❤️ to ❤️ – Talk No.4 – 20.12.2023

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The power of our soul and spirit. The knowledge of our ancestors.

With Christina, Alicia and Nicola
Wednesday, 20. 12. 2023
19:00 until approx. 20:30
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Alicia Kusumitra is a mother of 8, Mayan priestess and priestess of feminine power. She went through profound initiations and was initiated into the ancient knowledge by the Mayan elders in Guatemala. Her teacher gave her the task of bringing the ancient knowledge back to Europe. For many years, she has been pursuing precisely this mission: to remind people of primal knowledge and their inherent power. Her passion is feminine power and destiny. She supports women in rediscovering and living this within themselves. Alicia lives this power with every cell of her being. She is a 16-time congress organizer, author, seminar and ceremony leader and has inspired over 200,000 women and men. She lives with her husband and her free-learning children in Guatemala and offers online and on-site initiations into the feminine power and to become a priestess.

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