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The most important thing you can do in these strange times is to nurture the connection to your heart, your soul. This is your strongest support in everything that happens in the outside world. Put it at the top of your list of priorities. You will always find enough time in your everyday life for the things you have at the top of this list.

Have you lost someone recently or even a long time ago?

Perhaps the death was sudden and you couldn’t say goodbye; clarify something important with them or simply communicate how much you you loved them? The pain of which is too hard to bear.

Suddenly, everything was different; you view life differently, you numb yourself with substances and entertainment media, but your heart feels like it’s turned to stone. You struggle to share your feelings with others because they wouldn’t understand.

The grief, the anger, the emptiness you feel seem bottomless, and you feel like you’re drowning in it. At the same time, it doesn’t feel right to you that the person you love is now reduced to a body and is supposed to be gone.

I know how that feels… I’ve been there myself.

After a very long period of grief and pain, I finally discovered that the solution was right in front of me!

Because I know all too well how the pain feels and how isolating it can be, I want to help you avoid further shocks and setbacks or gently overcome them.

For this reason, I have decided to organize this virtual online expert conference, where numerous international experts in this field will come together.

(Katrin Klug, organizer of the Congress)

More information and Free participation here:

With Love,