One-day seminar Wattwil

Published 06. January 2018

Nicola Good

Another one-day seminar with Christina is just behind us. It was the biggest all-day event so far, with over 370 participants. Unfortunately, we had to turn down many of those interested, due to lack of space. We hope it will work out for all of you next time and we would like to thank all our guests who took part in today‘s event. Further event dates will be added soon.

** Here is a small selection of Christina’s statements:**

“People believe that they receive information via television, newspapers and the Internet. That’s all right. But they should not simply be consumers. Take, for example, the news: this is a program that people simply believe. There is no barrier between viewing and accepting. It’s about extending our truth. There are other ways of gaining information."

“Akashic Records: Everything that is happening right now on earth is recorded. It’s like a historical Wikipedia. You just need certain keys to gain access."

“Access to information depends on vibration frequency. We have access to everything that corresponds to or is below our own vibration. The higher your vibration frequency, the more information you receive.”

“Spiritual channels:
If you know something, but you don’t know why, that I consider to be the most clear and direct knowledge.”

He created all that is - so that means that he already knows a lot more than we do."

“Sympathy and antipathy is perceived through Clairvoyance. It happens instantly. We don’t stand in front of someone for ten minutes before making a decision. It happens via our Aura. It’s like our garden. The more elements we have in common with another person, the more we like that person. It’s a telepathic process and we do it the whole time. We just don’t realize it.”

“I always find it an honour, a pleasure to be here as a human being. Physically here. This is fascinating, because not everyone is physically AND spiritually here at the same time. The fact that we are physical is special. The fine-material is everywhere. And we are not cut off from the spiritual, just because we are physical.”

Spirit team:
“The ‘standard equipment’ is: spirit guide, guardian angel and runner. Spirit Guides are behind you and are kind of like Google: They give you answers and they know more about you than you do yourself. So it is Google in a positive sense.

Guardian angels are also behind you. They take care of you. But, if your soul has chosen to die at a specific time, they are not allowed to interfere. They are not allowed to interfere with the plan you’ve set for yourself.

The runners are in front of you and you may send them into the future to sort things out. Arrange a parking space clear traffic jams, ensure safety etc.

Most of the time, these three remain the same throughout your entire incarnation. But, if your life changes, it is possible that your Spirit Guide will also change. So Google must then update itself, so to speak."

A participant asks if she can send her runners out for someone else.

Christina says, “Yes, but you have to ask that person’s permission. But everyone has their own runners. The best thing to do is to tell the person about them so that they can mobilize them. If the person can’t speak (sick person, baby…) then you can speak to their soul.”

Question: “Do animals also have spirit guides?”

“Yes, there is nothing that is not accompanied. Nothing is without guidance.”

"Animals are partially more conscious than we are. For example, cats: they leave their bodies while sleeping, walk around, come back and remember everything.

We humans go out, walk around, come back and don’t remember anything."

Christina answers questions from the audience regarding contact and communication with the Spirit Guides, and with the deceased, saying that our vibration has to be equal to theirs, so that it’s a matter of increasing our vibration.

A listener mentions that we are surrounded by harmful substances, radio frequencies, fluorine in toothpaste etc. and asks if we can get rid of these problems by increasing our vibration.

Christina’s answer: “An increasing vibration frequency is like the sun rising out of the fog. The increased vibration is the sun.”

“Consciousness is fascinating: If you focus on something, everything else just disappears.”

“Problems can be perceived as a gift for promoting the ability to love.”

“Gratitude increases our vibration. In some way it is a form of love.”

“When we increase our vibration we simultaneously help others who have yet to do so.”

“The exciting thing about love is that when we have developed it, we are exactly where we once used to be. We are light and light is love. That’s what we are.”

“Ageing isn’t really natural. It’s just a program in our brain. We don’t realize that at all. It’s so deeply programmed. These programs collectively disintegrate once enough people have simply shaken them off.”

“The earthly body doesn`t tell us anything about the age of the soul. That’s why adults can also learn from children."

We have a physical body and this is not by chance nor is it surprising. It’s important to be grounded. This means, for example, to be completely incarnated in your body. It is helpful to move a lot outside in the fresh air, to consciously walk barefoot, to use crystals, to work with your hands or to connect with the heart of the earth."

Question: “Why do some souls come here with more energy potential and others with less?”
Christina: “Your transformation power changes according to the experiences of your soul. It only depends on the orientation of your consciousness. It is as different as dropping a stone from one kilometre into a lake or from one metre.”

“Everything that lives is capable of communication, but is not necessarily communicative.”
"Today’s school is, in my view, an attempt to turn every child’s head in the same direction. Then they all think alike. What we learn in school shapes our world view. But in this way, no change occurs or only slowly.

There is still room for improvement in our schools.

Schools should be changing constantly and adapting. But they don’t do that at all or not sufficiently.”

“We can resolve everything if we increase our vibration. That’s the advantage of being divine beings. To say that human beings are here and God is there, makes no sense. You can’t separate two things that belong together.”

"Question: “How important is it to know something about past lives?”

Christina answers, “There are two groups of people: Some simply enjoy exploring it. The others want to resolve something from a past life. But everything that hasn’t been resolved in a past life will manifest in your present life. You don’t have to go back.”

Question: “How can we adapt to the transition taking place, individually and collectively?”
Christina says, "We just have to remember that we are divine beings. This can be seen in the individual himself, in his frequency, but also in humanity as a whole.

We then realise that not only do we humans have a right to live, but also the animals. Or else we realise that we don’t need war and that things can be resolved peacefully. We begin to realise who we are. This knowledge has become more public.

Those who still live in the old energy feel, unconsciously, that something is changing. They would like the energy (frequency) to remain low. This can give rise to existential fears or even terrorist attacks.

In earlier times, the human body was always left behind and only the consciousness ascended. Now the human body ascends too. That’s why the DNA is changing. All those who are here now were eager to participate.

If we manage this, it’ll be like a revolution in the universe. It will install a new ascent variant.
The goal is not for things to end in violence, but for humanity to learn unconditional love.

This has never been done before. This is the fascinating thing about being human. It doesn’t just depend on one individual, but on the collective. Every individual has a very specific characteristic. Everyone who increases their vibration does so for the collective.

Everything in the divine plan is meaningful. Even the dark. We wanted to play the game of forgetting. We need someone to help us remember. This is the function of the dark."

“Question: At which point in the transitional process are we at the moment?”

Christina: “The earth is increasing its vibration and so are we as humanity. The vibration has already increased, but the physical plane has not yet reached its lowest point. Physical events always lag behind subtle ones."

“There are dark beings who want to stay where they are. But there are some who want to get out but can’t. We should send unconditional love to them, it will help them.”

“The Divine is everywhere, even in the unlight.”

“We all work together, but no one notices”

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