One-day seminar in Wil 08/02/2020

Published 12. February 2020

Coco Tache, Nicola Good

It was the first time in almost a year that Christina gave another seminar. The atmosphere was cheerful, harmonious and joyful. And all the time Christina was talking, you could have heard a pin drop.

About consciousness in Latin America & Europe

"I’ve been to South America and Vietnam and it’s difficult to form an idea of our world if we only know our own region. I realised how privileged we are to live here in the way we do, something we take for granted. And we in this country have a responsibility towards other countries, because not all countries can develop in the same way as we can, due to the fact that their basic conditions are quite different. We have no war, we have water, and we have prosperity. These are very favourable conditions if we want to open our consciousness to higher levels. "

Becoming a beacon

"When we act from a light-filled consciousness, we become like a beacon, an example for others. In South America, people have more earthly energy, but their consciousness of higher levels is much more closed. As we were standing in line at the gate on the return flight from Madrid to Zurich, we noticed that, even if not everyone was “awake” and many might even think that there’s only one life and it has no meaning, you could look at them and feel that their consciousness was already more open. The entire spiritual wealth that we have here in the West from our ancestors, also gives us a kind of basis. We need human beings who send certain things into the field, and it’s no coincidence that countries that are prosperous are opening up to greater consciousness. If we’re focused on survival, we don’t have time for this. This is because we do what’s at the top of our priority list first.
One of the reasons we’re doing so well is because we have the time and space for it. But this is something we don’t think much about. "

Trusting in nature

"What we also noticed is that the elemental beings in South America have many more places where they can live than they do here. They can still spread out there. Many of the forests in Switzerland look like Mikado sticks. The favourite phrase of foresters is “forest rejuvenation”. That means that all the old big trees get taken out. But we and the forest need these trees in particular. Nature doesn’t create things without reason. We can trust her. She knows what she needs. She has the blueprint and lets the forest grow like it does. And we think, because we believe we know and understand something about it, that we know how to do it better than she does.

The Earth is a living being, she knows exactly what we’re doing here and she has consciousness. That means she must love us very much, in spite of everything we do to her. The Earth is convinced that we’ll learn and do things differently - and understand that things can’t go on as before. Nobody can teach us that either. The switch will only flip when we understand this deep within ourselves and when we want to understand it. We only understand the things we want to understand. "

Our consciousness is like a filter

"Our consciousness is like a filter, we don’t perceive everything, only a small part. If we believe that something isn’t possible, we create in a filter that doesn’t allow anything else to pass through. The change begins with us. There is no other way.

We’ve heard it 100,000 times already, and the reason why we’ll hear it 100,000 times more in the coming years is that if we haven’t understood something it has to be repeated again and again.
This is because we can’t learn anything more while we’re sleep. If we want a better world but at the same time carry on as we are, in our consciousness, it’s not going to happen. And if those on higher levels see that humanity is still blocked, they’ll keep sending souls to tell us exactly the same thing. Not to bore us, but because they know it’s necessary - because otherwise the next step is not going to work. »

Our free will

“There are things in our world that only have power over us because we accept them as true. These things then influence us. It’s our free will to let this happen. Our will can decide whether we are influenced by certain things or not. That’s why it’s so important to know what we want or don’t want.”

Programs are like wrapping paper

"Programs are like wrapping paper. They come in several colours. And in many layers. It’s like Christmas. Only you can guess what’s inside… as we get rid of these programs one by one, we long more and more to be who we really are deep inside. The best way to dissolve programs is to start doing it. "

A common orientation

"I believe that there are a lot people who have been here for many decades who went through a time in which they still felt completely alone with their consciousness. This was a time when this kind of consciousness was not yet widely spread and it wasn’t possible to talk about it so openly. These people then had the feeling that they weren’t understood and that there was something wrong with them. That’s the case with a lot of people - with me, the people in the room, the people in South America.

