LoveStream 22


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0:00:00h Welcome & Introduction
The Love Stream in different languages, About Christina’s invitation to the Flow Summit in Basel.

0:05:47h Manifestation, thoughts & feelings
What matters in manifesting, The role of the subconscious in manifesting.

0:12:35h Resonance
Things we resonate with & their possible origins, question thoughts

0:17:55h What we want to manifest and what the soul wants
Desires, Questioning what we want, About desires coming from inner holes.

0:27:02h Peace
Reflections, Peace & War, Where Peace Begins & Our Resonance

0:33:35h Creativity
Blockades as entrance gates & messages

0:36:56h The process of waking up
The truth about waking up, manifesting, enlightenment

0:42:57h Resonance, Vibration & Manifesting
The resonance to our basic energy, The energy behind our desires, Our own desires and the desires of others

0:50:11h Following His Soul’s Path
Heart, Knowledge & Resonance

0:54:05h Manifest & Feelings
About manifesting physical & energies, abundance, more than money, judging

1:03:16h Start of the question part
Discount on all Christina books in Switzerland

1:05:04h About life after death
Where we go after death and what we do there, Is the afterlife only nice and good?, The levels of death / The levels of the soul, The truth about punishments after death.

1:17:35h The karma & those who receive us after dying.
Karma in relation to punishment & the afterlife, The spiritual team.

1:21:23h The higher meaning of waking up
About Forgetting, The Signature of the Earth

1:27:19h Vibration increase
The Hawkins scale, Coming into feelings with a high vibration, Being in ourselves

1:36:11h Blockades
Things that are in society as patterns, dissolve blockades, think for yourself

1:44:09h What is the best thing we can do now?
Our place in the divine plan & love

1:47:02h The sunlight
The effect of sunlight on us, openness & energies

1:50:06h The vibration increase of the earth & the unlight
The disappearance of the unlight, The attempt of the unlight to stop the vibration increase, The effect of the vibration increase

1:58:44h Help the earth
Will it be possible to restore everything after liberation?, Everything is there that we need

2:02:45h Wake up
There is no event that makes everyone wake up, self-love

2:07:03h The transformation of the earth

2:08:47h New projects
About projects emerging in the new energy

2:12:07h The human body
Communication with the body, body cells & body awareness

2:17:25h Planned chaos
About planned power outages, Internet outages and the like, Artificial natural disasters.

2:23:16h Animals & Introduction to Meditation
What can we do to alleviate the suffering of animals?, Was it intended from the beginning that humans eat animals?, A Meditation for the Animals

2:30:44h Meditation
With the music of Alexander Aandersan

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German, English, French, Dutch