LoveStream 08


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Product description

0:00:00h Anmoderation of the speaking part
Viewers from all over the world
Time Bender
Friday Love Streams

0:03:46h Animate beings
Animate and inanimate
Love Connection

0:11:55h Divine Timing
An Example of Divine Timing

0:13:15h Decisions

0:15:05h The different levels of waking up
Being able to wake up and not being able to
People like empty shells

0:24:02h A.I. aliens
A.I. deseouling plan.

0:26:20h Know what we want
We are not alone

0:34:05h People
What people are
When people wake up
What influences us

0:39:38h Love
True Love

0:43:53h What we can do
The Train Parable
Say what we want

0:50:12h Like in the zoo

0:51:18h Final moderation of the speaking part.

0:52:02h Moderator of the question part

0:53:23h How Christina perceives the world
How Christina sees people
Power poles
Why Christina came here
Christina’s vision of good

1:02:02h Why the light has already won
Subtle levels
The perforation of the matrix

1:09:07h Hierarchy of light and unlight

1:11:25h Staying with what we want

1:16:54h Is karma universal?
How karma works
Dissolve Negative Karma

1:22:10h The creative power and the unlight

1:25:00h Is there a universal language?

1:27:57h Supplies
Fear and Wisdom
The booklet
Trust and spiritual guidance

1:34:42 What went wrong
The reason why man forgot

1:39:10h What there is good about the current situation

1:41:22h Help for vaccinated people

1:43:38h Inner hold
We are love
Give things away

1:47:07h Birth
Was Christina’s premature birth planned?
Are cesarean sections planned by the children?

1:50:31h Civilizations under the earth surface

1:56:02h The most important
Light trails

1:58:00h Introduction to meditation

1:59:40h Meditation
With the music of Alexander Aandersan

2:05:20h Farewell

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