What counts is common orientation. It has significance when so many people with the same orientation come together - for the higher levels as well. If hundreds of people want the same thing, the higher levels have a much better chance of helping us because they’re given permission to do so. By coming here to this day-seminar, you’re also helping all of humanity, because it has to do with our common orientation. All the things you see out there are a manifestation of the orientation of the collective. If the education system was oriented towards the child, everything would start to change tomorrow, because the orientation of the majority of the people changes the collective. »


“Why do elemental beings need a place that’s not accessible to human beings?”

"This has to do with the fact that, with our consciousness the way it is now, the elemental beings know that they have to go - because thousands of millions of human beings think there is no such thing and because we do with nature what we feel is right. Our consciousness and the actions resulting from it are what make the elemental beings retreat - because in places where many people live, there’s often no awareness of elemental beings. "

The Earth’s energy system

"The Earth as a whole also has an energy system… she not only has energy vortexes, she also has a kundalini, like every human being, and years ago the surface point of the Earth’s kundalini migrated from Tibet and has now reached the Andes in South America She’s also already gone through a process of transformation, because she’s preparing for the new energy. Certain energy points then also change - as they do in us human beings. Our energy system, our chakras, also change with a change in consciousness. It’s the same with Earth. And through her change she gives us more opportunities to develop.

You may also have noticed that much more energy is coming from the cosmos lately. That help’s us too. We’re not alone with the energy that we have here, but for someone from the subtle worlds to be able to help us requires permission from us and we must also want this development, because if we’re not open to this change, nothing will work."


“Karma” is a term we know from the East. Most people think that if they have an accident, that’s bad karma. I just want to say that the simple fact is that what I send out comes back to me. No more, no less. There is no being that comes and says you’ve done something bad and you have to make up for it. This is the nature of the universe. A law. What I send out comes back. If an accident happens, it may also be because we want to learn something or teach something to others, or because we want to transform something. Even though we may not be enjoying it right now. "

Spirituality is not a race

"Spirituality is not a race, and there are no levels. Consciousness is not going to be achieved during a seminar and, in most cases, enlightenment probably not either. Seminars can give impulses, but the step taken that allows the penny to drop is yours. It drops the moment you recognise a possibility and your will no longer tells you that it can’t be done. And if you define enlightenment as being a state in which everything has been completed and you are not allowed to learn anything more, let me tell you that you will continue to learn, on all levels, including the 5th dimension and beyond. The point of life is not to be unable to learn anything more at the end of it. It’s about development and about what we want to spend our lives doing. "


"Most people wear masks - simply because they believe that in their job they have to be like this or like that and be dressed in a particular way. We think we have to meet certain criteria in order to play our role. But it’s enough if we’re happy with it ourselves and do no harm to anyone else. "

Expansion of consciousness

"Consciousness expansion happens automatically, but it doesn’t fall out of the sky overnight either, because we’ve been asleep for thousands of years. Nor can we expect the wrapping paper to simply fall off us. I like wrapping paper, and it’s also important that we don’t take everything so seriously, that we take things with humour too, and also open our consciousness to small things, quietly, without fireworks. "

“We are all divine beings who are experiencing being human,
and not human beings who are becoming divine.
We all come from the Source and have all taken different paths.
Does every being have a divine spark?
Of course - there are no beings that don’t have a divine spark.
But, naturally, there are also human beings that you might think don’t.”

