One-day seminar in Zurich 03/02/2018

Published 05. February 2018

Nicola Good

On 03/02/2017, we had the opportunity to take part in another one-day seminar with Christina. With 170 participants, the Blaue Saal (Blue Hall) of the Volkshaus was full. In response to the great interest shown, we have reserved larger venues for the upcoming events.

Once again, the range of topics was wide, but this time there was a clear focus on spirit guides and spirit teams. Christina referred again and again to the corresponding slide showing the formation of the spirit team, and, as she remarked, this has never been such a strong point of focus in any other seminar.

“My seminars are always spontaneous, that’s why we do a kind of ‘planless’ seminar. Spontaneity is the balance between our heart and our mind.”

And further: “We don’t have a plan: in a minute, I’ll think that and that. Thoughts are always there spontaneously, the supply is really big enough, we never run out. The spontaneous comes from the subtle level.

We never lose our multidimensional being.

We’ve all been telepathically gifted since we were small. A lot of things run over these channels, we just don’t notice it."

The spirit team, she says, consists of the ‘standard equipment’, which is composed of: spirit guide, guardian angel and ‘runner’. There is also additional equipment, for example, light healer, knight, field holder etc.

The following are some of her statements on this subject.

"Spirit guides are people who were formerly incarnated. They are souls of those who have died. They know how things are on Earth. To become a spirit guide, you need qualifications and special fields, as it were. Those familiar with certain special areas can become spirit guides for incarnating souls that have these themes in their soul plan.

The number of spirit guides someone has can change. That’s not laid down in a contract.

But, if your life themes change, it is possible for your spirit guide to also change. You then submit the termination, so to speak. It’s not like it is with us humans. We often work and don’t enjoy it. Spirit guides only do things they’re convinced of. That’s why they’re so motivated."

Question from the audience: My feeling is that I also have spirit guides who were not incarnated on earth?"

Christina: "There are extra-terrestrials on the physical and subtle level. You can have spirit guides from all levels. They can even be animals. We humans also don’t come exclusively from the earth.

If an alien comes to the earth now, what is it? Human being, immigrant, refugee? The earth is a multicultural centre. We’re not the original inhabitants of the earth. There’s such a thing as galactic tourism. That’s perfectly normal.

Actually, we are surrounded in every area of life by beings we’ve already had something to do with in other incarnations, even non-terrestrial ones. Even within our families or at work."
"Our spirit team consists of those who organise things ‘behind our backs’, so to speak. If, before this incarnation, we decided to meet someone in particular among these soon to be 8 billion people, for example, but we’ve forgotten about it, it would be extremely difficult without the help of our spirit team.

So an application to become a spirit guide would have to be marked ‘Organising talent’."

"Communication with one’s spirit team also has to do with habit. No complicated technology is required. But somehow it’s like technology: Once you figure out how to do it, it works.

I have to transmit and receive on the same frequency as my spirit guide.

A lot of people wonder why they don’t get an answer. If my spirit guide’s vibration is higher than mine, an answer may come, but it only goes into my subconscious and not into my day consciousness. This is because we only perceive what vibrates at a frequency equal to or lower than our own. That’s why the central issue is: increase your frequency.

In order to reconnect the subconscious with the day consciousness, an increase in vibration is needed. Then, information goes directly into the day consciousness.

Mutual communication instead of one-way communication only works if we are in synchronous vibration. Communication between people is also the same. Although I speak German, it might sound like Chinese to someone else."

"Some people find it easier to first make contact with a physical object because the physical is closer to them, and to talk to their spirit guide via that object. You can communicate much more easily with things you have a close relationship to (cell phone, crystals, something you always have with you, etc…) because you already know this frequency.

It is also important to formulate clearly when communicating. For example, when I say to a person: “Can I have that glass of water?” the person gives me the glass. "The subtle beings say: ‘Yes, you can have the glass.’ - Nothing else… You only asked if you could have it.

