One-day seminar in Salzburg 29/08/2020

Things are going to get strange, but in the end everything will turn out well.

Christina spoke in plainer language than she has used up until now about the times that await us. She spoke about how we can best prepare for the coming months, she spoke about how things will turn out well in the end, and also about the responsibility that those who have woken up have towards the Earth and its inhabitants.
Here are some particularly strong passages from Christina’s talk that day:

Things are going to get strange
“It took much more courage for us to incarnate here than it’ll take for the time that is now ahead of us. But we knew that. We knew that a time would come which wouldn’t necessarily have much to do with logic – as we see now with regard to the measures being taken. What we’re experiencing here is a story that has been pinned onto the virus; and it’s wonderful that we have been able meet again, because we don’t know what’s going to happen in the next few months. If you read the various newspapers, however, you can imagine what might be. It’s reasonable to assume that a second lockdown will come and that it will be worse than the first one. Unless it doesn’t come, of course. And if we imagine what would happen if businesses that were still open during the first lockdown also closed, it’s just sensible to prepare for it.
That’s also why we moved the seminars forward – we knew that a large number of people would come together today who want a world that is healed. And if a large number of people want this healed world, it will come.”
In the end, everything will turn out well
“But that’s “in the end”. And because we’re not at the end of this story yet and because there are storytellers who don’t like us, we have to assume that things will get even stranger.
Being relaxed helps us not to fall into the state of fear that so many people are experiencing. Most people hope that the world will be as it was before. I don’t believe that. I think it will get better in the end, but between now and the end the storytellers will still want to sell their stories. And if you think what I’m saying is crazy, just forget it. But if the worst comes to the worst, we can always remember that we’re not alone in wanting a healed world”

Creating a healed world
“Things we are able to imagine begin to manifest themselves in our lives. There’s no other way. It’s a law. If we, together with many other people, can imagine a healed world and imagine how it feels, then it has to become manifest here on the Earth. It’s not enough just to wish for something. In order to send something into the field, we must really want it.
Love together with the will to bring it about creates this field – our only option for our future. The spiritual world can help us with this, but we Earth dwellers are the ones who have to implement it. That’s why it’s so important for us to orientate ourselves towards a healed world – so that we don’t lose our trust in the coming months. It’s also good to know that our collective consciousness helps determine what will happen between now and the end. And the higher our consciousness, the more awake we are, the less crazy the next months will be. The best thing we can do, therefore, is to see to it that we are as joyful and as well and as possible, that we maintain our trust and confidence and that we see this time as a phase that will not last 100 years. We live in duality. But we can only see the positive in it if we allow the thought that there is something positive in it to arise. We can also tell the helpers of the spiritual world to help us to see it positively and with a certain amount of humour.”

“There are certain things that we have no influence over. It’s not possible for us to change them. But in order to change things, we sometimes have to compromise and keep to minimum distances, for example. We would not have been allowed to hold today’s seminar if we had not followed the measures prescribed. In general, we receive energy if we accept a compromise that is good for us, and lose energy if it’s not good for us

Instruction manual for a healed world
“If we want to achieve a healed world, we have to imagine it and feel it for 2-3 minutes every day. It’s like a mobile phone. The mobile phone is our thoughts and the electricity our feelings. It only works if we have both of these, and that’s why it’s so important for us to also feel what we imagine. And if we imagine that it’s a phase that we knew would come sometime, then it’s less difficult for us personally because we’ve prepared ourselves for it both physically and mentally. We knew it wouldn’t be a Sunday stroll. At some point this phase will be over, and in the end all will be well.”

Comparison between Atlantis and now
“What’s happening today is comparable to what happened shortly before the fall of Atlantis. There were beings there who experimented with genes. I therefore assume that, if things get worse, a lot of people will die. But that doesn’t mean that the world is coming to an end. It won’t necessarily come about through a virus either, you can do the research on that yourself. It won’t be easy, but keeping in mind that it’s a phase can help us to create the image. We can’t do much more than send the image of a healed world into the field, and things can still change right up until the last second, even if the probability is high that these things will happen. I thought it was important to tell you.”

Consciousness – our only stability
“We have not been taught to think for ourselves, but I believe that it’s extremely important to take responsibility for the way we inform ourselves. The way we see the world influences our consciousness, and our consciousness is our only stability when the things we took for granted are suddenly no longer there. Our task is to keep our consciousness open and not to fear.
If you believe that your mask protects you, then you can put it on and be happy, because the mask is taking care of you. You can imagine what I think about this, but if someone thinks this virus is really dangerous, the least we can do is to tell them that they can believe it, but they don’t have to be afraid. If they have a mask, they’re protected.”

