LoveStream 04


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0:00:00h Introducing the speaking part

0:02:46h Change the perspective
Change vibration
Remember love
The energy we send out
About information that reaches us

0:10:10h What is good for us
The help we have

0:15:10h The situation we have
The Tipping of the Collective Field
Work on ourselves
What we really are

0:18:45h Perceiving love
Change beliefs
Wake up
How to be separated
Fear is not a solution
Think about light
When we come out of fear

0:27:37h The solution
You do not have to know the destination
Making the best of the situation

0:33:05h Searching for the truth

0:35:45h The best
Be less afraid

0:37:33h Worry less
All is well in the end

0:41:11h Acceptance
What the system wants to separate us from
What society does not teach us

0:46:12h solutions
Create an oasis
The man with the 50€
Alternative ways
We must live with our lives
Become happy
The mind

0:57:02h Break

0:58:12h Moderator of the question part
The death

0:59:43h Meet deceased again
Reunion and appearance of souls

1:04:00h Spiritual travel
We can also travel incarnate
Multiple journeys of consciousness

1:06:29h The world of the deceased
What non-incarnated souls can see and hear
The tasks of the souls

1:11:02h How much time passes before souls reincarnate?
Contacting the souls of reincarnated people
What comes after death
After the suicide
The place of our state of consciousness
Return to the light

1:16:50h Our time in the incarnation
The creation of the soul plan
Near-death experience
The oblivion
The meaning of incarnation

1:23:25h Are the deceased hindered by missing?
The best we can do for the deceased

1:25:42h The prayer
What is praying
To whom you can pray
Pray to Jesus
Connect correctly

1:31:33h Blessing
How to bless and what the blessing does

1:33:33h What do I need my prayer for?

1:36:16h Send free will and love

1:37:12h Vaccination
What influences us
Intervention in the DNA
Superimposition and neutralization
Remember & Forget

1:44:44h What is the Matrix
The Unlichte System
Waking up and its consequences for the matrix

1:48:53h Is Christina a cult?
What is a cult
Subtle frequencies

1:53:11h Announcement of the free Love Stream 5.
A Love Stream for Kids & Teens

1:54:56h Transition to meditation
Love Stream Groups
Feedback on the first meditation

1:57:03h Meditation
With the music of Alexander Aandersan

2:03:20h Farewell
With closing words by Christina

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