LoveStream 14


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Product description

0:00:00h Introducing the speaking part
Light anchor
Guests announcement

0:04:20h When you think of the dark
Beautiful packaging
Intuition & Fear

0:13:35h lead
Spiritual guidance
Life Plan

0:15:45h The peaceful perfect world
What is the ideal world
How the ideal world is created
Overload & Power
The balance of help & self-action

0:28:28h The rise of the earth is unstoppable
The unlight will fail
Blind follow & foresight
Decisions and intentions
Wake up and sleep

0:37:20h Wake up

0:38:48h Quite a lot of helpers
Lightful beings
What people actually are

0:41:40h Man is not evil
Suppressed technology
Man is based on love

0:45:43h The animal parable
Our behavior towards nature
The animal husbandry of man
The human attitude of the system
A different approach

0:50:00h animal souls
Dogs, cats and other animals

0:51:30h Waking up is a process

0:54:46h Loneliness
Being lonely and alone
Cure loneliness

0:56:35h Search
The search outside
The finding
The connection to ourselves

0:59:09h Final moderation of the speaking part.

1:00:43h Moderator of the question part
The clarification about Bernadette of Dreien
Wrong conclusions about Christina

1:04:21h Delimitation
Saying no is ok
The disobedience of love
The spiritual home and the earthly
The No to the Unlight System
Network with like-minded people

1:14:33h The Matrix
The difference between the field and the matrix
The power of people

1:22:30h The unexpected

1:27:32h The ascent with the body
The decision of the soul
The liberation of the earth and the ascension

1:32:11h Timelines
Individual & Collective Timelines

1:35:12h Coco and Franz come on stage
The manifesto of the new earth
Living Earth

1:43:53h Coco’s questions for Christina
Find harmony
Each project has its leaders
The time of the common

1:47:13h The humus explained by Franz
Franz Vision
The soil, a living organism
Fall in love with the ground

1:52:43h Does the earth need comfort?

1:54:15h Franz ask to Christina
Franz talks about symbioses
How do you know why you are on earth?

1:58:03h Damanhur & Plants(music)
Franz asks about the essence of plants, animals, stones
Nicola tells about Damanhur
Christina’s experience with “Music of the Plants
Coco tells a story about a plant

2:05:00h Plant, forest, soil and us (Franz)
Joy & Enthusiasm (Coco)
Man as part of the solution

2:09:15h Man in the beginning

2:10:33h Look at unlit things

2:11:39h Talking about humus

2:13:34h plants
Do plants want to be eaten?
Take from the plants

2:17:12h Introduction to meditation
Christina’s closing words

2:20:50h Emigrate

2:22:26h Farewell

2:24:40h Meditation
With the music of Alexander Aandersan

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German, English, French