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0:00:00h Welcome & introduction of Christina’s speaking part.
The Love Stream light network

0:03:12h The subtle field
Levels of the field, fear in the field

0:08:57h The effect of the earth on us
Things that the earth’s vibration increase can trigger in us, understanding

0:13:58h The Purification of the Earth & the Collective Field
The Purification of the Planes of the Earth, Our Influence on the Collective Field

0:17:04h Why you are here
Our task & salvation by anyone, The world parable, Wanting peace

0:23:45h Souls
Awakening & Understanding, The Dimensions of the Soul, Incarnation and its Meaning, Compassion & Valuing, Life after Death

0:33:00h Karma, cognition & reincarnation
The truth about karma, The knowledge after death, Compassion & understanding as an incarnation plan, The power of forgiveness.

0:43:00h Comparisons in the spiritual world
One way is not better than the other

0:45:30h Twists
The twists in ourselves, About love & honesty and the karma

0:49:58h Healing
Healing places in the spiritual world, healing through incarnation, time and the effects of our actions, perception.

0:59:02h Moderation of the question part

1:00:09h Is our history fake?
About lies & half-truths, From whom do the lies & half-truths come?, Unmentioned civilizations.

1:07:11h Pyramids
About the construction, purpose and secret about the pyramids

1:11:31h About the shape of the earth and secret cities
Deceptions, unimportant & hidden

1:14:44h Do we manifest with our thoughts?
How the unlight abuses our creative power, Think for yourself, The French article, the power of many

1:23:43h Establishing Blocking Beliefs and the New

1:25:17h How can we protect ourselves from unlight forces?
Christina explains the best protection against the unlight, Can the spiritual team be influenced by unlight forces?, How the spiritual team tries to help us

1:32:11h Return to the path of souls
Does the soul suffer when you stray from your path?

1:34:44h Losing and recovering soul parts
How and why we can lose soul parts, How to find and retrieve our soul parts, How to recognize if a soul part is missing

1:40:20h Dealing with suffering of humans and animals
Using anger, spiritual guidance and the cosmic police

1:45:05h Aliens and other dimensions
Aliens and the white brotherhood, Christina talks about other dimensions, Christina’s perception & clairvoyance.

1:52:05h Do man & woman have a spiritual role?
The truth about the division of roles

1:53:48h About the Higher Self and Reincarnation
Does the Higher Self have expectations?, Are there plans that go wrong?, Unlight levels of reincarnation.

2:00:22h Is hope a double-edged blade?
Hope is Will, Our Imagination, the Hope of the Soul and the Concordance, The Will of the Earth and Its Vibration Increase

2:06:13h The ascension process of the earth
The Vibration Increase of Earth and Man, Is a Pole Shift Imminent? Changing the Earth, Does it Need a Collapse of the System?

2:14:58h What a 5D thinking means for us humans
Aligning with a 5D world, Is the bad getting worse as the good gets better?

2:20:45h When will we be out of the woods?
Christinas talks about the period until the liberation

2:23:22h The pineal gland & intuition
The seat of intuition, the heart and self-confidence

2:26:57h What is the most important thing now?
The most important thing for Christina and for the world

2:28:47h Are we all from the future?

2:30:30h Meditations in groups
Why Christina does not call for mass meditation, Guided meditations, Introduction to meditation.

2:35:24h Farewell & Meditation
With the music of Alexander Aandersan

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