You are powerful

If everything happening in the world right now weren’t so tragic, you could laugh about it. There is a very small group of beings that is incredibly afraid of you. These people are writing this whole story because they don’t want you to wake up. That is crazy!

That shows you just how powerful you are. We are multidimensional beings and there is nothing more powerful than people who love and have the will to love something. Love is the highest vibrating energy… and that’s what the storytellers are afraid of. That’s why they invent stories, to keep us in fear – “What if I can’t pay my rent, my food?” and so on.

This is done deliberately so that you don’t have the time or the ability to wake up. and also so that you don’t realise that what happens in the world depends on you. But if you direct your will and your love towards an ideal world and if a great number of people do this then sooner or later this common intention will become a reality.

It cannot be otherwise, because you then activate a cosmic law, and the more people who do this the better.

(Christina at a one-day seminar in Bern, 2020)