An Impulse from Christina von Dreien

«Peace is not a state that simply arises all of a sudden. Peace is a decision – made by every single person, extending to all countries.»
We all want peace in and for the world. It is time for us to understand: we are responsible for the earth. We as citizens are the ones who will bring change to the world. If we really want peace in the world, then we should understand that the prerequisite for outer peace is inner peace.

It is time that we encounter the violence in the world with love and that we live from our hearts. Our hearts are nothing but love, which expresses itself as truth, embodies itself as a human being, feels like joy and lives as freedom.
«Peace is not a state that simply arises all of a sudden. Peace is a decision – made by every single person, extending to all countries.»
The key to peace is not politics – we are, as citizens of the world. The moment the hearts of a group of people beat in the same rhythm, focused on peace and light for this world, the gates of peace and freedom are opened to the whole of humankind.

We have free will. Therefore, it is up to us whether we want to say YES to peace and begin living peace, or whether we are still hesitant. If we say YES to peace and begin to act like peace, then we begin to change the world. It is important for us to understand that every little action has an impact. We are all interconnected in the energy field of humanity. Each person who undertakes some small act of peace at home on the physical plane, sends this action to the global humanity-field, adding a further spark of peace to this field.

The key to peace and freedom for humanity lies in the common orientation of our hearts. The key to a shared orientation is to live what we carry in our hearts. The more people live their hearts, the more this ability, this information will flow into the humanity-field. And the more this grows in the humanity-field, the easier it will be for those still to come.

Every person who lives their heart kindles the fire of love, and helps to light the still dark torches so that everyone has the chance to carry the fire of love within and pass through the gates of peace and freedom. For peace in the outer world begins with peace within. Every human being is thus called to embody their own heart in their life, in order to anchor love, truth and freedom here and to let peace arise and the fire of love shine.

Below are some suggestions that will help you take your own and thus the global vibration to a new level, enabling peace to manifest – on both a small and large scale.

1. Say yes to your life. It is an honour to be here as a human being.

2. Do not seek your truth in the outer world, but within.

3. Realize that every act of peace, no matter how small, is woven into a global energy field. This is how you can make a direct contribution to world peace.

4. Let love come into your life in all its different forms, such as: gratitude, joy, acceptance, forgiveness, honesty.

5. Be grateful and recognize the value of every second of both your past and present.

6. Feel your heart and live it, follow the impulse of your heart. Your heart guides you in the truth of the moment to where it is right for you now.

7. Give yourself the right to contact the Source of Creation.

8. Meet children at eye-level.

9. Do not resonate with actions not based on light.

10. Be aware that everything you send out will fall back on you.

11. Forgive all the people who are now in your life or have been in the past.

12. Respect the free will of all fellow human beings, regardless of their nationality and appearance.

13. Do what you enjoy and love doing. Love yourself.

14. Live your vocation.

15. Live the change in yourself and your life that you would like to see in the world.

16. You can either accept or change a situation that is no longer in accordance with your divine good – or create a better one.

17. Honour nature and recognize her beauty.

18. Turn away from any media channels that pull you down, and engage only with positive things.

19. Nurture the relationship with people that do you good.

20. Listen to what your body tells you, and be aware that any physical illness always has its source in your mental and/or emotional life.

21. Once you are in your heart, your vibration immediately increases. You do not have to do more than this.

22. Do not harm any living being by either thought, word or deed.

23. Love is the most transformative force that exists in the world. Use it and face all violence with love and compassion.

24. Your voice changes the world. We live in the world and share responsibility for it.

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