your mind or throwing it out the window. It’s clear that our society is mind based. But we have a mind and we have a heart, and the important thing is to feel what we want in our heart and then, when we know what that is, it might be that we need our mind so that we can then do things the way we want to. We need our mind to plan things in advance. Our mind is the one who puts it all together, who makes it work. Without a mind, this day would not have come about. But if we’re only in our mind then there are certain levels that we can’t comprehend.

The age of the soul

On the level from which our souls come, there is no time as we know it here. People always talk about old and young souls, but there is no soul that is 100 years old or 1000, there are simply different degrees of wisdom. This means that if a soul has already gained a lot of experience, it is of course quite possible that it has already reached another level of wisdom. But there are also souls that have not yet experienced so many incarnations but have already reached a high degree of wisdom. And even if there were age, this wouldn’t necessarily say anything about the maturity of a person. After all, we have people who are 90 years old and seem like small children to us. Maturity depends on our soul and our memory. And we take all the experiences and insights we gain in this incarnation with us into our next life. We carry this process of remembering within us, even if we don’t remember who we were in past lives.

Incarnation surge

We live in a time in which a huge number of souls want to incarnate. This doesn’t necessarily have to do with the fact that souls that have left come back faster. The fact is that many souls who incarnate here are not native to the Earth. There are elemental beings who incarnate as human beings, and there are many inhabitants of other planets who are coming here now because what’s happening here is so important. If there were no meaning to it all, and everything was just normal, there would be far less effort being put into it.

Dimension change

We know that, ultimately, an ascension will take place. This is something that happens constantly in the universe. We’re not the first and certainly not the last. It is simply a change of dimension. The thing is that the Earth is so special. It’s like a jewel in the universe, and it’s not as if there were another 10’000 like her. She has a diversity and a position that we don’t find very often. And because humanity is of such a great importance - and doesn’t understand this importance - there are such a lot of different extraterrestrial peoples who want to help human beings. That’s why so many are incarnating. The goal is always the same: the awakening of humanity. And for this it needs help from all quarters.

We have a responsibility

You can’t just make a copy of the Earth and put it next to this Earth. We have a responsibility. We share responsibility for everything that happens or does not happen. This is because the collective that we are as humanity has a certain orientation, and this orientation decides to what degree light beings can help us.

Common focus

If we focus collectively on war, then the light beings can help us much less than if we focus on peace. No being is allowed to help us if we don’t want it or if we don’t ask for it. And when it comes to the Earth – or things that are bigger than just one person or the house where they live - it needs more than just one person to be focused in a certain direction and more than one to receive permission to help. So it takes more than just 10 or 100 people saying we don’t want war any more. The collective focus won’t change if we don’t change, because we - all of us - are the representatives of a collective. Every human being represents a small part of humanity. And every soul that incarnates here and inspires other people to become what they are again is nothing other than an expression of the fact that the divine levels have sent help that has become manifest. So this is manifested divine help.

What makes the Source happy?

Someone once asked the question: what makes the Source happy. We are the Source, we are part of it, we came out of it right at the very beginning. And because we come from the Divine Source, each one of us is also a divine being. It’s not that we’re here now and have to develop in that direction, but that we are here and that down here all this is actually only buried. That probably doesn’t sound so great and it’s difficult for many people to understand. But the wall is only there because it’s been constructed out of all the programming, ideas and opinions that we’ve recorded - ideas and opinions that we believe to be true. We should simply become aware that what we’re looking for is not 100 km away from us and difficult to reach, but is already within us. And when you’re aware of the divine spark within you, then everything is much less dramatic.

Gift wrapping paper

When I think about how many people have incarnated here on Earth so many times before, when it was much denser, I think we’ve already come a long way. We were taught that the divine is separate from us. That’s not true at all. And if what we are is nothing other than the Divine, then we’re something divine. And if we don’t notice it, it’s because we’ve wrapped wrapping paper around it. But we can never loose what we are. We can only forget it. And forgetting is only possible if there’s another idea or an opinion that we accept as the truth.

Priority list

The fact that we can sit here today and that people have time to listen to somebody at all - regardless of whether it is me or someone else - is only possible if our list of priorities allows it. If we live in a place where we don’t know how we’re going to get through the next day, it’s much harder - because then we’re in survival mode and are primarily occupied with not starving or freezing to death. The prosperity we have here is therefore an important basis for us to be able do something like this.

The thing with the balloon and the collective

When we send things - that is thoughts, words and actions - into the collective, then all those things that are the same are gathered together. You can imagine a balloon in which everything that has to do with awakening is collected. And if more people start to awaken now, this balloon will grow. This balloon has something like a skin, which can only expand so far. And at some point, if more and more people send their thoughts, words and actions into the balloon, it becomes too big and bursts. From that moment on, the entire content flows into the whole collective. And then a wave of awakening happens.

How great is the likelihood of a third world war breaking out, and how likely is this to happen on German soil?

