LoveStream 19


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0:00:00h Introducing the speaking part
The new ticket system

0:03:45h Trust
Responsibility, We are part of a plan

0:13:52h Find back to the plan
Taking back responsibility energetically, The spiritual team and the plan

0:17:06h Spirituality
Destiny, Conscious and Unconscious Spirituality

0:22:30h Wake up
Inner support, being loving, enlightenment

0:27:29h Soul family
Soulful exchange of experiences, communication on the physical and the soulful level.

0:32:34h What was in the beginning
Intervention of unlich extraterrestrials, subconscious memories

0:38:00h Connecting ourselves with our soul family
Perception, expectations

0:44:30h The higher self
Sense, The Larger View

0:48:25h Our origin and that of our soul family
Individuality, Learning, The Answers of Our Soul Family

0:53:20h The origin of our thoughts
Telepathy, Subconscious influences

0:58:05h Love and healing

1:01:55h Final moderation of the speaking part.

1:04:10h Moderator of the question part

1:05:18h Atlantis & Lemuria
Where did the unlight influences come from?, Manipulation, Why it is different today than it was then, Light

1:13:50h Positive and Negative Aliens
Are there other enslaved planets?, Why the positive aliens do not intervene directly, The responsibility of humans.

1:19:08h The “The Source” Congress in Zurich

1:20:29h Aliens and extraterrestrials
Which there are and their influence on our life, extraterrestrial influence on our DNA, cycles

1:25:20h Secret space programs
About the official information, Secret technologies

1:30:02h Suppressed technologies
Free Energy Technology, High Technology and Today’s Stone Age Technology, Technology and Manifesting

1:36:48h What happens to us through the ascent?
How Ascension Affects Our Body, Ascension Symptoms and Others

1:40:30h Detect manipulations
Will the Unlicht get away with Agenda 2030?, Seeing through the climate, CO₂ ideology.

1:49:33h How could the unlight come into being at all?
Christina’s theory about the origin of the Unlichte, How Unlichte beings can find their way back to the light. What was at the very beginning, What happens to the Unlighted Beings after liberation

1:58:25h The best we can do now

1:59:43h Male and female energy
Was the woman to blame for the man falling out of paradise?, M. and W. energy in Atlantis, W. and M. energy in the Galactic Federation of Light, matter

2:08:07h Properties of the higher self
Where is the higher self?, parallel incarnations and soul parts

2:12:41h Souls and reincarnation
General information about the soul, The eternal prison comparison, How to get out of the wheel of rebirth?

2:19:16 How can we find our life’s purpose?
Help with disorientation, The collective life task

2:25:34h What is Christ’s role in world affairs

2:27:45h Farewell and introduction to meditation

2:30:20h Meditation
With the music of Alexander Aandersan

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