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0:00:00h Welcome
Das Planet One & das neue Format

0:02:58h Put good into the field
Connectedness, Thinking positively, Finding what fear does to us, Knowing what is good, A good self-cope with fearConnectedness, Thinking positively, Finding what fear does to us, Knowing what is good, A good approach to fear in us

0:13:25h Allow responsibility & spiritual help

0:16:50h Earth & Society
The Density of Consciousness, Phases & Timelessness, Self-Circumcision

0:24:05h Become happy
The puzzle allegory

0:27:05h How to starve the unlight

0:30:35h Wake up & Explain
Becoming inspired, Knowing what we are, How to rise above the situation

0:39:06h The media
The measures, truth

0:43:45h Love & Want
Feelings & Thought, The Decision of the Earth, In the End Everything Will Be All Right

0:51:18h What is important
Positive Thinking, Angels & Inventions

0:55:32h Break
With the music of Alexander Aandersan

1:05:00h Vaccinations
What to do about compulsory vaccination
Increase in vibration

1:10:47h Stocks on hand
Stockpiling, energy of intention

1:16:30h How long does it take until everything is good?

1:18:34h What is the best thing we can do now?

1:20:22h What Christina understands by waking up
Thinking outside the box, What we are & what blocks us from living it

1:25:40h Animals, Karma & the 4th Dimension
Do you reincarnate as an animal if you mistreat animals?
Why is there nothing about the 4th dimension in Christina’s books?
Telepathic Animal Communication
Man-made animal suffering and its effect on the Earth
Dolphins & Whales

1:35:09h What does Christina think about political engagement?
Demonstrations, changing consciousness

1:41:37h Networking & the Healed World
Imagining the ideal world, wishing, It starts with us

1:50:00h Nature beings
What Nature Beings Are, When You Want to Cut Down Trees, Everything Lives, The Effect of Time Pressure, Survival Need & Fear

1:59:00h Hold Light, Collective & Frequencies
Responsibility & Collective Consciousness, Frequencies & Purification

2:04:00h Is a spiritual person always in a good mood?

2:05:42h The idea of translating the Love Stream

2:07:15h What Christina would like to tell you now

2:08:22h Farewell

Thank You❤️

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