LoveStream 11


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0:00:00h Introducing the speaking part
Presentation Tijn and Binkie Touber

0:05:42h Love & Disobedience
Heart Connection
Where a change begins
The measures

0:14:25h Love & Society
Man and society
The longing for paradise
Waking and sleeping people

0:21:38h Truth
Think for yourself
Wanting the ideal world

0:25:45h Love & Wake Up
The help we have
Our part
The last 2 years and the suppression

0:31:25h Recognize the good
There is always something good in everything

0:35:16h We are all a little strange

0:37:58h Discuss

0:40:52h time
Everyone has an impact on the future
Perception of time

0:44:22h Wake up & wakefulness
Body & Vibration
Do not fall asleep again

0:51:43h Make new
Spiritual pioneers
It takes each of us

0:56:40h Final moderation of the speaking part.

0:57:45h Break
With the music of Tijn Touber

1:20:50h Moderation of the question part
Tijn & Binkie appear on stage

1:24:26h money

1:26:05h The spiritual team
Should you ask for help?
Ask God or the spiritual team for help?
Get to know the spiritual team
How many members does a mental team have?

1:31:17h parents and children
Who chooses whom before incarnation?
Is contact with coming souls possible?

1:34:11h animals
Do animals choose their owners before incarnation?
Learning from animals & their awareness
Can animals bring darkness into the world?
What are dragons?

1:38:30 Earth questions
The dimensions of the earth
What we can do for the earth

1:41:33h To meditations with many participants

1:43:47h We are cattle for the unlight
Is this one of the reasons why we treat animals so badly?

1:47:00h The unlight
Looking at the unlight without losing balance
Why we should know the unlight
Because people participate
Start something

1:57:46h Tijn & Binkie talk about themselves
Journey as a musician & beginning as an author
Meditation courses
Lost friend

2:06:25h What Christina thinks about protesting

2:09:12h The Matrix
Freeing ourselves from the matrix
How the matrix got here
Are the creators of the Matrix still around?

2:15:07h Various themes
How far does duality reach?
Keeping the vibration high in everyday life
Christ Consciousness

2:21:15h Questions about Christina
How Christina cleans herself
Are there others like Christina on earth?

2:25:05h Farewell & guided meditation
With the music of Alexander Aandersan

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