LoveStream 06


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0:00:00h Introducing the speaking part

0:01:42h nature creature
The entities that live in plants & stones
Mountains & the Earth
Elves, Fairies & Dwarves
The destruction of habitats

0:10:08h It is all animated
Paying attention to what we do

0:13:25h Elementals
Jurisdiction of elementals
Elemental & natural beings incarnated as humans

0:22:43h The Collective Human Field
The Internet parable
Insights & Knowledge
Individual fields
Exchange us

0:31:16h The kings of the universe
Who has the last word

0:35:00h Making the earth a paradise again
It is a process
Start with ourselves
Achieve more positive collectively
Our responsibility for the earth

0:40:08h The strange story
Want something different

0:41:27h New consciousness
The courage to act differently
A new way of life
A new system

0:48:00h Life path
Fear & Concern
Being alone

0:53:58h Earth wants paradise

0:56:09h Hope & Confidence
What is too big for us
Ask guardian angel for help
Our choice

1:01:20h break

1:02:18h Moderator of the question part
One day seminar in Wil (was later unfortunately cancelled)

1:04:39h Dealing with anger towards vaccinations.
Change the quality of a feeling energy
Direct the anger correctly

1:08:56h Arguments for not getting vaccinated
Vaccinated people afraid of unvaccinated people

1:12:00h The change of dimensions
Skills in the 5th dimension
The liberation and the rise
The rise and vaccinations

1:17:02h Is the universe brighter than we can see?

1:18:21h How can we solve the climate crisis?
We destroy the environment, not the climate
What we can do for the environment
The CO₂ twist

1:30:54h Will there be 2 timelines for the earth?

1:31:53h The blessing of the current circumstances
Wake up
The pace of the unlights
Anchoring the forces of light

1:36:04h We always have a choice

1:37:30h What is Christ consciousness?
Unconditional love
Jesus and the Christ Consciousness
True love
Why some people have no feeling for love

1:45:05h Beings that have no light in them
Lost connection

1:49:38h Why God allows suffering
Free will & aberrations
Rules of the game
Unheard impulses
The decision of the earth & the light forces

1:56:40h Aliens
What aliens are
The extraterrestrial interest in man and the earth
The Dear Aliens & The Others

2:02:52h Map reading
“Tools for the New Era
Introduction to meditation

2:06:50h Meditation

2:12:08h Farewell
Christina’s picture
September seminar

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