One-day seminar St. Gallen 29.04.2018

Published 02. May 2018

Nicola Good

It is not possible for me to describe this day in its full scope, as I cannot fully grasp it.

In the course of this seminar, which, as always, was full of diverse topics, such as: The own responsibility in learning processes, soul tasks and soul plans, the connection between state of consciousness and vibrational frequency, the lightness and joy as heart qualities, the meaning of positive emotions and so much more, an energetic fabric was developed that made possible what happened in the last 45 minutes of this seminar:

I perceived how Christina’s true being, the one from far behind everything that is visible to us or that can be caught with our 3D senses, was more present in the room than ever before. Like the final bouquet of fireworks, the quintessence of why Christina is present on this planet unfolded.

Immediately afterwards, Christina, who also felt the peculiarity of this moment, full of heartfelt joy and a deep feeling of happiness, formulated it like this herself:

"That’s exactly what I want to convey: I want to show people how they can deal constructively with the Unlight with unconditional love. That’s the real reason I came here!

And I want to give people hope and show them what their true greatness is!"

It is not possible to put into words what had happened on the energetic Level in that very moment.
To say it in Antoine de Saint Exuperys words: “One can only see well with one’s heart”.

Or, to say it again in Christina’s words:

“When we go to higher levels, we suddenly feel a connection with everything, even this table here. We are then in dimensions where German language ends, not because Chinese is spoken there, but because earthly words cannot express this”.

Now some selected statements by Christina on this day:

“We are multidimensional beings. We have forgotten this, but we have not lost it.”

"Change only happens when we as a mass of people are living things. It is often the case that spirituality is already in the mind, but not yet in the heart. If it’s in the heart, we live it.

Energetically, everything we speak, feel, etc. is stored in the soul of mankind. Because we are subconsciously connected to the soul of mankind, even if we don’t even notice it, we can suddenly get an impulse that was put into the field by someone else.

That is why there are people who invent things almost simultaneously, regardless of location or time.

In this way, something can happen globally and begin to manifest itself in several places at the same time. The more people do the same thing, the more weight it gets and eventually becomes a self-runner.

Humans should see what they have achieved within a few decades. It’s not common to wake up so quickly.

We should change perspective and see what’s going on the way we want it to be. We should not always just look at what is not going the way we would like it to be. For where our thoughts go, our energy will flow."

"When new things are born, they flow in parallel with the old ones for a while. You don’t have to fight the old. It will automatically go away when it is no longer current. You don’t have to use force to make a change.

It’s like a river, it always flows. Even if new water flows into the river, the old and the new water do not quarrel. It flows on together. Our society should also become such a river."

“Lightness, joy or being in the heart: It seems to me as if this still has to be introduced into society. Just trust and be in the flow…then you are already on your way through life.”

"The more we live love, the more it vaporizes the mist between the conscious and the subconscious. Then more and more our original essence comes to light: this is unconditional love.

But this cannot happen suddenly, because it would be a total overload of information if wewould all at sudden perceive everything that is perceptible. I think that will be the case eventually, but this is a step-by-step process so that one can gradually adapt."

"The base of everything is that we are in our hearts. When we are in the heart we can join in the flow of life. If we’re too rational, it won’t work out so well.

From the heart we are spontaneous and just try out…``‘What feels right?’’ and not, “What looks right?”

When we enter this kind of spontaneity, our soul expresses itself through us, also through our body. And then our vibration increases automatically. You can’t force an increase in vibration, it just happens. If we
You can’t force an increase in vibration, it just happens. When we get more and more into the heart energy, then the consciousness will change and the vibration will increase at the same time and we often don’t even notice it.

But after a while we notice that we do have another perspective. A change of perspective is a change in consciousness and a change in consciousness causes an increase in vibration.

These processes are continuously happening, because there is no “non-learning”. Because learning never ends, not even in 5D. We don’t stop and say: “I don’t have to learn anymore”.

The more we engage with something, the more we focus on it and the more we immerse ourselves into the energetic field of that issue. Then change and development will happen.

Truth is always relative. It always undergoes change as we evolve. It is constantly evolving."

"The best thing to do is to send unconditional love to where we want change. Humor or love have a transformative power. It’s like sending golden clouds into the dark. This is the purpose of love, because it also implies that every being in this world gets the chance again and again to turn to the positive and to transform him/herself.

If you encounter situations over and over again, then these are learning tasks. We also have learning tasks as a humanity. Love and positive emotions are that which is able to resolve situations. We may as well stop just talking about it, because we are adults and we should apply it.

Real love has no conditions. Love also works when no love comes back from the other side. To be in the heart is the base for everything. And also that we do things together, that we are a team, that we are in contact with each other.

The future society should be such that everyone is at the very place to which he or she belongs from his or her soul and that we all still form a unity.

Unconditional love is when we no longer ask ourselves whether or not we should send love to someone. When we embody something, we don’t have to ask ourselves that anymore."


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