One-day seminar in Winterthur 10/03/2018

Published 11. March 2018

Nicola Good

Yesterday there was another wonderful seminar with Christina in Winterthur with almost 500 guests.

As always, the arc spanned a wide range of themes. This time it began with trusting in oneself and led on to our expectations and belief patterns - which we’re allowed to break through, one method being ‘self-surprise’, as Christina called it. She got started immediately and - after a few explanations, saying that seminars should not be like school, but should also include mutual learning - stepped down from the stage without further ado, together with moderator Emmanuel, leaving the audience for a while to the ‘experiment of self-organisation’. (Quote from Christina: “Self-organisation is like a traffic roundabout: there’s a car in every access road. They don’t all just start off at the same time.”) This was followed by 30 minutes of enthusiastic and interesting comments from the audience, which had suddenly had to change from receiving, consuming mode to action mode. Christina’s conclusion afterwards: “This has now shown what it’s like to understand something in your head but not yet be able to put it into practice.” And so, in the afternoon, the range of themes logically took us on to the things that help to promote the ability to implement: to our trust and self-responsibility, to dissolving patterns and imprints, to how we can increase our vibration/frequency, to retrieving soul parts, to the role that our spirit guides and helpers play in our lives, through to the great importance of good grounding. Deeply moving were, above all, the philosophical explanations about the recognition of miracles and the beauty of the human being through to cell.

Here are a few excerpts from Christina’s explanations.

“Your heart is always connected to the Source. You only need to be aware of this connection and the trust that it’s that easy. We don’t re-connecting. We just revitalise this connection. It has to do with the trust you have in yourself.”

“We’ve all learned that development is hard work and that it takes a long time. Maybe our beliefs tell us that: ‘to be effective, something has to be difficult, take a long time and be expensive.’ People can allow the thought to arise in their lives: ‘Lightness and ease is allowed to exist in my life, everywhere’.”

“Faith can move mountains. And real faith together with love can do anything.”

Question from the audience: “In what situations can I call on my guide or guardian angel?”

Christina: “You can always call on them, whenever you want, they’re really very kind! Imagine, for example, that you’ve reached the age of 80 and these beings have been with you the whole time…they must really like you!”

"The vibration we have is always and at any time solely dependent on ourselves and not on our environment. Our physical environment only gives us triggers. Depending on our links (beliefs, patterns), these trigger different things.

A lot of links are already really old. They may come from our ancestors. If you have such links from your grandparents, they’re mostly in your subconscious. There are only a few in your day consciousness. You may be wondering: how do I access this subconscious?

Just imagine a cake, which we eat layer by layer. We eat the top layer, then the next layer. With each layer, something new comes into our day consciousness."

“Real development is only possible if we include the qualities we have lost. In our society, these are, above all, the qualities of the heart.”

"Someone who’s daydreaming or ‘not available’ isn’t fully grounded. Their soul may be dancing around about 2 or 3 metres above their head. If someone daydreams, they’re never completely present on this plane. It’s partly also an escape if you don’t get on well in the present society. Many people think they’re in their body but often their soul isn’t fully there.

Reasons for the soul not being grounded can also be traumas or shocks.

There comes a point where further development is only possible if you are fully grounded. You must be grounded to jump high."

“Spirituality is not about ignoring the physical body. It’s not a punishment - it’s cool! We can only experience individuality at all through the physical body. This is the fascinating thing about being human. You can go out at the top and be connected and then you can get back into the body and be individual. That’s great!”

**"If your soul is not completely in your body, you can **
1.) manifest nothing on the earthly plane,
2.) not see much of what there is to see.

If you’re grounded enough, things start opening up."

How can I ground myself?

  • move
  • walk barefoot consciously
  • use the frequency of crystals
  • connect with the heart of the earth
  • do chakra work with the lower chakras, e.g. with the root chakra or the earth star
  • transform belief patterns that prevent grounding
    -work with your hands

"If you are grounded and have developed this sensitivity, the genius of the body becomes apparent: you can communicate with all your organs and all your cells! You can gather information from others because you’re constantly in communication with all other cells. We just have to remember that we have cell communication.
When we’re grounded enough, we dock onto the being of our body.

This being couldn’t be happier! If we acknowledge that we are human, if we value ourselves together with our body, then we are connected to all those things that lie deep within our cells. That’s genius. You can communicate with your body being as a whole or with individual parts.

Our cells constantly receive information from all the other people around the world. The cells have much greater potential than we think.

All our physical actions have an impact on our world. If we don’t want war any more, but we still have war within us, that can’t work.

We constantly affect the over-soul of humanity, thus also the people who live in Australia, for example.

If someone is the first to do something, then a new possibility arises in the over-soul of humanity."

"Your body being is not just a sack you carry around with you.

It consists of these cells that have so much potential. It’s just amazing!

If people ignore their body being for a long time then it might withdraw from them and it can take a while until it opens up again and trust is restored. Only when this docking on has taken place between soul and body, does body life begin.

Improving life on earth has a lot to do with loving yourself - with your character, your body, with everything.

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