LoveStream 13


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Product description

0:00:00h Introducing the speaking part
A new room
A new book “The disobedience of love”.

0:02:55h The disobedience of love
Connected & disconnected from love
Home and here
The proof of rapid change
Why we are here

0:12:56h The light beings & the physical existence
Help others
Spiritual guidance

0:20:10h The plan of the earth
The earth senses what we do
The rise of the earth
Mental support
Think for yourself

0:28:28h Being awake & waking up
What helps others wake up

0:31:38h Love
There can never be enough love
Others love
Our spiritual home

0:41:25h Networking
Team up with others

0:43:16h Courage
What helps us to be brave
Where it all begins

0:48:07h The help of the light beings

0:52:07h The poverty of the unlight
Trust that all will be well
Control as a substitute for love
No longer participate
News & Truth

0:59:00h Final moderation of the speaking part

1:00:39h Moderator of the question part

1:01:42h Do children choose their birth?
Life plans

1:05:30h What is Light & Love?

1:07:17h How do you get out of the earthly game?
Ascended Masters
Stay calm

1:13:10h Is the ego & the unlight the same?

1:17:23h Does darkness have to do with negative?

1:19:18h How to respond to negative relatives
Talking to each other & drawing boundaries

1:22:27h Deal well with negative issues
Knowledge to prevent negative

1:29:10h What awakening means for Christina
The house parable

1:33:42h Pray
Pray for others
Thinking works

1:36:43h How the unlight manipulates thoughts
Overcoming division

1:43:15h children & youth
How to accompany children & youth spiritually?
The 2nd set of cards “The gifts of the NEW CHILDREN”.
Dealing with feelings of powerlessness

1:52:09h Change to positive

1:56:10h enlightenment
Do dietary supplements help enlightenment?
What is enlightenment?

2:00:48h Positive in current world events

2:03:00h Cosmic influences on our consciousness
Does the earth’s magnetic field affect our consciousness?
Light beings & DNA

2:07:25h Overlay
Energy fields of people
How we can raise our vibration

2:11:57h Are there any coincidences?

2:13:30h Change for the good in the collective field
The vibration increase of the earth

2:16:45h Aliens
How aliens see humanity

2:21:14h Mind Control

2:25:49h How can a divine plan go wrong?

2:29:25h Transition to meditation & farewell
How was humanity originally conceived?
Introduction to meditation

2:33:10h Meditation
With the music of Alexander Aandersan

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