Again and again we receive requests from people who would like to support Christina's work and her future projects financially. We are very grateful to these generous people for their willingness to support Christina in her work for more awareness and peace on earth. For this reason, Christina has decided that she would like to establish a non-profit foundation to finance and support all those existing and future projects and endeavors that are close to her heart.

The foundation aims to promote and implement non-profit projects in the field of education, research and awareness development, with the aim of generating more peace both individually and in society through greater awareness. Projects in the area of °new forms of living and living styles°, which bear the signature of the new age, are also to be supported. The foundation promotes and implements in particular projects in all these areas which contain innovative approaches to solutions.
All activities of the foundation also serve to impart, expand and deepen knowledge. They are based on the ethical principle of the unity of all life and thus also of humanity without distinction of culture, - nationality - or race. The foundation acts independently and is free from political and confessional motives.
The foundation is currently still in the process of being founded.