LoveStream 10


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Product description

0:00:00h Introducing the speaking part
Presentation Tijn & Binkie Touber

0:03:57h Awareness
Keep distance inside
Emotional Body

0:07:35h Love & Layers
What we really are
Lack of love
Increase vibration

0:14:45h Hold the light
Coming out of fear
How to raise your vibration

0:21:33h Wake up & body awareness
Awareness & Energy
The body
Increase vibration & anchor light

0:29:32h Wake up & development
Intuition & Fear

0:35:05h Inner stop
Stable & unstable hold

0:37:00h Consciousness & Vibration
Spiritual helpers

0:44:20h Take time for yourself
Energy Fields & Superposition

0:46:03h Life plans & lights
Hold our light
Light oases

0:51:50h Final moderation of the speaking part.

0:54:20h Moderator of the question part
With Tijn & Binkie
Problems with the English live subtitles

0:57:54h With traumas into the higher self

1:00:31h Where Christina’s thoughts come from

1:01:56hDoes Christina connect with aliens & angels?
Connect securely
The Stone Throwing Parable

1:06:26h Ascent symptoms
How to respond
Recognize the difference

1:08:54h Telepathic connection with Christina
Reality & Imagination

1:11:39h Various themes
What would love do now?
Will there be no more duality?
The source of the unlight

1:17:30h Is Atlantis history repeating itself?
The difference between then and now
Why everything comes good in the end

1:22:12h Ascent questions
How Christina sees the rise of the earth
Is meditation enough for ascension?

1:26:21h Prepare & stock up

1:31:10h An impression of the Healing World

1:33:24h Are animals alien?

1:35:52h Soul & higher self
Can a soul be in more than one place at the same time?
Is the higher self incarnate?
The difference between higher self & the source
Can a soul be extinguished?

1:45:40h Embrace the unlight
Understanding & Compassion

1:47:25h What we can do for our children
The role model role of parents
Peer pressure for vaccinations
Protection in case of compulsory vaccination

1:55:26h Light nutrition & the coming year 2022
Will everyone soon be feeding on light?
How Christina sees the coming year

1:58:05h Farewell

2:05:10h Guided meditation
Led by Tijn Touber
With the music of Alexander Aandersan

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German, English