Not being afraid
Billions of people are now experiencing fear and anxiety. If we’re in a room with 10 people who are panicking, it also rubs off on us, even if we don’t believe in it. This is because our energy fields influence each other. But if we trust that everything will turn out well, that we’ll be guided by our guardian angels, who will help us – then we will be sending something completely different into the field. Sometimes the help we receive is not labelled ‘help’. It comes to us through information that we see, read or hear. And if our soul tells us, “I want to get through this time as well as possible”, then we will be guided and receive information that makes this possible. But you must listen to it. This is similar to someone coming to you and telling you that the bus schedule has changed. If you don’t believe it, no more can be done, but if you listen to what you’re being told, everything will turn out right.
Not being afraid and making sure that we’re well and happy is the most important thing we can do now. The thing is, if you’re afraid now, what are you going to do in the next few months? I don’t know in detail what’s coming, but you can find out certain things if you do the research, and things can always change anyway. But I wouldn’t count on the worst not happening.
If everything works out well, that’s good. And, talking about fear: There is good fear and unfounded fear. If you’re on a bridge and are afraid to jump off it or you’re afraid to run across a motorway, then that’s well-founded fear. But there are also situations in which we stand in our own way. And even if it were true that there is a pandemic, there’s no point in being afraid. We can die from all kinds of things. All these measures are aimed at reducing our vibration – also through our fear of not being able to pay the rent, of losing our jobs… This happens because, if you are constantly busy ‘surviving’, you don’t care about things like having a soul and a purpose in life. As conscious human beings, and as long as we still have the possibility to do so, we have a responsibility to put the opposite into practice. That’s something that people who are really scared can’t do and also can’t feel.”

The positive thing about the whole situation
The positive thing about the whole situation is that more people have woken up. Through this whole story, more people have realised that no party will give us a healed world. Achieving a healed world can only begin with us, and we have to feel it, because when we start to feel something, we start to live it. That’s the same as having a new insight. First it’s a theory in my head. We know what it would actually be like, but we don’t feel it yet because we don’t yet have access to this level. Only when we feel this theory, do we know deep inside that this is so. It’s the same as saying we’re all essentially love. There are people who have less access to that, and others who have more. But this doesn’t mean that people with less access have less love in them.
We are already where we want to go
We are actually already where we want to go. It’s just a matter of removing all the wrapping paper, cartons and bricks that surround us. If we take all of that away, we’re back to what we really are. It’s only our beliefs, patterns and ideas that separate us from the love we have within us. We have also always been perfect in the past. All human beings have this love; it’s just that some are more aware of it and others less. And those who have woken up are more aware of it. None of us are fully awake. Me neither. It was found out, for example, that Germany has no peace treaty. By knowing this, you might believe that you’re awake. But that’s only partly true. Many people know that what we see in the world are only scenes in a play, but they’ve never thought about the fact that we’re love.
There are people who see everything in a pink light, and see rainbows and unicorns. That’s nice – but that’s only part of it. You may believe that we’re awake, but actually we’re only partially awake, because there’s still more for us to learn. Knowing that we’re love, and that it’s the love we have within us that we’re looking for, is the biggest difference between a person who is asleep and a person who is awake. Everybody will wake up at some point, there’s no other option – whether in this incarnation or in another. This is because if we are what we’re looking for, there is no other way. It has to be so.”

The subtle
“Our thoughts are free and no matter what’s going on, we can always decide what we want to think and how we want to decide in particular situations. Of course we always have a first reaction, but if we don’t like this reaction, we can think differently. The most important thing is to stay positive and never forget that there is much that is positive in the world, especially in a time like this. A healed world is not going to fall from the sky and suddenly be there. We help shape it by taking the time to send something good into the field. Only that which is present on the subtle level can also manifest itself on the physical level. Most people think that you should be able to see what you do right away. But if we think and feel something, we don’t necessarily see the results immediately and then we tend to underestimate what’s happening because we can’t see the immediate effect. Someone in Asia might start laughing, that might happen, we don’t know. By being happy about something or looking at something beautiful, through having a good feeling about something, we influence the collective. For example, if we have a houseplant that we think is beautiful and we tell her that, then we both feel better. Taking time every day to send something good into the world and thinking about things that are already good is the most positive thing we can do. And the greater the impulse that we collectively send into the field, the easier it will be for other people. We can also write nice words on pieces of paper and stick them somewhere. Read inspiring books. We can pass on the love we have inside us. I also talk to my refrigerator, or example. We can do that with anything. Our flats, houses, cars… They’re all living beings with consciousness and with feelings. And if we say something loving to an object, it sends it back to us. It just happens, but it helps if we know that it happens, because then we also know that our thoughts and feelings do much more than we think. There are people who have regrown body parts because they were convinced that it was possible. Everything that we are on Earth began with one thought. Everything. Thoughts create feelings and those feelings decide how we act. Positive events won’t happen if we don’t think so ourselves. That’s why the coming months are also a good exercise. Nature beings also need our love, because without them the trees and plants die. It’s like it is with our soul, if our soul goes, we die too. And if nature is no more, people won’t live long either, i.e. we need each other. Many people also don’t know that there are elves and dwarves. Our love helps them, and only if we love nature can we take care of them.”

Love is
“Love is what heals… We have a great lack of love. That’s why we need so much. It needs love to heal the Earth and our world. Love is what we’re all looking for, because we’ve all been wholly love at some point. We know that, and we’re on our way back there, at least some of us are. And the planet loves us, even though we do so many bad things. If she didn’t love us, we probably wouldn’t even exist any more, because she could simply extinguish us.
We can also think in love of the Earth and tell her that we want to treat her as well as possible, because so many people really have no idea what they’re doing to her.