"But if that’s the case, the point is to understand how many and what kind of programs were formed around them. Even people who are in the dark have a divine spark, although they would deny it themselves. The reason why there is unlight and war has to do with the fact that these people are traumatised. "

Cut off from the heart

"Our heart is where we feel compassion and empathy, and when people close their hearts due to grief, for example, and if they’re trained, like in the military, to believe that it makes sense to kill others, they do so because they’ve lost access to their hearts. That is why it’s possible to say that the unlight is essentially just traumatised. And since they’re cut off from their heart, these beings automatically want to replace what they’ve lost. And since love is not an option, they choose power, and with it they want to dominate others. But it’s nothing more than trying to filling a gap. The more we cut ourselves off from our heart, the more we need replacement programs. "

Replacement programs

"It’s the same with young people at school who no longer have access to what they really want. Because they no longer perceive their own guidance, they look for orientation outside, on the internet, on television or in other people. Their parents tell them that they have to find a job where they can earn a lot of money, and since they don’t have access to themselves, they look to others to tell them what they want to do, without taking their own abilities and whether it’s what they really want to do or not into account. "

Being deadened

"Right now, the Earth wants to wake us up. When I walk through the forest where there’s a forest rejuvenation programme, I hear the trees screaming. They scream because we’ve lost our empathy. We’ve deadened ourselves. This is also a survival mechanism.

Take a child who doesn’t want to eat meat…most children would never want to harm or kill a living being of their own volition. But if its parents think it should eat meat, then the child has to deaden itself. It has to close itself off somewhere. And when these children close off at an early age, they no longer reflect, they just absorb. They actually can’t reflect at that age."


"The more people wake up, the more they send this “awakening” with increasing strength into the field, because we’re all connected in this field, at least unconsciously. And when this “awakening” in the field increases then there is no other way - more and more people will jump on the wave because the preparatory work has already been done.
Working on oneself is a service to all humanity, even if we feel separated on the physical level.

If we watch the news, we only see negative things. This focuses people on the things that are not going well anyway, and that’s what we then send into field.

That’s why it’s so important to think carefully about what kind of information we look at and what we occupy ourselves with, because we send what we focus on into the field all the time. It’s therefore a good idea to surround ourselves with people who do us good and in whose company we notice that we don’t lose energy. "

Convincing others

"You can’t do it… You can’t get your environment to do something it’s not open to doing, and you can’t convince people around you. If someone is simply “closed”, it’s a waste of energy, and we’re not there to convince someone if they don’t want to be convinced, even if we have realised something ourselves. "
When is someone spiritual?

"Spirituality is nested. It’s our life, and we’re invited to keep reminding ourselves of the fact. No more, no less. We’ve been on this path since we were born. Our whole life is spiritual. We have always been spiritual. There is no moment when you become spiritual. "

Crossing the red line

"I think it’s important not to take the whole thing too seriously - it’s not a race - and to know that we’ll wake up sometime, even those who are still asleep now. The question is when… we’re not responsible for others. But we can inspire them. It’s about crossing the red line. Imagine that there are 100 people in a square where there’s a red line, and that if they cross that line, they’ll suddenly become completely themselves.

Some people would like to do it, but they say they can’t because they don’t have the time or don’t know how to start, because they think their work doesn’t allow them to do so and they worry about what their children would think. And everyone who says they can’t, passes this idea on to the next person. And if things go on like this, nothing will change in 100 years.
But if someone says: “I’ll just give it a go,” they can always stop again if they want to. No one’s forcing us to be ourselves. If you don’t like it you can always put your masks back on again"


How do you notice when your mind has lost it’s power and your heart has taken the lead completely. "
“It’s an important question, but that’s not the goal… it’s not a question of losing our minds. We need both, because the mind organises things. If it didn’t exist, this seminar wouldn’t be happenng today either, because someone has to structure and organise it, because there are time schedules. The question is: when do we need what? It’s about developing a sense of discernment about when what is appropriate and finding the balance.”


“This has to do with the expansion of our consciousness. It’s all about balance. It’s not about just one thing, or about just something else, irrespective of what that might be. There are things that are great, but if we have too much of them, they harm us. And the question about the heart and the mind is an example of exactly that. It’s like a pair of scales. The ultimate goal is for them to be balanced. It’s the same when it comes to character qualities. It’s all about balance. When we use what where and how. "

Trusting your feeling

"For some things we can just have a feeling, but that can also be the answer. You don’t have to see it and you don’t have to hear it. And you should learn to trust this feeling. Even if you think it doesn’t make sense because it seems rather odd.

