Published 23. April 2018

Nicola Good

« We are all working together but nobody realizes.»

2 days ago, on Saturday, 21.04. 2018 we were at the New Town Hall in Linz and again experienced a rich day with Christina and a great audience. Despite the wonderful, summer-like spring weather, the participants showed up in large numbers. A large number of children and young people were among the guests. Beautiful!

Once again Christina was able to address and deepen a wide range of topics in a free flow. And as usual, I’ll try to pick out some raisins for you from the wide range of what Christina has been saying.

** Seminars and Change**

Christina: "It is often the case that people register for a seminar, sit down on a chair and expect to walk out and be enlightened. Even if that occasionally were to happen, it has nothing to do with the speaker. Seminars provide impulses. The fact that the impulse leads to change in a person has only to do with the person him/herself.

We can absorb knowledge in the mind or in the heart. We can not effect such a change in a seminar, because it is a process.

It is a process that has to do with us beginning to deal with situations in a different way . When person A is sending you angry energies, it won’t help anyone if you send them back angry energies. Instead we can send unconditional love to that person. This quality of love is not tied to conditions. In our society that is difficult because everything is linked to conditions.

So if someone is sitting in a dark cave and there is no light, the person does not know how to get out. If we are now sending unconditional love to the person, it will be like a ray of light that can show the way out. But the person must welcome it. The process of acceptance allows the person to find the way out. That it “clicks” within us: We do that only ourselves, no one else. There was just an impulse and we followed it.

** Question from the audience: **

“I am trying to live unconditional love in my life, but the principle of resonance principle does not always work. It often happens to me that I am being used. How do I deal with this?”

Christina : "The other person can see the light, but cannot embrace it. That’s up to that person But you can change your attitude and send unconditional love. This has a training quality. You have the chance to train unconditional love. We LIVE something only when we have trained it often enough, then it moves from day consciousness into the subconscious.

Our true nature is this unconditional love. But this is overlaid by beliefs and patterns. It takes repetitive training to disintegrate the things that are preventing us from reconnecting with our true nature.

So if the same things and situations keep reoccurring in your life, it gives you the chance to practice a specific thing.

If we yearn for change, we have the responsibility to make a difference. When we notice that something is not going well in the world, then we are the first and only ones who are able to do about it.

We expect that so often politicians will change things. But the change must come from us. It’s about embodying that change. We shouldn’t forget that we’re constantly in the process of changing the world. This seems to be unremarkable or not visible. If you look at the mass media, you surely don’t remark change. For they do not report on it and do not spread the positive news. It is in our responsibility to spread the good.

We also need the full picture. You cannot see the good things if you only get the information from the newscast. We are accountable for the information that we gather. Because wherever our attention is directed, that is where our energy is going.

Anyone who is physically or energetically doing something is making the groundwork for people who are yet to come.

That is why the gratitude is not limited to those who are still to come, but to those who are here now andto all those who have already been here.

All those who were here decades and centuries ago and have lived a spiritual life have done this because they wanted to, not because someone told them to do so.

The more people raise consciousness, the more it is stored in the soul of mankind. The larger that point becomes, the more easily it becomes for many others to have access to it.

So if we are increasingly engaged in spiritual things, the easier it will be for others to make the same step. Thus everything remains stored in the soul of mankind, for it never forgets anything.

Those who raise their vibrations are not only serving themselves, but all others as well.


The exciting thing is: Finding happiness is very easy if we change the perspective on what we call happiness. Then it can become very easy to be thankful for what is already there and to become aware of the wonders of nature. We can look for miracles where they are, which is everywhere.


The heart is trust. Trust comes from the heart and then there are no fears and worries and we are in a kind of primordial trust. The heart is the connection with our soul and the soul is divine. Therefore the heart is the connection to the divine.

Question: " Is World War III coming? «

That depends on us. If we wake up and begin to understand this sandbox game… politicians in general cannot do anything without us supporting it.

It’s the same with everything, whether it’s war or a personal dispute: it only happens because we allow it to happen. It is always WE who allow it. In the end, it looks as if a politician is making a difference, but WE are making it possible.

That is our responsibility.

How bizarre, martial or gentle the transition will be is in our hands. Those who are fighting the war are not politicians, but members of the population. This is no longer possible as soon as humanity awakens.


The more you are grounded, the higher you will come out above ( in the spiritual) again. This is like a trampoline. We have slipped deep into amnesia, so we can awaken very quickly.

We are entering more and more into the new energy. It is joy and lightness. That is why it is important to follow joy and live it.

It’s about discovering that we’re interconnected. We need each other and no one is changing the world on his own.

Faith can move mountains, but we are limiting ourselves. We may understand that our thoughts are determining our reality.

Only where we recognize something can we also make a difference. To change you need the intention, the faith and the trust that it is possible."

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