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Christina von Dreien - Change

Extract from the one-day seminar in Erding on 05/01/2019.

Change begins with each individual and presupposes that we as citizens recognize our responsibility, accept it and act accordingly.

Christina von Dreien - School and education

Extract from the one-day seminar in Erding on 28/10/2018.

Christina’s reflections concerning “school and education” expressed in the one-day seminar in Munich (Erding) on 28/10/2018.

14:26 If children no longer co-operate at school or become ill, it may be the school system that is called upon to adapt or change.


 «We Are Peace» Ein Impuls von Christina von Dreien

«Peace is not state that simply arises all of a sudden. Peace is a decision - made by every single person, extending to all countries.»

«Because we are human beings, we learn to understand what it means to change with and through love, to live with truth and to think with freedom.»

More about the project «We Are Peace» (German)

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