Question of a listener: Is prayer an effective way of making the connection?

Christina: "Anything that helps you make that connection is effective. If that way suits your mind, then that’s right.

We can imagine connecting directly with the Creator/Original Source. From our heart, a ray of light goes to the Creator and from the Creator a pillar of light goes through our heart into the heart of the earth. Then, say that you want to communicate with your spirit guide, and you’ve got it.

You can also imagine that you’re walking through an avenue of trees and at the end of a clearing is your spirit guide. If your mind is in alignment and this is how it works for you, then it will."
Comment from the audience: "But there are many beings in the subtle worlds who are not from the highest light.”

Christina:" That’s why it’s so important to connect with the Creator. If we attract beings who come from the unlight, it’s because we’re in resonance with them, or because we offer them a ‘gateway’. The fear alone, that such beings might exist, gives them access to you."

"If we think of something, we’ve already established a physical connection to it. If we think of the Egyptian pyramids, we have a picture. Part of us is already there. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to see them.

And if we see a flying elephant, we don’t see it because we imagine it, but because we’ve manifested it.

We’re all clairvoyant. We must learn to trust that the images we see in our heads are not imaginary, but the reality we have manifested.

There is no delusion: either we see something in our heads that already exists, or we’ve created it. As soon as you see it, it exists. Our thoughts and emotions create beings - non-stop, like on a conveyor belt.

We don’t trust ourselves enough. We have to trust that we can do it. This does not depended on persons or places.

Trust is a matter of the heart. We also need our mind. The only question is: “When do I need what?”

The right timing when using tools. There’s right timing for everything. Also for an understanding of the subtle."

"The physical body makes us feel separate. But spiritually we can go to other levels where unity consciousness exists. This makes it possible to choose whether we want to feel separated or not. This is what’s special about the body.

The denser something is, the slower it vibrates. Our body too. If our soul is 100% in our body, that’s what I mean by being grounded. Many who occupy themselves with spirituality think that the body is somehow not so good and float with their soul 2 metres above their head.

It happens again and again during the day anyway. When your thoughts are somewhere else, you’re often not 100% here. But the important thing is that you can come back 100% and that your soul doesn’t get stuck halfway.

It is then much easier to use the subtle channels. If a person’s soul is not completely in their body and has subtle perception, then it’s in the body even less.
We have a physical body and we should inhabit it completely with our soul. It’s important to know this when we raise our vibration.

It is also important to know that the body does not necessarily vibrate lower than our soul. In many cases, the soul and the physical body have a different frequency. Ascension is not about the soul assuming the frequency of the body, but about the body assuming the frequency of the soul."

Question from the audience: If the forces of light on earth increase, will not the force of unlight increase as well?"

Christina answers: “it’s not so that an escalation takes place. Unconditional love has a very high frequency, and the unlight cannot withstand this frequency. We can develop the maturity to love something that does not reciprocate this love. This gives the unlight the chance to transform itself.

Only when we meet the unlight with dark thoughts do we amplify it."

The essence of this seminar actually revolves around this central message:
“We are divine beings who are experiencing being human and not human beings who are becoming divine”

That’s why our thoughts are so strong. We can’t switch off this power either. We are the creators of our reality.

Based on the fact that we are all divine, we can also meet each other at eye level. There is also no task that is bigger or better. That goes for those in this this room too. If only one of you were not here, the day wouldn’t be complete. If we’ve realised this, then this seminar is no longer needed and that’s brilliant.

When this turnaround is going to happen collectively is impossible to say. If you say: ‘It could happen by the end of this year,’ then your consciousness leaves out the possibility that it could happen NOW.

At some point it’ll tip. Then everyone will be awake - all of a sudden."

Towards the end of the day’s seminar, she then said humorously:

“I’ve now said what I wanted to say. Does anyone have another question, or has everyone already found out that every answer lies within themselves?
A question can only arise if there’s already an answer. The question is like half the answer.”

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