LoveStream 18


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0:00:00h Introducing the speaking part
The important thing about being together

0:03:25h Connected with love
Connectedness and disconnectedness with love, Having too little, Love substitute

0:11:05h The vibration increase of the earth
The Imagination of the Unlight Beings, Traces of Light, The Fall of Atlantis, The Transition

0:19:12h The unlight and its media
How the unlight conjures up war, They want our creative power

0:24:38h Creativity
Feelings & Beliefs

0:28:36h Centering
Coming into our own energy, The fear blanket and nature

0:31:48h The dimensions of the earth
Life in the 5th dimension of the earth, Other beings in our dimension on earth

0:38:10h Wars and people
The subtle in man, clairvoyance

0:42:57h Incarnation plans
Why we come here

0:49:25h Fall asleep
How to act asleep, Why some people can not wake up, Truth, Change

0:56:47h The transition
The society, Normality, Why the transition can not be stopped

1:05:15h points of light

1:06:40h Final moderation of the speaking part.

1:08:08h Moderator of the question part

1:09:15h Beautiful and Worse
Nature, War in Switzerland, Peace, Creativity

1:19:07h Unconscious people & resonance

1:20:54h How the earth fell from paradise & its return
The Fall, The fastest ascension, Is there a cosmic event coming for ascension?, What is different about this ascension?

1:31:55h About new in the future

1:33:58h How do you know that there is only one God?
The certainty that there is only one God, The unity consciousness

1:38:10h How could we sink so low even though there is only one God?
How to find back those who have gone very far astray, chance to turn back & dissolve unlich beings

1:46:04h Universal vibration increase
The cosmic cleansing, Agenda 2030 and when the great change will come

1:52:45h Is Christ coming again?
Rescue & Help, Unconditional Love

1:55:58h About the pole jump

1:58:55h Indirect damage
Ideal lifestyle

2:01:39h Diet: Eating insects
Christina’s perspective on nutrition, About eating animals

2:06:12h The foisting of system lies

2:07:30h Organ donation
Christinas educates about organ donation, energetic-mental connections of organs.

2:13:06h The inner earth
Civilizations inside the earth, facilities under the earth, cleanup

2:18:55h Is life on earth real?
Why our life sometimes seems like a movie, Recognizing and distinguishing divine signs

2:23:16h Higher self and the age of souls
When the subconscious goes home, Are there old and young souls?

2:25:15h How can we renaturalize the planet?
How we can repair the damage to nature, aliens

2:28:20h Farewell & introduction to meditation
The Disobedience of Love, Christina’s Heart Messages

2:32:14h Meditation
With the music of Alexander Aandersan

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German, English, Dutch