We were once at an airport in London, and had a connecting flight from another airport and went to the bus stop. On impulse, I felt that we should actually take a taxi. And when we were on the bus, the bus driver didn’t know where to go, couldn’t find the airport at first, and we missed the flight. If you perceive something and have an impulse, act accordingly: nothing bad can really happen. Our guardian angels often can do no more than give us a feeling that we should or shouldn’t do something. The more we wake up, the more permeable and the less dense we are, and the more we can receive. "

"What can you do to communicate more easily with animals?”
"It’s similar to how we communicate with our spiritual team. We do that through telepathy. It’s easier for people who already have a connection to their animals. If we then establish a connection with the animal, we automatically have an idea of what the answer must be. Every human being has a different sense with which they can perceive well.
We then expect to see a picture or hear a voice - and don’t realise we’re already connected, because of the expectation.

If we’re completely in our mind, this isn’t possible, but in our heart we’re automatically in a space into which this consciousness can come. We can also let go of control. "


"The world as it is now can only exist because many people still want more and more money and don’t use money for good things. Money is neutral. It’s only when we as human beings get hold of this money that we decide what it’s to be used for… It’s not that everywhere where there’s money it’s bad. We simply have to learn that we have a responsibility and learn to use it wisely. "

How old is our soul?

"On the level on which we exist as souls, there is no time in the way we know it. That means it has nothing to do with age, and that there are no different ages, only different degrees of maturity. Souls are at different stages with regard to what they have known and learned.
Of course, you could say that a soul has already incarnated so and so many times… But first of all, it’s not important for us to know that, and secondly, we don’t know what that means. And where the souls are, there’s nothing comparable to age. There are only souls who have already understood a lot of things. After all, souls don’t age like we humans do. It’s simply another level that can’t be compared to ours here.

When we’re in the spiritual world as a soul, we still know what we’ve learned in the life we left. We take this with us, which also means that, if we develop further in this incarnation, it’s not only something for this life here, but that we take it back with us. "


"Peace in general has to do with each and every one of us. It’s important that we focus on peace. This is because what we focus on shows the higher levels what we’re willing to tolerate and what not. And when the helpers on the higher levels see that there are a great number of people who don’t want wars, they have much greater possibilities to stop them. This is because they’re not allowed to override our free will. "

bold text

“Grounding means that our soul is in our body. It also means that we can physically manifest the things we have in our consciousness. Through being grounded, we can manifest these things down into the physical, because we’re then connected to our planet and our energy flow is directed to this planet, which means we can manifest things, otherwise they just stay in the spiritual. "

Small and quiet
"The important things are often not at all loud. I think it’s good to remember that there are things that are important, that are quite inconspicuous. But we’ve forgotten to listen to the fine, small things. That’s also important. The small will become something big, but we no longer really listen to the small things. A time is now coming when we need to learn to listen to things that are small and quiet once more. That’s something that’s missing in this world and balance can only be restored in this way. By doing this, we will also reopen something in us that was closed until now. It’s about once more developing a perception, an awareness, for things that are tender.

Music is also “only” vibration and this vibration can always transport something. The question is what significance this music has for the people who listen to it. True music consists of sacred geometries; it’s not just noise, like some kinds of pop music. It reminds us of what is within us, of what we are, and every piece of music transports something. Some pieces transport something meaningful, others not. "

A great many lights

"Whenever a large number of people come together and help to anchor the light, this also has an influence on the place and always has a much greater effect than we can imagine.
The things we see in the physical have always started in the fine-material. That’s why a lot of light is needed in the subtle world, and that’s why each one of us is here - because each one of us helps to bring light. It’s not only through the work we do on ourselves - through being more and more who we really are deep inside - that this happens.

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