LoveStream 05


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0:00:00h Introducing the speaking part
The common field

0:03:45h Change the world
A strange film
Emotions & Collective
It depends on us
What we can do
It starts with ourselves

0:10:47h Remembering & Consciousness Development
There is only memory
The onion parable
Help other people
Our light and energy field

0:16:40h It does not need 51%.
It depends on the vibration
Increase in vibration

0:20:00h Start of the question part, where everything came from
Some questions from young viewers
The beginning

0:24:57h Does God exist and how can you find out?

0:28:51h Why are we incarnating here?
What was not planned
The reason
Why the world is so complicated

0:34:04h Vaccinate
Why so many believe in vaccination
Why corona vaccination is harmful
The energy of our consciousness and the vaccine

0:40:02h What good can you see in the epidemic?
Positives about the situation
Soul Connection

0:43:25h Announcement of the break
Reminder impulse
Support children in their connection

0:46:03h First break
With the music of Alexander Aandersan

1:01:24h Supporting clairaudient and clairvoyant children
How to help them better

1:03:51h Networking for spiritual children
A Telegram channel (unfortunately closed again)

1:06:50h The climate
Man and the climate
The CO₂
The solar system and the galaxy

1:13:27h diet
Dealing with animals
Eat plants
How it came to this treatment of animals
Why animals eat animals

1:20:55h What you can do as an individual
Our Impact on the Collective Field
Change ourselves

1:23:36h Why Corona is there
The finale of the unlight forces
When we can really start building something

1:26:18h What aliens look like

1:27:30h How to distinguish good from evil
How to recognize intuition

1:31:42h The Tools for the New Era Card Set

1:33:20h What is good for children in anger
Help with children who are often angry

1:35:28h What to do about bullying

1:37:55h Did God create the dark beings?
Beings who have closed their hearts

1:42:34h Second break
With the music of Alexander Aandersan

1:59:57h Transition from break & help with stress.
Increase in vibration

2:02:53h Helping others out of the digital tunnel

2:07:42h The exercise
Focus on our light
Train our brain to exercise
Making the most of our lives
Our thoughts are drugs

2:18:03h Intent
The energy of our actions
Deal with unpleasant circumstances

2:21:26h In the New World
Impressions from the future
It starts with us

2:25:35h Transition to meditation
The Telegram channel
“Tools of the New Era”
Introduction to meditation

2:27:52h Meditation
With the music of Alexander Aandersan

2:33:35h Farewell
The effect of meditation
Positive moments
About Planet One

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