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and experience the positive vibration that is set into the field by all of them at the same time. Feel how Christina can affect you at your core and her authentic and how her clear wisdom will always give you a new understanding of who you really are deep down. Experience Christina’s view on the exciting questions that Nicola asks her in the second part and feel the increase in vibration, confidence and courage that Christina’s words and her energy give you. Be part of the big LoveStream family!


“I believe there is only one love. Love is love. It is boundless, unconditional, without end and without distinction. Love is that which is present in the universe without limit, a primal substance that is the basis of everything that exists.”

Christina von Dreien

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Christina von Dreien

Christina von Dreien (born 2001 in Sankt Gallen) was born with a greatly expanded consciousness and a multitude of so-called paranormal talents. She is an ambassador of the new era and belongs to a new generation of young people who are here to show the way and provide impetus. They have come to remind us of who we humans actually are deep down and how much positive potential lies dormant in each and every one of us. They show us how we can use the power of our consciousness and the power of unconditional love to reshape our individual and collective lives in a healing and constructive way. Since 2017, Christina has touched the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people in countless talks and webinars and with her YouTube videos, giving them confidence and hope.