LoveStream 09


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0:00:00h Introducing the speaking part

0:04:00h People are just like that!?
What people are based on
Extraterrestrial influences

0:12:00h Pressure
Wake up
The linchpin

0:23:18h The sense behind informing ourselves
Who really decides about us politically
Agenda 2030
Unconditional basic income
It’s up to us where it goes

0:29:20h Steadfastness
A different vision of the future

0:30:33h Unity & division
Why people are divided
Politicians and government
Form unit

0:35:36h Something good want
people who bring the light to the earth
Positives on earth

0:41:41h Hopelessness
Help with Hopelessness

0:43:25h Christina’s solution to bad things
Help when you are not well

0:45:25h Time is running out for the unlight
Don’t give up
Stand firm

0:51:30h You can’t stop love
Hold the light

0:52:58h Christina tells what comes after the break
Incarnate consciousness and the higher self
Do not give up
Be brave

0:59:23h Moderator of the question part
The New Earth Manifesto

1:02:15h The truth about what’s going on
The split
Advice on dealing with sleeping family members

1:09:12h Compassion
Increase vibration

1:12:50h Why we long for happiness

1:14:18h When is the perfect world finally here?

1:16:35h Why does evil exist?
Fall from the light
The difficulty to return to the light

1:21:35h Vaccine substances
Their effect on our connection to the soul.
Detoxify from vaccine substances
Create stocks
What to do after vaccination

1:32:13h Spiritual guidance
Spiritual help with compulsion
How it can help us

1:35:40h The difference between ask & instruct

1:36:57h will
intention, would like, want, desire

1:42:10h Christina’s Vision of Good
Christina’s Joy
The special thing about the climb

1:47:58h Oh we will burn!
The Great Resist
Power & Rage

1:52:36h Nicolas Embassy
We are many

1:59:52h Love is unity
We are the change

2:01:55h Intensive Workshop at Planet One
With Sigrid Beckmann Lamb

2:04:09h Introduction to meditation & farewell
The music of Alexander Aandersan

2:08:46h Meditation
With the music of Alexander Aandersan

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