It is easy to understand things in life and to know in your head. But to really integrate it and implement it in life is a longer way.

The links that are listed here are exclusively determined by Christina and lead to people who help others that they not only recognize, but also have something at the end of the day that they can apply in life.

Franziska Tabea Huber

After Franziska Huber has accompanied people for many years, mainly in one-to-one sessions with theta reading, a method she developed, she now passes on her knowledge in seminars. She teaches people in her own clear and down-to-earth way how they can connect with the source and heal themselves. She gives them tools that are easy to use in everyday life and easy to understand. 'Many already have the components they need to come into contact with their divine nature with them, but they lack the instructions for use to put everything together.' She wants to convey this to people in a clear way. It is important to her to bring people back into their own responsibility. She says: 'Heaven may come on earth.'