LoveStream 15


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0:00:00h Introducing the speaking part

0:04:10h Higher self and enlightenment
Intuition and solutions
The higher self is not omniscient
We are always learning
When we leave our bodies

0:13:20h Subtlety

0:15:32h What happens on earth is important
The transition period
Inner support
Beings who want to manipulate
The decision of the earth, soul plan likeness
The (in)complicated transition

0:24:55h Balancing the Collective Field
We have help
Power outages

0:31:33h Personal response
Our personal world

0:37:14h Getting through the transition well

0:38:50h Wake up
Learn & teach
Waking up is individual
After enlightenment
Mental strength
The joy of the earth

0:47:41h Truth & Courage

0:50:20h Remember

0:52:15h The way of love
Love heals
The higher self

0:57:50h Final moderation of the speaking part.

0:59:45h Moderation of the question part

1:00:50h When the earth went into oblivion
Unlight influences
Who lies to us
It came differently as planned

01:08:16h Consciousness and 12 strand DNA
12 strand DNA unfold
Junk DNA

1:10:27h The 4th dimension
In 4D not everything is light and love
The goal of the unlight forces

1:18:40h Does every thought become necessarily real?
Effort & Effort in the Universe
The energy of thought

1:22:43h How do prophecies work?

1:26:51h Soul plan and feelings
We plan without negative sensations
The touch of the soul level
Can a soul plan fail?

1:40:11h We must not know the plan of the light forces

1:44:39h Fear is not a solution

1:47:23h Will there be 2 earths?
Where those who do not want to move up go

1:49:40h Is there denser than matter?
Consciousness, denser than the earth
Incarnation in less dense places

1:54:00h The earth and its subtle levels
We also have several levels

1:58:15h Is the scale tipping?
Monkeys washing their food

2:00:18h The inventions of Nicola Tesla
Free energy technology

2:03:20h Is everything getting worse?
Master of love
Mass hypnosis
The earth is stronger

2:07:03h How to become a creator?

2:08:33h The Central Sun
Energetic exchange of the stars
The light of the sun

2:11:13h Beliefs
Fear in the dark
Let everything foreign pull off
Dissolve beliefs >> Instruction <<
Transform Beliefs

2:16:55h Christina’s faith

2:19:54h Jesus Christ
Unconditional love
“No one comes to the Father except through me”

2:23:47 Goodbye
Meditation introduction

2:26:47h Meditation

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