LoveStream 16


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0:00:00h Introducing the speaking part

0:03:30h Separated from love and cosmic accidents
Nothing arises from nothing
In higher dimensions only good exists, plans
Man in the beginning
The layers, the core and loveless
Incarnated unlighted beings and their life plan

0:14:26h What we send out comes back
Resolve karma
The law of balance

0:18:45h Self-reflection
Community mirror
Ancestral beliefs
Recognize yourself and the help of other people
We do not need to know everything
Focus on what we can change

0:30:30h The timeline of mankind

0:33:12h Walking out of fear
Why we are here, holding our light

0:37:11h Situations that affect many people
September 24, 2022 and reruns
Love always helps
We are not here by chance
More love is needed on earth

0:49:16h At some point everyone wakes up
Everyone has a mental team
Waking up is a process
Many have woken up

1:00:15h Networking

1:01:09h Final moderation of the speaking part.

1:02:45h Moderator of the question part

1:03:51h Days like this September 24

1:06:06h Impending power outages?
The plan of the unlight forces

1:09:20h A new system
Unconditional basic income
The way to the free world

1:14:10h Preparations
Preparations take away fear

1:18:20h Coming into love

1:20:30h Presentation of the special guest Laura
Laura sings “Disobedience
Laura talks about the song
Laura brought questions

1:28:36h Are 100% soul embodiment possible?
Retrieve soul parts
The transmigration of souls after death
Deviate from the path of the soul
Courage to disobey

1:37:40h Soul and the Soulless
Soulless and manipulated

1:43:52h Ascent, what happens to the earth?
Ascension, what happens to people?
5D Awareness
5D Company

1:53:00h Why are we so strange?

1:57:42h Casting

2:00:34h Negative places and influences

2:04:00h Consciousness-expanding drugs

2:07:12h The Inner Earth
Aliens and extraterrestrials

2:11:08h Disasters and weather
The climate of the inner earth

2:13:07h The flat earth and other lies

2:15:51h After liberation

2:18:50h The best for our children
Children are a mirror

2:21:40h Political choices in our life plan.

2:25:54h Our greatest protection and support

2:26:50h Return to the divine spark
Change the pace
The divine spark

2:32:12h farewell

2:33:45h Meditation

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