LoveStream 12


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0:00:00h Introducing the speaking part

0:04:57h Hope
We can not know everything
Everything comes good in the end

0:14:50h Those who do not participate in strange things
Nature & Civilizations

0:19:00h Light worker
Distributed Light Workers
Purification of the earth

0:25:23h Change
We can not change everything
Change needs ingredients
Only one thing does not change
Making the best of every situation

0:31:32h Hold the light
Don’t let it get you down
Knowledge helps
Networking helps
Think positive
Our helpers

0:40:20h Woke up
Many have already woken up
Overcoming division

0:49:50h What we should never forget
What our light is
Feel what we are

0:56:13h Final moderation of the speaking part.

0:58:12h Moderator of the question part

0:58:38h Ukraine
Christina’s assessment of the situation

0:59:58h Questions about the split
Coming out of fear

1:02:04h A small exercise

1:04:08h Christina’s safety
Why everything comes good in the end
The rise of the earth
Christina’s vision
Compensation through high vibrating people
Are more people waking up than before?

1:14:58h The Matrix
What it is & where it comes from
Man’s livestock and his treatment of animals
Is unconsciousness part of the matrix?

1:23:25h thoughts
Water crystals
Are people deliberately kept in negativity?

1:25:43h Preventing the system from controlling us

1:27:33h How to empower children?
Inner leadership

1:30:03h Signs from the spiritual world
Communication with the spiritual team

1:34:10h Love for the earth, protection and supplies
Do something good for the earth
What protects us the most?
Guardian angel

1:43:12h What scenarios are foreseeable soon?
What the unlight has planned for us

1:46:49h How do we get rid of the unlight?
We need help
Agenda 2030 will fail
The disobedience of love
“The New Earth Manifesto.

1:54:38h Gratitude & Happiness
Fullness & Longing

1:57:45h The rise of the earth
Who stays and who has to go
The earth swings increasingly higher
How you can tell that the 5th dimension is there

2:04:18h Farewell & introduction to meditation

2:07:05h Meditation
With the music of Alexander Aandersan

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