Water awareness

Everything that exists has its own consciousness. Water also has consciousness. It absorbs and stores information particularly easily. Scientists have discovered, through numerous experiments, that water changes its structure according to which frequencies are introduced to the water in the form of words, music or emotions.
(The first person to do this was Masaru Emoto, who photographed the resulting water crystal structures).

As our bodies are made up of around 70% water, it is important to be aware that everything we say, do and engage with, everything we hear and see, as well as who we are with, has an immediate impact on the water in our bodies.

One of the most effective things we can do to stay healthy and centred is to be mindful of these things.

on Sunday, 9th of June, at 8pm (CET)

With Christina and Tijn Touber (held in English)

Christina von Dreien, an exceptional young woman with multidimensional consciousness, has said that, before coming to the Earth, she had a choice of more than 50 planets on which to incarnate. She came to the Earth because she saw how wonderful this planet is AND because, looking from out there in space, she could see that more and more people were waking up and seeing the light – it was as if more and more lights were being turned on every day!

During this free live webinar, Tijn Touber, well-known author, (Time Bender) meditation teacher and musician, will talk to Christina about the growth in consciousness we are currently experiencing worldwide. An open conversation about the extraordinary time of transformation we are living in and the new “golden age” we are heading towards. What is Christina’s opinion on everything that is happening right now and what is still to come?

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The lecture will be held in English to make it accessible to an international audience. Nicola Good will be taking part and translating Christina’s contributions into English.

This webinar offers a deep insight into the current zeitgeist and the opportunities for personal and collective growth. It is not only an opportunity to listen to these visionary thinkers, but also to actively participate in the conversation! It is possible to ask questions, which Christina will try to answer as best she can. Take time to think about our soul path, new cell structures and DNA activation, unfolding our full potential, crystal and Christ consciousness, the Akashic Records, collective vibrational increase and the fifth dimensional future.

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Date: 9 June

Time: 20:00 CET

Duration: not yet known

Language: English (with translation if required)

REGISTER HERE for this free live webinar with Christina von Dreien and Tijn Touber: