LoveStream 24


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Live from the Plante One, Arbon (CH)
Sunday November 19, 2023
from 11am – 2pm

0:00:00h Welcome & introduction

0:03:03h Personal responsibility
A sense of self-responsibility, Help & self-responsibility, What resonance has to do with self-responsibility

0:14:55h Everything we do has an energetic effect
The earth’s energy field and our influence on it, healing and the feeling of the earth

0:19:25h Natural disasters
Origin and cause of natural disasters, The cleansing of the earth, Natural disasters that do not come from the earth, The work of the forces of light

0:32:49h What we can always do
The light, peace and love within us, Holding energy & light

0:36:16h Personal responsibility for content and fellow human beings
Self-responsibility in consciousness development, Self-responsibility for information from other people, Think for yourself

0:43:58h Helping yourself & helping each other
Self-responsibility in dealing with help and self-help, connecting & sharing experiences

0:49:50h End of the speaking part

0:51:21h Start of the question section
The fairy tale of Rumpelstiltskin, A fairy tale as a comparison to look at and for truth

0:57:06h How can we go into a deeper perception?

0:59:17h How can we support Christina?
YouTube videos with content from Christina, Christina’s new flyer “WE ARE PEACE”

1:03:35h Aliens
Will we all be evacuated by Pleiadian spaceships?

1:07:07h What is the significance of Jesus Christ?
About religion & different Jesus stories, the cross, love and divinity, contact with other beings

1:16:16h How are souls born?
The home of a soul

1:18:56h Why there are wars
About those who want wars, anger, finding peace and the helping forces of light, war as a mirror for the development of consciousness

1:29:48h What is the effect of blessing?

1:32:51h What does it take to climb in 5D?

1:35:27h What makes souls want to experience suffering?

1:37:22h Manifesting children
Having children in other dimensions, The human lifespan and that of other civilizations, Ascension & the prerequisites for manifesting

1:45:47h If you can’t remember

1:47:53h The Russia – Ukraine conflict
The reasons used to justify wars

1:51:45h Christina’s restraint for great meditations
The problems of large meditations, About protection for small and large meditations, Energetic safety instructions

1:58:41h Is there a day X when the earth will throw off all 3D bodies?
The transformation from 3D to 5D, What happens to those who can’t stand the increase in frequency?

2:03:00h How to distinguish lies from truth?

2:05:39h What Christina thinks about people in her field

2:08:00h Grounding & hold

2:09:43h What you can do with unclear wishes
Christina talks about inner holes

2:12:25h How to help people wake up
Christina responds to the statement that distributing flyers is useless, personal responsibility

2:17:45h The cleansing of the earth and the solar system
Pleiadians announced that the Unlights have disappeared

2:20:51h ADHD, autism & narcissism and personal problems
What Christina can tell us about the purpose of these “disruptions”, Dealing with a situation you don’t like, Not putting yourself under pressure

2:30:33h Energy work
Is it permissible for a soul to intervene in its human being?

2:33:30h Free energy & traveling with consciousness
When will we get free energy for everyone?, How Christina travels with her consciousness and how to get there, Spiritual abilities

2:40:16h Farewell & introduction to meditation
The new Fyler

2:44:40h Meditation
With the music of Alexander Aandersan

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