First, I want to say something about the First and Second World Wars. Nothing on this planet is a coincidence, and if Germany went through the First and Second German World War, then that was no coincidence either. Germany has great creative power. And, added to this, many poets and philosophers have come here. So Germany has spiritual potential, and when spiritual potential comes together with the ability to establish something, then this is dangerous as far the people who are currently pulling the strings are concerned.
People who are spiritual and have no influence don’t pose any great danger, and neither do people who get something going, but who still lack consciousness. And because those pulling the strings see that Germany has such great potential, world wars end up in Germany time and again.
What happens then, exactly? There is violence, people are afraid, their vibration sinks, and the foundation for what Germany could become is erased. That’s why it wasn’t a coincidence. Wars don’t arise, they are planned. I don’t know whether there will be a third world war or not, I only know that everything could have been much worse than it is now. And the future is changing all the time. This has to do with our awakening. Those people who instigated the world wars – people who no longer know who they are and have no idea about this divine spark within them - are so fast asleep that they’re not even aware of their heart. People who go into the military and for some reason shoot other people can only do so because they’ve lost their empathy and their heart is closed. And when people close their heart, they look for something to replace it.

Why we don’t yet have peace

The only reason we don’t yet have peace is because wars are needed to maintain our financial system. And why do people want to do that? Because they don’t want to lose their power.
They don’t want to lose it because they’re actually traumatised, separated from love and looking for something the whole time. And they’ve become so lost that they can no longer recognise love. But these people also have the divine spark within them. These people who can do such bad things are the ones who’ve actually forgotten the most. When we put love into the field, we do this for ourselves, but we also do it for all those who don’t even know that such a thing exists. The more love that is sent into the field, the more likely it is that this can reach them at some point.

Increase in vibration

People are always talking about increase in vibration and it is happening faster than you think. Our vibration increases just through us being joyful, thinking of something beautiful, or looking at something we like - without us thinking about it. It’s automatic. And if we follow the path that was prepared for us before we incarnated here, our vibration also increases automatically. Our vibration is of course not only influenced by who we are - this being the main part - but also by the fact that we’re exposed to other influences as well. Every place in which we live has an energy field. Every area, every country, everything has an energy field, and this affects our field, too. This means we’re not isolated, but in constant exchange. For example, if we live in a place where the environment around us has been destroyed, we don’t need to ask ourselves why we’re not doing so well.
We all influence each other, too. If we’re together with the same people a lot of the time, if we stay in their field, we automatically adopt certain things from them. On a subconscious level, we’re all telepathic. We also perceive subtle things. If you’re standing somewhere and another person is standing next to you then you know whether you find this presence to be pleasant or unpleasant. This simply has to do with the fact that you perceive the field of the person, and the greater the difference, the less you get along with each other.

Our creative power

All the things that we perceive as blockages are stored in our field as well. We’re all divine beings, and because of this, we possess creative power. And this power is much greater than we might imagine.
Actually, we could do much more with our thoughts if we believed in them. Our thoughts and our beliefs have huge power in our energy field.

Belief is directionality

It’s a bit like in a car. A car needs fuel. The fuel is the attention we pay to something. If you pay attention to something, it works. It’s the same with our thoughts. If we have restrictions in our subconscious, then even if in our day consciousness we believe something will work, it won’t. This also has something to do with the collective, because belief is directionality. And when we are aware of the power of our beliefs and our thoughts, then we also have a responsibility - because we are co-creators and have joint responsibility. When it comes to our own life, we’re the only ones responsible, and we’re also the only ones who can change something in our life.

Our mission

If you’re at a seminar, and you’ve understood something, this has to do not only with the person sitting at the front, but with you yourself, because you’re the one who has to take something up and accept it in order for it to work at all. But what we can’t do is change other people. If we’ve found a new truth for ourselves, we can do no more than explain it to people who have not yet found it. But if they say they don’t believe it, then there’s nothing more we can do. We’re not here to convince people of what we consider to be the truth. That’s not our task. Our task is to be what we are deep inside, but not to convince people of what we feel is right. Change will only come about if all those involved want it of their own accord. Change which forces people to do something won’t last. It’s a waste of energy talking to people who think we have a few screws loose. That’s why it’s important to be aware of whom we surround ourselves with. And that’s why it is normal for the people we surround ourselves with to change.

Our internal satnav

Our guides are not subject to the veil of forgetfulness. They can help us because they still know why we’re here. And even if someone has the feeling that the last 20 years were not what they could have been, that doesn’t mean we won’t find our way back to the path. But we have to want to. It’s like driving a car. You switched on a satnav in order to drive somewhere. And there is a screen with a voice that guides you along the route. Our guides do the same. The coloured line on the satnav is our life’s path. And the triangle is us. Normally everything goes according to plan. But you might want to do some shopping, and because the shopping centre is somewhere else, you drive straight on for 10 km. Your guide realises that, of course, and says: “Please turn round.” Your guide says this once or twice, and then when they notice that you want to go to the shopping centre, they don’t just desert you and say: “Well, it was nice being with you,” and then go off somewhere else. No, they say: “Route will be recalculated”. And then we have a recalculated route with a stopover at a shopping centre. But if you come out of the centre and you have another new idea, then the same thing happens all over again. And despite the recalculation you still have to do the driving yourself.


