Purification of the soul

There is a lot that we carry with us energetically from this or previous lives, but it is not always for our highest divine good.

I would like to share a short list with you, in which you can see what kind of things might be present within us and what can be dissolved if it is no longer for our highest divine good. This list is not complete; it is only a rough list:

– Vows, promises, oaths and contracts
– Foreign energies and possession
– Initiations
– Energetic seals
– Curses
– Projections
– Energetic implants

If you want to dissolve some of these things, it is important to say that only that which is not for your highest divine good should be dissolved.

You should also make sure that any memory and backup programmes that may sometimes exist are also dissolved and that all the spaces that are thereby created are filled with love. ❤️

You do this by connecting with the Divine Source and initiating the dissolution from there.

Everyone has their connection to the Source within them – so everyone can connect with the Source. Nevertheless, some people don’t know exactly how to consciously make the connection at first.

When you dissolve something, you may feel an effect in your daily consciousness straight away, and sometimes it only happens on an unconscious level at first, but a dissolution always has an immediate effect on your energy system.

Note: Time and again, healing and dissolution techniques, meditations and the like are offered in my name. These people have no permission from me to do this and I have nothing to do with them. I don’t train anyone to offer anything like this in my name.