LoveStream 07


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Product description

0:00:00h Introducing the speaking part
The prices of the Love Streams

0:05:17h Confidence
What Christina saw before the incarnation
A thousand year old war
All is well in the end
Stay confident
Survival mode

0:17:20h There is much good

0:17:58h The fear ceiling and the cloud
The Collective Field and its Effect
The Unlit
Love can not be stopped

0:22:29h Overlay
Survival mode
Living together with people
Situations we cannot change
The help of the light forces

0:27:12h Change
It does not come like it used to

0:28:53h Christina’s kickoff

0:31:00h Not all that glitters is gold
The 2030 Agenda
Qualities of the soul
Want something different
Operation Lockstep

0:39:25h Blockades Outside & Inside
The knowledge of the blocking

0:41:58h The forces of light
Night travel
Aliens and their perception

0:49:05h Learning to deal with the unlight
Why you can’t stop love
The change for the positive
Energy in the face of the unlight
What separates us from ourselves

0:58:45h Oases
Time off for difficult work location
The energy of the earth

1:00:52h Moderator of the question part

1:01:04h Alien/s
Star gates

1:07:47h To Christina
Is Christina a star child?
What does Christina see ethereally?
How Christina reads

1:12:46h Enable skills
Why natural abilities are inactive
Skills in general

1:16:10h More about aliens

1:18:05h Paradise Earth
Paradise memory
The image for meditation

1:19:50h The effect of confidence on the cloud

1:21:02h The importance of waking up
What makes it so difficult to wake up
Mental strength
The cabinet equation / Shadow Work

1:28:47h What awaits those who do not wish to awaken
The fate of the sleepers after the end

1:30:57h Question about cleaning by source instruction
Is the connection to Jesus Christ lost?
Religion and the Church
The baptism
False Christi and how to recognize them
God and the Divine

1:40:10h The Tools for the New Era Card Set
A card and from the accompanying book is read
A second set of cards is announced

1:43:03h Homeschooling

1:44:30h The disappearance of the unlight and the rise
After the end is before the rise

1:47:10h The pressure of the measures
Blackmail at the workplace
Parallel society
The courage to change
Follow the heart

1:54:53h Leaving the fear behind
Justified and unfounded fear
When you do not see a solution

2:01:27h Introduction to meditation

2:03:07h Meditation
With the music of Alexander Aandersan

2:09:30h Farewell
A seminar in Cologne

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