LoveStream 02


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0:00:00h Introducing the speaking part

0:02:09h attachment
Give positive to the field
Subtle beings on earth
Connection to the Divine

0:11:05h Follow the heart
Love & help
We need to do something
The energy of the collective

0:19:20h The collective dark night of the soul
Divine plan
The Plan of the Unlight for the Collective Field
The real power

0:28:17h Creation of the life plan
The sense of doing
Incarnate & Become Strange

0:37:05h Remembering what you really are
The speed of awakening

0:43:03h Everything is made of love
Unconditional love
Why everything is good in the end
Faith & Being
Too little love on earth

0:51:00h Create feelings
Longing for the Healing World
The sense of time

0:57:06h Break
With the music of Alexander Aandersan

0:59:28h Create supplies
Fear & Wisdom
Let life come to you

1:06:20h The final time
The war for people’s consciousness
Strange structures
Supplies help to stay relaxed

1:13:47h Vaccinations
Inform yourself
Overlay the vaccine

1:24:42h How can I protect my child?
Create an oasis of light
Help to positive feelings

1:28:45h Using the pressure of time positively

1:29:43h Building something new together
Is it enough to emit light?
Parallel system
Putting good things into the world

1:42:15h Anchor points
Positive feelings
When you’re not feeling well…

1:47:26h The vibration increase of the earth
Go into nature
What is the earth

1:52:13h Wake up
The period of awakening
What waking up means
The mass awakening
Work on ourselves
An ideal world that remains

2:02:18h Collective Human Body (Nicola)

2:03:20h Closing words from Christina
Talking to the spiritual team
Light brothers and sisters, we have help

2:07:45h Farewell

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German, English

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