LoveStream 23


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0:00:00h Welcome & Introduction
Nicola talks about the importance of remembering, among other things, Nicola explains the functionality of the stream for other languages

0:04:12h Mind
Feelings, Heart, Intuition & Mind, Society and the Mind, The School and the Mind, Connecting to our Heart.

0:12:24h The inner guidance and the mind
Inner Leadership & Outer Leadership, Change, Awareness & Alignment

0:18:15h The good of the mind & the heart connection
The place of the mind, The connection to our heart & its healing, Why people disconnect from their heart.

0:21:57h feelings
About the order of feelings in many people, The messages of feelings & how we deal with them, The effect of feelings we don’t want, The process of change & the level of awakening.

0:32:40h Our Heart & Mind
About living with the heart & that in the total mind, foreign feelings, subtle beings & frequencies that manipulate us.

0:40:20h Changing our world view needs mental strength
Self-reflection, Awakening & Openness, When you’re in the heart, you don’t have to understand it all

0:45:50h Being with ourselves
Taking time for ourselves, comparing & searching, peace, abundance & inner emptiness.

0:53:55h Listen to our heart & love
Spirituality & Heart, Being Loving

0:58:50h Start of question section & introduction of Antonio Miceli.

1:00:45h Antonio’s work
Energetic protection, How to recognize unlight influences in yourself

1:06:06h A CD by Sigrid Beckmann-Lamb

1:07:52h What else can we eat?
Christina talks about plants & animals as food

1:11:29h How are new souls created?

1:13:21h Questions about the central sun
The sun compared with the central sun

1:15:48h Karma & rebirth
Does it make sense to resolve karma and overcome rebirth?, Reincarnation & karma from the perspective of souls, How to avoid being intercepted after death, Voluntary reincarnation & involuntary reincarnation.

1:26:52h Heart connection & mind

1:28:27h About soul catchers & change makers
How does the unlight capture souls and what does it do with them?, Everyone goes his own way

1:35:07h The word “primal energy”
The understanding of words like primal energy

1:37:39h The difference between resonance and manifestation

1:38:56h Flooding tunnel & rescue
Stories about flooding tunnels from the Internet, The struggle between light and unlight on the physical earth, About salvation in general, The comparison with the French grocery store.

1:48:45h Why don’t the light forces just take over the media?
The truth about the light forces on earth, finding peace

1:52:31h How important is our financial retirement plan?

1:54:22h Space & Technology
The spacemen know more than they tell us, The reason for suppressed technologies, What the secret space program is all about, Free energy technology & the public

2:07:23h What can each individual do now?

2:10:28h Light connection & timelines
Why so many are separated from the light, How we consciously or unconsciously manifest timelines.

2:13:31h The plans of our souls
Does our soul agree with all events in our life?, About soul plans of people in suffering.

2:19:13h Christina’s Heart to Heart Talk
Christina’s new format & the upcoming Talk

2:21:37h Introduction to meditation & farewell
A meditation for the children

2:25:00h Meditation
With the music of Alexander Aandersan

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German, English, French, Dutch