Finding luck is easy. We just need to change our perspective on what we call happiness. Instead of waiting for happiness to come, we can be mindful and grateful for the happiness that is already here. We can find the miracles where they are - everywhere.

If the divine plan knows that a spiritual revolution will take place in this century, then it makes preparations for it in the century before. So pioneers are sent to do the groundwork and write the first spiritual books, for example. These pioneer souls, who were here decades and centuries ago and who exemplified spirituality even in the dark ages, did so voluntarily because they wanted to and not because someone told them to. My gratitude therefore goes not only to those who are yet to come, but also to those who are here now and those who have already been here.

We all have certain world views and ideas. On the one hand, there are world views, beliefs and opinions that have been imposed on us by certain people or by society and that we have accepted. On the other hand, there are world views that come from our own hearts. The goal would be for us to start seeing the world as our heart sees it - to start seeing with our heart and acting from our heart.

We are manifested light and manifested love. When people think of light, most of them simply think of something bright, but they don't associate the word with the feeling of love. Yet light and love cannot be separated from each other. In the very beginning there was such a thing as a "love light", and in this love light there was no separation. That is what we all are at our innermost core.

The divine spirit is the origin of all being. It is this consciousness that forms and materialises light energy. To put it simply, you could say that this wonderful earth originally came into being from a very creative thought.

Something great is coming up!

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