There are people who say that illness is always a sign that you’re somehow on the wrong track. I don’t necessarily agree with that. It can be, but it doesn’t have to be. We shouldn’t put too many things in just one pot. Illnesses may have been planned in advance, before we incarnated here - whether it enable us to solve something or others to learn something. Then there are also the kinds of illnesses that we have because we’re transforming something for the Earth, and then there are those that say: “Take a break and think about how you’re living your life.” What applies to you and why you have a certain illness is something that everyone has to find out for themselves.


There are many different laws in our life. We know about the law of karma. When we do something and it comes back to us, many people immediately think it’s bad karma. But there are also things that we agree to, because we want to learn something or because we want to show others something. In this respect, the possibilities can be quite varied. If we send out something good, we get something good back and vice versa.

The small and the subtle

We humans have forgotten how to listen to the quiet things. We’ve got used to the fact that if something is important and people have something to say, it’s big and loud. But we have forgotten that the small and subtle is also important. The big and loud is something we have a lot of in this world, because the world is currently dominated by male energy. Female energy is still being suppressed. This has to do with our present time.
But the change that is taking place now has to do with the balancing of these two energies. Male energy is not bad, nor is female energy. It’s just that humanity has been consciously made to stop hearing the female energy. But we need the things that are small and subtle, we need this softness for the transition, so that it can happen much more easily. We need both of these energies. Female energy is an energy that receives, and when we begin to receive, we’re much more open to what comes from above. But most people don’t realise that such things exist, because these things are unspectacular. I think most people get bored with things that are unspectacular. They’re used to the fact that when something is important, you can’t help but hear about it. We all have both energies in us, but in most of us, one energy is stronger than the other. And which one that is, doesn’t depend on whether you are now a man or a woman, - it has to do with your soul and with your task. We can have both. One thing is certain: we need both energies to bring the scales back into balance. The quiet and subtle is also energy that transports certain information. Everything we have here on this physical level is actually just condensed energy.


Music, like that of Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, also transports certain information. These people have served as channels to bring certain things to the Earth in musical form. That’s sacred geometry, it’s contained in this music. Not all music that exists today is like that, but the “real” music that comes from these great composers and musicians is. The subtle: that is also our spiritual home. And every time we listen to beautiful music and are open to it, we receive what has been put in there on the energy level and something changes in our field.

Our will

When we focus on something, we do it consciously. So it’s our will that wants it. It’s said time and again that love is the strongest force in the universe, and if you look from the vibration point of view, love is the highest vibrational force. But if you’re not looking at vibration, then will comes before love. We must want to love. We must want peace and love. Our will decides what we let into our life and what not.

Nature conservation and climate protection

Things that happen on the other side of the world also have an impact on us. When large parts of the Earth are destroyed, it effects the whole planet, because everything works together. If the Earth’s lungs are destroyed, many other things won’t work either. That’s why we need people who are going to make sure that nature recovers. That’s why we need nature conservation, but not climate protection. Our climate has always changed, and this will not be the last change.
The climate has to do with the orientation of the Earth’s axis, among other things. We don’t need climate protection, because this is the cycle of the Earth and there’s no cause to believe that just because we can fly over the ocean in aeroplanes, we’re above things such as the cycle of the Earth. That would be megalomaniacal. We’re a part of nature, but we do have to help nature - that depends on us, and that starts with us stopping our destruction of it. Nature can also start to regenerate itself after a certain point, but that’s not possible if we constantly hack away at it.

Change only comes about if we start doing something.

If we have the opportunity to contribute to the change, in whatever area - whether it has to do with nature conservation or something else - we should do it. If we just sit here and say: “I could, but I don’t have time”, then it’s as if 100 people are standing on a square and in front of these 100 people there is a red line. This red line represents change and an invitation to start changing something. And everyone stands in front of this line, looks at it and agrees that they should do something. Then one says they don’t have time, the second says they’d like to, but it’s not possible because they have to go somewhere every Saturday. And so it goes on until everyone of the hundred has said something similar and we end up exactly where we started. But now, if someone were to say: “I’m just going to cross the red line right now”, then, to begin with, that person would stand alone, but the 99 others who were still waiting, would then see, wow, that person did it, and then they’d be able to do it too. And then, suddenly, everyone would have the feeling that others were doing it too, and that they were no longer alone with wanting to do something. The threshold to doing something then becomes much lower because you realise that there are others doing things as well. Sometimes you just have to start.

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